California Greens Receive Deceptive “Vote Green” Mailer Promoting Democrats

Posted by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

California Green party member Linda Piera-Avila reported that on May 20th, she received a mailer with the headline “Californians Vote Green” [sic] that promotes candidates from the Democratic Party in several races with Green Party candidates. At right is an image from the mailer. California’s Top Two primary is on Tuesday, June 3rd.

The “Californians Vote Green” mailer urges votes for Democrats Alex Padilla for Secretary of State (David Curtis is the Green candidate), Betty T. Yee for Controller (Laura Wells is the Green), and Wendy Greuel for US House of Representatives District 33 (Ian Sachs is the Green). According to the mailer, each of these candidates authorized and paid for their appearance on the mailer. In addition, the mailer urges a yes vote on Proposition 41, while the California Green Party has come out in favor of a no vote.

From Linda Piera-Avila’s post on facebook:

I got a deceptive “Vote Green” mailer today, promoting Dem candidates. I sent a complaint to the Secretary of State. Here’s what I said: I wish to register a complaint against the group “Californians Vote Green” for sending out a deceptive mailer that says “Vote Green” and is not from the Green Party. Their mailer endorses Democratic candidates. There are Green Party candidates running in three of the races the mailer mentions. Voters will be misled thinking that the Green Party is endorsing the Democratic candidates listed on their “Vote Green” flier. This is deceptive and misleading and the group should be told to cease and desist this behavior. The Green Party is still a ballot qualified party and unauthorized use of our Green name and branding should not be allowed. “Green” with a capital “G” (as they have presented it) implies a specific group, in our case a political party, and not just an environmental adjective.

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