Libertarian Party: Did You Ever Wonder Why You Don’t Have to Pay to Vote?

Via the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts Facebook page:

Did you ever wonder why you don’t have to pay to vote? The answer is probably not what you’re expecting.

If you are using a service, and are not paying for it, it is unlikely that you are the client. It is more likely that you are the product being sold.

For example, the real clients of Facebook are the advertisers, not the users. Facebook provides advertisers (including the Libertarian Party), with information about you, so that the advertisers can better reach clients. Advertisers pay for this service. Those being advertised to, do not. The same is true of broadcast TV. The viewers are delivered to the advertisers, who pay for the service.

In politics, the real clients of the Democratic and Republican parties are not the voters. The votes are the product being delivered. The real clients are those who fund the campaigns, and expect special favors in exchange. They are the Public School Teachers Unions, who expect more and more of your money, in exchange for the funding and support they give the Democrats. They are the oil companies that fund the Republican Party, in exchange for special favors and unfair regulations.

They are the financial sector and military contractors, who fund BOTH Democrat and Republican campaigns. That way, no matter who wins, they will get their special favors – at your expense.

What about the Libertarian Party? Are we any different?

Absolutely. First, our goal is to make government so small that it is unable to give special favors.

And second, we aren’t funded by corporations or unions. And, unlike the Democrats and Republicans, we receive no tax funding.

Instead, we are funded by individuals who want to cut government and advance liberty. Our paid memberships and voluntary contributions are what fund our citizen revolution.

To help finance the Libertarian Party, to help cut government and advance liberty, please consider a donation at .

We are closer than ever before to making major cuts in government. More and more Libertarian Candidates have pledged to make major cuts to government if elected. To help make it happen, please visit

One thought on “Libertarian Party: Did You Ever Wonder Why You Don’t Have to Pay to Vote?

  1. Starchild

    It’s important to remember that the Libertarian Party, and the larger freedom movement of which we are part, is not a business, and we don’t have clients. We are here neither to buy voters nor to sell them, because we are not here to make money. Rather our goal is a free world in which interactions are voluntary. Our principles are not for sale, and we must never become a pay-to-play party.

    In a libertarian world, people do not have to pay, or otherwise seek permission from those in power, in order to exercise their natural human rights such as freedom of speech and freedom of movement, or their civil rights in society such as the right to vote on their representatives and participate in governance.

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