Interview with Texas Libertarian Party Gubernatorial Hopeful Robert Bell

There are currently four potential candidates seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for Governor of Texas. I recently interviewed one of those hopefuls, Robert J. Bell. I would like to personally thank Mr. Bell for taking time to respond to these questions for IPR.

What’s your educational & occupational background?

I graduated high school from Strawn,TX. I received a BS in Chemistry from Tarleton State University and I have an MBA from UT Arlington. I started work at age 16 in a local restaurant and worked a couple of jobs while obtaining my undergrad degree. After college, I went to work for Alcon Labs doing stability testing for consumer products. Currently I work for Creative Testing Solutions as a lab manager. We test donor blood to make sure it is safe for transfusion.

How long have you lived in the state of Texas?

I moved to Strawn, Texas in 1989 after my father retired from the military. I was 11.

What motivated you to run for Governor?

I didn’t see any of the other candidates as being any different than what we have had in the past and I’m tired of hearing empty promises.

What’s your opinion of current governor Rick Perry?

I feel he allows his religious views dictate social issues in a manner that oppresses the people of Texas.

How long have you been a Libertarian? How did you come to the party & what about it did you find attractive?

I first heard of the Party when Bob Barr was running for President. Until then I usually voted Republican. I came to the Libertarian party because of their stance for personal freedom and limited government. Prior with the Republicans I guess I wished they would change their stance on social issues.

What distinguishes you from your opponents, namely perceived frontrunner Kathie Glass?

I am more concerned with helping Texas than fighting Washington and promoting fear mongering. While Fed overreach is a concern, education, social issues and increasing jobs is a higher priority to me.

What would you do to improve the Texas economy as governor? Does cutting taxes alone create jobs?

Cutting taxes in theory would create jobs if companies decided not to just keep the extra money. We are at a time where everyone is looking for ways to streamline, automate and become overall more efficient. Bringing in new business and helping small business owners is the only sure way to create jobs.

One issue of importance to many Texans is the border, and immigration policy. Would you favor increasing or decreasing border security? What can you do as governor to decrease border violence?

We need to push the federal government to do a better job in protecting the border as that is under their care. I would also push to get more funding to recoup the monetary losses for detaining illegals. I would have no problem calling on the state guard to control heightened crime in border towns.

Across America, more and more states are legalizing same-sex marriage. Would you support such efforts in Texas? Do you think Texas will move to legalize same-sex marriage in the near future?

I would push for it and to include sexual orientation protection for worker rights. I do not see any other candidate doing that.

Several states have legalized medical marijuana. Colorado and Washington recently legalized marijuana for recreational use. Should Texas be next? Why or why not?

Texas should legalize pot and to some degree other drugs. The amount of money spent fighting marijuana is ridiculous. There is a large amount of money the state could be gaining from this. Same goes for other ‘vice’ laws such as gambling and current liquor laws.

To learn more about Robert Bell’s campaign, visit his campaign website: He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. The Libertarian Party of Texas will hold its 2014 convention April 11th – 13th at the Mayborn Convention Center in Temple, TX. Click here for more information.

14 thoughts on “Interview with Texas Libertarian Party Gubernatorial Hopeful Robert Bell

  1. Steven Wilson

    I think when a perpetual candidate (Glass) is present, the party needs to motivate people to make an attempt to run. Stagnation and repetition can hurt morale more than the candidate can know. I appreciate Kathie Glass and her husband, but they need some new blood.

    I wish Robert and his campaign all the best.

  2. paulie

    Kathie Glass may be a lot of things, but perpetual candidate? As far as I know this is only the second time she is running.

  3. Laura Irrgang

    I’m so happy to see a fresh face on the Libertarian roster. I’m excited to hear what Bell has to offer as a candidate and agree with his views. He’ll be getting my voite!

  4. paulie

    How do his views compare with Glass and Wrights? I think a number of people who spported Wrights will be looking for someone other than Glass to back for the nomination.

  5. Jed Ziggler Post author

    I think some of Bell’s views may turn off Wrights supporters, such as wanting more federal protections on the boarder & supporting “sexual orientation protection for worker rights” (does he mean ENDA?). However, I think he’ll be the anti-Glass candidate unless someone else comes forward. Robert Garrett is anti-gun & for electoral reform, but doesn’t seem to have much of a campaign, and Star Locke is FAR right wing from what I understand.

  6. Krby

    Kathie Glass is a Tea Party Libertarian. I am so glad that Robert Bell is running and I really hope that he gets the party nod. R. Lee Wrights is not running. Texas LP doesn’t need a GOP-light candidate, we need a person who is dedicated to the people of Texas.

  7. Andy

    “paulie March 24, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    ‘R. Lee Wrights is not running’

    Depends on who you believe, unless there has been another development I missed.”

    I thought that he dropped out of the race a while ago.

  8. Jed Ziggler Post author

    “I thought that he dropped out of the race a while ago.”

    He said on his website that he did, we reported here that he did, but apparently he didn’t. It’s complicated.

  9. paulie

    Except later Jeff Daiell said Wrights hadn’t dropped out after all, only stopped actively campaigning due to lack of funds and that Wrights was still running and had told him (Jeff Daiell) to say so). Hence “depends who you believe”

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