Libertarian Party of Oregon Disputes Claim They Have Endorsed Republican Candidate Jason Yates

Jason Yates


Libertarian Party of Oregon Admonishes Jason Yates; Accuses Him of Fraud for Claiming False and Misleading Endorsement

Wilsonville, Ore – September 25th, 2014 — The Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO) State Committee voted yesterday to admonish Jason Yates, Republican Candidate for US Congressional District 1, and accuse him of fraud for making false and misleading claims that he is endorsed by the Libertarian Party of Oregon.

The Libertarian Party of Oregon has not endorsed Mr. Yates and has its own candidate for District 1, James Foster.

“It is regrettable that an individual would seek to deceive the voters of Oregon by claiming to have the endorsement of a well-known political party, when in fact he only has the endorsement of an independent political action committee that assumed a similar name with the intent to deceive people,” stated LPO Chairperson Wes Wagner.

“If Mr. Yates had any integrity left whatsoever, given his other misrepresentations about his educational achievements, he would withdraw from politics and engage in the time-honored tradition befitting a disgraced politician – spending more time with his family.”

The LPO has also voted to file criminal complaints for the false filings of certificates of nomination by Tim Reeves, previously described in our Aug 27 release.

The LPO has fielded more non-fusion candidates than all other minor parties in Oregon combined in this election cycle.

Jeff Weston
Secretary, Libertarian Party of Oregon

This was written and released after the following correspondence occurred.

On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 9:02 AM, Wes Wagner wrote:

Mr Yates,

Last night our board voted to admonish you for your claims that you have the endorsement of the Libertarian Party of Oregon. You have 12 hours to issue your own press release refuting those claims under your own terms.

Wes Wagner
Chairperson, Libertarian Party of Oregon

And here is the response from Mr. Yates:

Mr. Wagner,

Thank you for your email. As I’m sure you are aware, there are at present two active political action committees properly registered with the Oregon Secretary of State’s Election office named “Libertarian Party of Oregon.” The one you are associated with is PAC # 622. The other one, led by Tim Reeves with Greg Burnett as the registered Treasurer, is PAC # 16869.

I understand that the one you are associated with, PAC # 622, has decided to support James Foster and that the Secretary of State currently lists James Foster as the Libertarian nominee. You will note that I do not claim to be the Libertarian Party nominee as recognized by the Secretary of State on my website.

But I do have the support of PAC # 16869, also named “Libertarian Party of Oregon” which decided which candidates they would support in a noticed meeting I attended on August 17, 2014. So while I do not have the support of Libertarian Party of Oregon (PAC #622), I have that of Libertarian Party of Oregon (PAC #16869). That is the basis for my claim.

While you are certainly entitled to speak on behalf of “Libertarian Party of Oregon” PAC # 622, you are not entitled to speak on behalf of “Libertarian Party of Oregon” PAC # 16869.

I recognize that this can be confusing, given that there are two recognized PACs with the same name, but this is not my responsibility. I received the backing of a recognized PAC named “Libertarian Party of Oregon”, and I have accepted it.

In any case, as I understand it, the question of which PAC represents the legitimate Libertarian Party is in dispute and may be settled through pending court action. I also understand that the matter is has been in dispute within the Libertarian Party’s national committee, that conflicting resolutions have been passed, and that your past two national conventions have rejected PAC #622’s delegate configurations in favor of those of PAC # 16896. This being the case, I can see no reason why I should reject the backing of PAC # 16896, the Libertarian Party of Oregon.

Thank you.

Jason Yates
Candidate for Congress

According to the Secretary of State in Oregon, the Libertarian Party of Oregon led by Wes Wagner is a minor political party. The Libertarian Party of Oregon led by Tim Reeves and Richard Burke is a miscellaneous PAC (Political Action Committee.)

24 thoughts on “Libertarian Party of Oregon Disputes Claim They Have Endorsed Republican Candidate Jason Yates

  1. Fred

    We should all send Mr. Yates a big thank you card for his help in the effort to destroy the Republican party.

  2. Mercury Laughing

    I’m going to file organization paperwork for “miscellaneous PACs” named “Oregon Republican Party” and “Democratic Party of Oregon.”

    My Oregon Republican Party PAC will endorse Bernie Sanders for President, and my Democratic Party of Oregon PAC will endorse Sarah Palin for Vice President.

    (Actually, as repellent as both of those wingnuts are, that would be a mightily entertaining ticket.)

  3. paulie

    Maybe your D and R PACs could just routinely endorse the nominated candidates of the establishment party that they are not named for. Or, maybe mix it up a bit just to keep things interesting.

  4. Mercury Laughing

    Or endorse random nominated candidates of the party that funded their creation?

    Y’know, just to follow the tradition of the “Libertarian Party of Oregon” PAC in endorsing Republican Party candidates…

  5. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Neither Burke nor Dave Terry have commented here since the SOS threw out their candiates. Either they’re planning something, or the talk of fraud has actually sunk in.

  6. paulie

    I would not necessarily jump to that conclusion. Many people have not been commenting at IPR since our article posting has been so slow and they may be busy with other things. Just because they haven’t commented yet does not mean they won’t.

  7. Fred

    Considering that it was Oregon’s SOS that allowed the confusing PAC name , I thought it would be appropriate to name a PAC “Oregon Secretary of State’s office PAC” and raise money for minor party candidate selection process (primaries or conventions)

    We could see if they recognize the problem that way

  8. Joe

    Well, their website, which states


    “This is the official website of the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO). Check this site periodically to keep abreast of LPO activities, campaigns, and other activities. ”


    also indicates that the nominating convention


    “. . . will be held at 4:00PM on Sunday, August 17, at the 7100 Building of the Commerce Plaza Office Complex, located at 7100 SW Hampton in Tigard.”

    Guess it’s not too late to be a delegate . . .


  9. Joe

    paulie @ October 1, 2014 at 7:53 pm

    “Hey, they found an ISP which is not kicking them off.”

    My understanding is that Wes has ” become bored” of them. I’m relatively certain he could still get it taken down if he chose and/or recover damages following a legal claim and/or find other ways to have fun with it.

    Meanwhile the site makes them look even more foolish, especially with the lack of updates. I’d also imagine that so long as it does more harm than good to them, the other side will not act to get it removed . . .


    Afterall, things in Oregon are primarily . . . logical, yes?

  10. Joe

    While I like Star Trek just fine, IMO the two sides in Oregon are not equally right/equally wrong.

    As best I can tell from wading through as much of the history there that I can stand, and judging by results of where it seems most libertarian activists have wound up, and from the nature and quality of their various candidates — aside from the rulings of the courts, for which any appeal seems unlikely to reverse things — Wes is more Captain Kirk, than this 50/50 kind of alien . . .

    or so it seems to me.

    But this could be fun, who do you see in the various Star Trek roles — Jill is definitely Janice Rand . . .

  11. paulie

    While I like Star Trek just fine, IMO the two sides in Oregon are not equally right/equally wrong.

    The point wasn’t whether or not they are equally right, it’s the insane length to which the conflict has been perpetuated.

  12. Wes Wagner

    Jason Yates did a to: rather than a bcc on his latest email blast.

    I informed his mailing list of dispute with him and his intent to deceive people regarding the endorsement.

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