Craig Bowden, Marine For Freedom, (L) Utah 1st District, Pens Open letter to “Republican Shills.”

Marineforfreedom Craig Bowden Libertarian candidate for Utah’s First Congressional District and author of Common Sense: How to Restore America as well as Warrior Poet, has penned an open letter to “Tea Party groups, Liberty groups, Conservative Leadership PACs, news organizations, radio personalities and pundits” calling them out today for what they are: “shills for the Republican Party.”

“To Whom It May Concern:

“This letter addresses the many Tea Party groups, Liberty groups, Conservative Leadership PACs, news organizations, radio personalities and pundits. I’m calling you out today for what you are: shills for the Republican Party. Sure, you back a few candidates who are more liberty minded, but you are more concerned with the letter attached to the name than the candidate best suited for the job.

“How do I know? I’ve been in contact with all of you for the last few years, that is, until you found out I was a Libertarian candidate.

“Nearly every group I’ve contacted, or known for years has given me the “you’re not Republican” excuse. Because of this, I am declaring your mission statements fraudulent, your voices now insignificant. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

“You are fine with continuing the divide in America, and you seem perfectly OK with caving on the principles you profess so long as a Republican majority has power. There are a few of you I will call out by name, because your supporters deserve to know where you really stand.

“Mr. Glenn Beck, you profess your libertarian values and love of freedom. You have become a useless mouth piece to me. I was sucked in because you say the right buzzwords. But, you have yet to put a Libertarian candidate on your show. I’ve heard Republican after Republican getting interviewed in your so called fight for liberty.

“Where is a Libertarian, Constitution Party, or Independent with values? Ones you know won’t support the Republican Establishment because they have zero ties to it? We’ve all seen politicians fail after a few terms as their love of power consumes them. You know the chances increase by continuing to send back people that tow a line. Eventually, even Rand Paul supported establishment leadership, as evident with his support of Mitch McConnell.

“Perhaps you may want to rethink your use of libertarian, because the Republican Party isn’t going to be the ones enacting true libertarian principles.

“Mr. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and all the rest of “conservative” media, stop blaming only Democrats for the problems we face. Your Republicans helped right along. Your John McCains, John Boehners, Lindsey Grahams, your Mitch McConnells, your George Bush, your Mitt Romney, etc. that have helped destroy our country.

“I’ll start believing you when you stop supporting only Republican candidates and pit your money where your mouth is. There are candidates far better than what most Republicans field, and some Republicans you don’t throw support behind are better than the incumbent. If you truly have the values you exclaim daily, you’d put your reputation on the line and support what’s best for America instead of supporting the two party status quo.

“Keep blaming Obama and Democrats. Keep showing your true colors as talking heads for the GOP establishment. Keep perpetuating the destruction of our country with support of big government Republicans. Small government my ass.

“Allen West: thanks for talking about values all the time, then rejecting a person based on the lack of an R. You claim love of country due to the uniform you wore. You talk about oaths, defending America, and how there’s no honor in DC.

“Where is your honor sir? I wore the uniform. I live honor daily as a United States Marine. Honor is a way of life for us, and you kick a fellow veteran to the curb for not being the right party. I’m calling you out sir. Simply put, you don’t really care about the country. You’re mad you lost your seat and will stop at nothing to just sit and blame the president and Democrats. Accept responsibility for continuing the divide, because you’re just as culpable as the left.

“FreedomWorks – you gave the guy I’m running against a 79% rating. I have been around since your site went up. I’ve attended almost all your functions, signed your petitions, garnered support from thousands for your causes, and have yet to hear back from you.

“Let me guess. Not a Republican, because those are the only candidates you support. You had people talking with me right up til I won the Libertarian nomination, then went silent. Guess my values only mattered when you thought I was Republican. So I call you out as well.

“The Tea Party Patriots and Tea….guess you forgot about me standing with you from the beginning. Well, at least you acknowledge I donated to you, because I still get letters and emails, not to mention phone calls asking for more. But speaking at your rallies and standing shoulder to shoulder with your leadership seems to count for nothing.

“Guess being a Republican is more important than the values you claim. You’d rather capitalize on the Benghazi attack selling t-shirts. Never mind that I was there from the beginning talking in front of the nation’s capital to call for accountability.

“You see, it is much more than the ability to sell bumper stickers for me. I care about Americans. Four died, and I wanted answers. I did not look at this as a way to win elections or sell merchandize. By doing so, I believe you dishonor the lives of the Benghazi Four. Holding rallies for answers are fine, but making money off their deaths disgusts me.

“After seeing that, I don’t want your support or blood money. So don’t bother trying to endorse me any more. I will have nothing to do with you.

“There are many more I haven’t named, including candidates and those currently elected who fall into these categories. Too many to name individually, but you know who you are. You know whether you are continuing the status quo or really fighting to save our nation. You should withdraw or resign, though most of you have already proven through actions that you lack the fortitude to do so.

“I would like to end this on a high note. There are those out there who don’t follow partisan lines and look to integrity and character. You see merit in ideals. I want to highlight you and thank you for standing up for what is right, not a party.

“Doc Thompson. Allowing me to be interviewed on your radio show was an honor and privilege. One I will not soon forget. Thank you for believing enough in me to give me the chance.

“Mitchell Mason and Patriots4America, thank you for believing in me and what I’m trying to do. And never stop fighting. I won’t. Your endorsement means a lot, because you rejected the status quo.

“Candace Salima. You have been one of the most helpful people in my campaign. You have guided me well through all this, and though we differ on our political parties, you took a chance on me. You saw me for my character and ideals, not a letter attached to my name. You are a great American and I can see through action you love this country.

“David Welch. Thanks for granting me my first interview on air. You are doing a great service highlighting the underdogs and trying to shake the political party monopoly in America.

“To Mark Hilgenberg. You have been a great mentor, and though we don’t always see eye to eye, you have stood with me and accepted me as a candidate for the Libertarian Party. Should I win, I hope I can do justice for the values of libertarianism we both support.

“To the volunteers, supporters, and my family. You have shown me that there is hope for our country and it’s why I am fighting. Thanks for being in my corner. Each of you has been more important than you’ll ever know. Love you all.

“America, be warned of who you associate with. In the words of George Washington (paraphrased): it is better to be alone than be with one of ill repute.”

Craig Bowden
Utah’s Next Congressman for 1st District

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