A Ventura-Stern Libertarian Ticket?

Another premature trial balloon is being floated as Jesse Ventura is talking about a 2016 presidential run with Howard Stern on the ticket.

Read more at infowars.

Here’s the video:

30 thoughts on “A Ventura-Stern Libertarian Ticket?

  1. Ventura Watch 2016

    This is the perfect functional/radical fusion unity ticket the LP needs.

    (And unlike current teaparty sweetheart Rafe Cruz, both are actually eligible natural born Americans!)

    Infowars says: “Talking on and off air to Alex Jones, Ventura made it clear this is very serious and not a stunt, and that the two are in real talks for a 2016 Ventura-Stern ticket.”

    Ventura will be on Stern’s show Monday morning.

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    I don’t think Ventura is serious about running, or at least about any of the unpleasantness of running, such as getting on ballots in all the satates. And Stern–well, he’s Howard Stern. We can and should do a million times better in 2016.

  3. Tom Blanton

    Ventura-Stern sounds like a good time to me. I’d at least watch the pilot.

    Hell, nobody was worried about seriousness or credibility regarding Root and Barr, why start now?

    After all, it’s not like the LP is ever going to win an election anyway. The Republicrats have made sure of that. Why not try doing something that will get the message out and be fun?

  4. Ventura Watch 2016

    Ladies, as an actual governor who has actually won a statewide election as a third-party candidate, Gov. Ventura would be the first non-joke Presidential nomineee in the history of the LP. I suggest you get over yourselves.

  5. Jill Pyeatt

    The fact remains, VW, that he hasn’t said or done anything to make me think he’s serious about running. When he rolls up his sleeves, and jumps in and starts campaigning, then I’ll change my mind.

  6. Jed Ziggler (@JedZiggler)

    I welcome him, but if he’s picking Howard Stern as his running mate, I strongly doubt his sincerity. I like & very much respect Howard, but I doubt he would be a serious political candidate.

  7. Bondurant

    Stern is a brilliant entertainer but he’s not a libertarian. His political heroes are Bill Clinton and Rudy Giuliani. He speaks fondly of Obama and Bloomberg. He supports bans on sugar and salt. He favors a progressive tax system and Obamacare. He’s also not a supporter of the Second Amendment. This is nothing but a joke.

  8. Ventura Watch 2016

    Gov. Ventura’s revealed strategy so far is to have Stern do the fundraising on his show. They should be talking more about this on the show Wednesday.

  9. Jill Pyeatt

    Has anyone in the Libertarian Party expressed any interest in supporting Jesse? Until that happens, I won’t consider him as a serious candidate, especially if he’s continuing to talk about Stern as a vice-presidential candidate. He’s got to know our party won’t have anything to do with him.

  10. Ventura Watch 2016

    My LP membership has lapsed; but has someone who has voted for the LP Presidential ticket in every election, I would definitely renew it to go the convention and support Ventura over the wishy-washy Johnson and the usual gang of hobos.

  11. George Phillies

    You must be chosen as a delegate. Whoever said originally that Stern could fundraise on his show is, well, out of touch with legal reality. Vast numbers of Americans are seriously not impressed with Stern, and the modern Ventura will also fail to impress.

    Of course, requiring that candidates be millionaires and that they will drop lots of cash into their own campaigns would be an amusing bylaw, one that I did not say I take seriously.

  12. George Phillies

    Running a serious Libertarian who has been with us for a while, on a line with “Out with the idiots! This time, elect a grown-up!” might be amusing.

    Look for the Congressional deadlock to stay that way, perhaps through the next Congress. Most Americans are blaming the Republican idiots, rather than their opponents, meaning that party may be reduced to a regional eccentricity. Gun owners may note that if the Republican Party commits suicide that gun control laws will start rolling through in swift succession.

  13. Rick Adams

    This article begs the question… how libertarian is Jesse Ventura? That being said, I still like him a lot and I wish him the best whatever path he chooses to take.

  14. Joshua Fauver

    I wouldn’t mind Ventura being on the ticket at all, but Stern is a concern to me. If Stern would support a Ventura ticket openly and financially then the L.P should certainly consider putting Ventura on the ticket, especially considering that he won governor as a third party candidate. A Johnson/Ventura ticket would do really well I think. Considering the money Johnson has, the money Ventura has (former wrestler, actor, author, governor) plus if Stern, who’s radio station pulled in $100 million would support a ticket with Ventura on it, how could this go wrong, pray tell?

  15. Jed Ziggler (@JedZiggler)

    Jesse Ventura isn’t a libertarian. He leans that way, but he’s anti-capitalist, supports too much government meddling in the environment, & isn’t great on Obamacare. Just because someone is a truther doesn’t make them a libertarian!

  16. Rick Adams

    “Is it too early to say…Robert Sarvis for President!?”

    We can only dream DSZ… 😉

  17. Bondurant

    Ron Paul and Gary Johnson were jokes, Ventura Watch? Also, your trying to appeal to Libertarians and libertarian leaning folks while ignoring the just and true criticisms of The King of All Media’s liberty credentials. Please explain why this ticket should be embraced. I will never vote for a ticket that includes someone that is in favor of gun control, Obamacare and the fascist policies of Giuliani and Bloomberg.

  18. Mike W

    I am the new America.. In my 30’s, knowing in my heart that the system is broken. Having listened to Howard Stern off and on over the years I am more than aware of his stance on everything. The man is an open book. He can be over the top and was a bit ridiculous in his early years, but the core of the man is one I would like to see as my VP. At a minimum he can be trusted to give it to us straight. He is not the evil buffoon those who probably never listened to his show have been lead to believe. A Ventura / Stern ticket has a serious chance of winning. If you don’t think so you’ve lost touch with everyone under 40. Voter turnout will be insane.

  19. wredlich Post author

    Mike, it’s not that we think they wouldn’t do well. That has little to do with it.

    It’s that we doubt they’re serious about running. Stern in particular has played this game before and then failed to follow through.

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