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BioEdge Interview with Transhumanist Presidential Candidate Zoltan Istvan

From Xavier Symons at BioEdge:

Zoltan Istvan is an American writer, futurist and philosopher. He is also perhaps the best-known proponent of transhumanism movement. He spoke with BioEdge earlier this week.

Q. The latest news in transhumanist circles, I gather, is that you will be running for President of the United States in 2016. What do you have to offer that the other candidates don’t?

A: Transhumanists are often seen as a strange group of people, and despite some of my radical ideas, I manage to remain very normal in daily life. I’m married, have two sweet kids, am an entrepreneur, and have worked for notable companies before, such as National Geographic. I think I can share the positive possibilities of transhumanism with the general public quite well. I think that’s my greatest asset as a candidate–being a normal guy with futurist ideas.

Q. If elected, what are some key policies you would implement?

A: The first policy I’d implement is creating a national framework for all citizens to live longer and healthier. America spends trillions of dollars on far off wars, but very little on actual science and longevity research. That must change. I would like to change America’s military industrial complex into a longevity industrial complex. If we’re going to be spending so much money at all, let’s spend it directly on our health and well being.

Read the full interview here.

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