Steve Kerbel Seeking Libertarian Party’s 2016 Presidential Nomination

Politics1 lists yet another candidate for the LP presidential nomination: Steve Kerbel of Colorado. The about section of his campaign website describes him thusly:

Steve has been working in the business world for nearly 30 years and is an active supporter of the business community. As an experienced insurance CEO, he has seen what excessive and overzealous government does to businesses, consumers and employees. Steve is the author of “Take “Everyman” Down – A 12 Step Program to servitude of the American Populace and Destruction of the American Dream”, a book which outlines the road on which we are currently traveling as a country, and what we can do to change the course. The Libertarian Party is a natural fit for Steve, as he has a strong belief in individual freedom, as well as fiscal responsibility. We strongly encourage you all to get to know the Libertarian Party, as its’ platform truly agrees with the beliefs of most Americans. Real personal freedom, not just the freedoms selected by Conservatives or Liberals. True efficiency of government. Steve believes that we need the government to once again BE the PEOPLE!

Today, so many Americans view the government as an “Us vs. Them” relationship. This is not what the founders of this nation had in mind when they created a government of the people. It is crucial that we reverse this trend, as this framework… this foundation created for us so long ago… this structure is what made America what has stood as a beacon of hope for people all over the world.

What Steve believes is simple. We need this Government to support opportunity by allowing for freedom. The people need the opportunity to stand up for themselves, get a quality education. Build a solid career. Work hard and receive the fruits of their labor. The less interference, the better!

Other candidates include Keenan Wallace Dunham, Marc Feldman, Cecil Ince, Robert Kuffel, Kip Lee, Darryl W. Perry, Rebecca Pfleiderer, Bill Pruitt, and, presumably, Gary Johnson.

106 thoughts on “Steve Kerbel Seeking Libertarian Party’s 2016 Presidential Nomination

  1. William Saturn

    James Ogle has informed me that Kip Lee is no longer seeking the LP nomination. He is instead seeking the nomination of the Ashtar Command Party.

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    One of the main qualifications I look for in an individual running for office is whether the individual has a past pattern of success. It appears this man has been quite successful in prior endeavors. I’ll be watching this with much interest.

  3. Richard Winger

    I think that people who wish to become known because they are seeking the nomination of a party should publicize where they live. Politics1 says Steve Kerbel lives in Colorado, and I assume that is correct. But one searches in vain for any sign of which state he lives in, on his own web page. Furthermore, when he asks for donations, it is impossible to donate except electronically. I believe experienced fund-raisers know that it is wise to let potential contributors have the option of paying by check, which requires the knowledge of a postal address for the campaign. Does any Colorado Libertarian already know the extent to which Steve Kerbel has already been interacting with the LP?

  4. Andy

    Another candidate for the LP Presidential nomination of whom I have never heard. It looks like an easy field for Gary Johnson to beat so far.

  5. Andy Craig

    If this is the slate of nominal opponents Johnson faces when he announces, at that point he’ll be the de facto presumptive nominee (if he isn’t already).

  6. Stewart Flood

    At least this one does not appear on the surface to be insane. The same can’t be said for some of the others who say they are seeking the LP’s nomination.

  7. Martin Passoli

    “Other candidates include Keenan Wallace Dunham, Marc Feldman, Cecil Ince, Robert Kuffel, Kip Lee, Darryl W. Perry, Rebecca Pfleiderer, Bill Pruitt, and, presumably, Gary Johnson.”

    I haven’t heard of Rebecca Pfleiderer, Bill Pruitt; has IPR covered them?

  8. Martin Passoli

    “I believe Miss Joy Waymire is still exploring the possibility.”

    Yes, that was posted here earlier.

    “One of the main qualifications I look for in an individual running for office is whether the individual has a past pattern of success. It appears this man has been quite successful in prior endeavors. I’ll be watching this with much interest.”

    I’d seek independent verification. Don’t know if he’s telling the truth, or anything about him other than this article, but some other alt party and establishment party fringe candidates lie brazenly about their supposed accomplishments and qualifications.

  9. NewFederalist

    “I’d seek independent verification. Don’t know if he’s telling the truth, or anything about him other than this article, but some other alt party and establishment party fringe candidates lie brazenly about their supposed accomplishments and qualifications.”

    Like Daniel Imperato? He embellished his resume just a tad as I recall.

  10. Andy Craig

    “some other alt party and establishment party fringe candidates lie brazenly about their supposed accomplishments and qualifications.”

    You mean Wayne Allyn Root isn’t really an A-list celebrity and major media figure and titan of industry? 😉

  11. Stewart Flood

    “Like Daniel Imperato? He embellished his resume just a tad as I recall.”

    Yes, but some of us saw through that right away. It was very easy to verify. When someone starts claiming that they are part of some special secret order with credentials from the Pope, you check their story.

  12. Stewart Flood

    “You mean Wayne Allyn Root isn’t really an A-list celebrity and major media figure and titan of industry? ”

    Yeah…another one. And that movie was not about him…sure…

    All political organizations have a few people with padded or even completely fake resumes. Root may have had a very questionable resume and his political positions only leaned libertarian in certain areas, but he wasn’t bat sh** crazy like some candidates have been.

    He would have been a disaster as a presidential candidate. He didn’t have a solid understanding of libertarian principles and he could have caused serious damage. But he wasn’t bat sh** crazy. Most of this year’s crop is.

  13. George Phillies

    If you want real damage, run a campaign that spends its money on campaign staff and costs the party a four-year election cycle. Besides, I seem to recall that Barr and Root were recruited by LNC members which probes something or other, doesn’t it?

  14. Joshua Katz

    Pruitt is the producer of The Amazing Race and The Apprentice. Media ties and, presumably, access to donors speak highly to credibility. Connections to Donald Trump speak somewhat less highly – Trump presumably has access to any donors he has access to. Sadly enough, Trump can probably garner more donations for his entirely unserious run than Pruitt can, even if he’s entirely serious. He likely has better access to donors than any but Johnson, though – if he doesn’t have more access than Johnson.

    This is all relative to the LP, of course – none of the donors Pruitt can reach would have any pull at all in the R or D parties.

  15. Jed Ziggler Post author

    “I haven’t heard of Rebecca Pfleiderer, Bill Pruitt; has IPR covered them?”

    I haven’t bothered to cover them, as neither has even bothered to set up a campaign website. Politics1 lists them as candidates.

    Also, Politics1 no longer lists Dean Capone as a candidate of the Socialist Party, or Greg Seltzer as a candidate of the Prohibition Party, instead listing James Hedges. Anyone know why?

  16. Joshua Katz

    Hmm, a scan of facebook shows that the Bill Pruitt seeking the LP’s nomination is not the Bill Pruitt who produces reality shows. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

  17. Stewart Flood

    “Besides, I seem to recall that Barr and Root were recruited by LNC members which probes something or other, doesn’t it?”

    Root was recruited. I was asked to talk to him by another LNC member and several of us talked to him after he joined the party. As an alternate (technically not a conflict as an LNC member unless the rep misses a meeting or vote) I was asked by someone to help set up his campaign staff after he decided to run. I filed “Root For America”. I did report that at the next LNC meeting.

    Root was going to run, so I wanted to see if he could do it right. Root stopped listening to my advice, and he did not appear to me to be really “getting it” as far as general libertarian beliefs go. I got out of the campaign the evening of the debate in Nevada. I was not paid, nor did I ask to be. I think he bought dinner that night, if that counts. 🙂 And as you know, I had nothing to do with the stuff with the Ruwart book, which I would have strenuously objected to if I had known about it. That was advice from other LNC members who were then advising him — and who sank his campaign. But everyone knows that story.

    It is also true that I and others asked Bob Barr to run. This was in the bar, after that disasterous debate that I still say Jim Burns won. But Dr Ruwart was being recruited by three (3) LNC members via phone at the next table in the same bar. Prior to that, several of us started a rumor that he would run (Pittsburg meeting), but he told me at that time that he was not interested and that his wife would kill him if he ran.

    That rumor was baseless at the time, and was started by myself, Hardy Macia, and others (who may or may not want to be identified) at the bar in the hotel. We did it to get someone upset as a joke (not Bob Barr). It worked. He was livid. 🙂

    While the campaign wasn’t great, I still believe that Bob Barr was a libertarian at the time. I was at many of his events and he represented us well in his speeches. It was after he was shunned that he left. The return to the grumpy old party was unfortunate. Selecting Root as his VP running mate was a serious mistake and probably did more damage than almost anything else. The screwup by his campaign staff with Dr Paul was unforgivable by many.

  18. langa

    Also, Politics1 no longer lists…Greg Seltzer as a candidate of the Prohibition Party, instead listing James Hedges. Anyone know why?

    My guess would be that the Prohibitionists don’t want to be associated with Seltzer, given its frequent use in mixed drinks.

  19. Austin Cassidy

    Sounds nutty…

    “An analysis of how our country is reverting to a nation of less and less freedoms. The “Council” is a secret group of people who desires the removal of personal freedoms and is in the process of taking these freedoms away day by day. Who is this “Council”, what are they doing and how can we stop them? This book clearly explains the progression we are experiencing and what needs to be done to reverse this dangerous trend.”

  20. paulie

    “An analysis of how our country is reverting to a nation of less and less freedoms. The “Council” is a secret group of people who desires the removal of personal freedoms and is in the process of taking these freedoms away day by day. Who is this “Council”, what are they doing and how can we stop them? This book clearly explains the progression we are experiencing and what needs to be done to reverse this dangerous trend.”

    Council? CFR? Learned Elders?…

  21. Andy Craig

    @Michael H. Wilson

    I don’t know if I should be amused or depressed by how not-surprising that is.

  22. Matt Cholko

    That notice doesn’t specifically say that he stole money. It says he was involved in selling unregistered securities, and used an unlicensed agent to do so. As a libertarian, I don’t see a problem with this. Of course, if he was running a scam, that’s another matter entirely.

  23. Andy Craig

    If he was selling unlicensed securities, it’s fairly unlikely that it wasn’t a scam of some sort or another (particularly if he was representing them as licensed and legal, in which case it’s also straightforward fraud). But point taken, he could have just been a brave dissident engaged in civil disobedience of big government financial regulation. Or he could have been framed by the Council to discredit the man who will expose them all 😉

  24. Mark Herd

    Stewart Flood
    April 4, 2015 at 4:52 pm
    At least this one does not appear on the surface to be insane. The same can’t be said for some of the others who say they are seeking the LP’s nomination.

    Thank you Stewart, you’re so multitalented. You write, you insult and you’re a shrink. Sorry but to me you just shrunk!

  25. Mark Herd

    Gary Johnson doesn’t understand that a flat tax isn’t a fair tax, it’s a punitive tax. No wonder taxes went UP under his governorship. Flat tax is simply a ploy to bring on MORE taxes! Come on Libs, wake up and see through the bull. Gary is a rebloodlican in Libertarian clothing.

  26. Decriminalize It

    Gary Johnson is cool on many levels but he probably is just using the LP like an old fashioned carpetbagger. We should support home grown activists and try to get a debate going online for them to showcase. Can IPR help?

  27. stevekerbel

    Hello all. I thought I would say hello and make a few comments.. 1) In my book, “the council” is fictional, and not a paranoid delusion. 2) The bond offerings were correctly filed with the SEC, and were completely legitimate. This is evidence of a necessary regulatory reform that I believe is crucial for small business to remain competitive.

    Now that these items have been addressed, I will be making the rounds to various LP conventions in the coming year, and I am intent on earning the nomination and producing a showing in the general election that shows American voters that there really is a viable third option to the other major parties.

    I say enough is enough, and I intend to prove that there is another way.

    I look forward to meeting you all at the conventions.

  28. stevekerbel

    Paulie – Absolutely! I look forward to participating in the discussions along the way to next May and beyond, both in person and online. Prior to now, it is true that I was not a known quantity, although I have been voting consistently Libertarian for many years. I have reached the point that I believe that I can outwardly help our party and our country to get ourselves out of this pattern of the larger parties dividing us all, and only making things worse. I believe that the timing is right for an extremely strong LP showing in November 2016. I will be well funded with an experienced and effective campaign staff that will be announced at a later date. My message is strongly Libertarian and my delivery will appeal to persons of all political affiliations, due to explaining the actual process as well as the benefits of our platform and goals, not just the end result.

  29. paulie

    If you go to the thread linked in my previous comment, feel free to answer all the questions asked of other candidates in preceding comments, ask some of your own, or comment on their answers.

    Other IPR writers can create additional threads like that one any time (even now if any of them feel like it), and at some point I may as well, but my plate is pretty full right now.

    In the meantime, the old thread is very usable; IPR threads do sometimes get revived, sometimes even years later. The old one is still live any time you or anyone wants to use it.

  30. Mark Herd

    Now for the easy questions.
    1. Ever been elected to anything?
    2. Explain to all how you would improve things domestically and abroad?
    3. Foreign Spending, what steps would you take to reduce it?
    4. Why you over Gary Johnson, if he runs again?

  31. Mark Herd

    I think each candidates announcement article pg is a great place to chat directly with the candidates and I like this candidate, so let’s start preppin! I’m 100% against the candidate who wants to blow billions on Mars while my brothers fighting leukemia. Less foreign spending includes less Mars spending.

  32. stevekerbel

    Hello Mark,
    Thanks for the questions!
    Here are some answers…

    1) No. I have been quite busy running several corporations for many years. It is the state of affairs and the trends I am seeing in our country that really gave me no choice but to do my best to reverse these trends that in my opinion are damaging us and severely limiting the opportunities for subsequent generations. So here I am… I know that I can do the most good in so many ways by following the course I have chosen.

    2) Huge question. I will answer some here ( as space is limited) but for more specific information, the “road to reform” page on my website ( has more detail.

    In a nutshell, I think that as our nation seems more and more willing to ignore the personal freedoms called for in the bill of rights, we need to remind ourselves that actions which hurt no one should not be illegal. Liberty is not a crime, and we need to remove and redefine so many laws which restrict our personal freedom. For example… if we were to de-criminalize all drugs, I expect the following to happen. 1) Less people would use them, because they would become somewhat irrelevant. 2) Overall crime would be reduced, not only relating to the people who possess and use these substances but hurt no one no longer ending up in the penal system, but suppliers would be less violent, etc. 3) There would be less trafficking issues with related violence, 4) Less ancillary crimes such as robbery that is done for the purpose of financing these substances because of their expense, etc. Drug use is more of a health problem than a crime.

    We also need to stop trying to make laws respecting an establishment of religion (sound familiar?) Religious morals are not allowed to be legislated per the first amendment.

    The personal freedoms are just one part of how to improve things at home. The other side is fiscal and defense related.

    As to defense, I know for sure that we must always bargain from a position of strength. If a foreign nation or group wants to attack us, but they know without a doubt that they would be a quick loser, they will not bother. I believe that we need a strong defense, but that we can do it so much more efficiently than we do now financially. I would focus on optimizing the military expenditures so that we have a very strong defense but we are not wasting money. In addition, I would incrementally draw down our troop presence in foreign lands that do not threaten our national security, and I would use a similar plan to reduce foreign spending significantly. I feel that this foreign aid at the expense of the taxpayers is nothing more than bribery, just like paying the neighborhood bully to keep him at bay, all at the cost of taxpayers.

    I have a real issue with funds raised via taxation going to projects which are not the desire of all persons who pay those taxes. For example, we are forced to pay money ( income tax, etc), and if we do not pay this money, we are subject to criminal and civil penalties. What is done with this money is to pay for items that are unnecessary or highly inflated. This situation creates a huge number of people within our country that take advantage by lining up to take the money paid under threat by taxpayers, and they are able bodied and capable of work. I strongly believe that this situation makes more people willing to be takers, instead of givers, and I believe that if this funding was not so readily available and easy to abuse, more people would choose the road of self reliance instead of simply taking from the rest of us.

    Over time, my plan is to abolish the income tax and replace it with a procurement tax, but still to allow lower income people to have some exemptions which allow them to provide for themselves according with their hard work, even if their salaries are on the lower end of the spectrum.

    A huge barrier to job creation and maintenance is government regulation. It is my opinion that small business is a huge key to achieving the American dream. Because of the structure of regulation, businesses are villainized. Hard working business people do not have access to capital, because even though there is a Small Business Administration which is supposed to facilitate loans to small business, banks are afraid to lend to small business due to the fear of regulatory attacks should one of these loans go bad.

    While some on the far left would bristle at my view regarding regulation, I believe that I am spot on here. Regulated industries are so exhausted from dealing with regulators whose sole motivation is to make news regarding their enforcement activities which bolsters their political goals, that given the opportunity for industries to self regulate, the job that they would do would be much more fair and effective. Industries really do care that their groups do a good job, and without a political motivation, this would actually help the consumer. Excessive regulation actually harms the consumer by increasing the cost of the product and reducing consumer choice. Who do you think actually pays those multi billion dollar fines??? The consumer does in increased costs. The adversarial relationship between government and private citizens and businesses is very damaging to us all.

    Another item that is high on my list is to drastically reduce baseless civil lawsuits. I believe that because so many people feel hopeless to achieve success through hard work and risk, they see their only options to be to win the lottery or a big lawsuit. Opportunistic lawsuits cost us all a huge percentage of our income, for no good reason. Even many which may have merit are grossly exaggerated. Health care costs are blown sky high, consumer products are more expensive, Insurance costs are exorbitant, small businesses are destroyed, careers are ruined and overall this country pays a huge price for people which file opportunistic, fraudulent, and exaggerated legal claims. A strong deterrent to these lawsuits might reduce our national expenses by up to 30%! I believe that to begin with, we need to institute a “loser pays” system to make people personally accountable, and that might reduce the number of opportunistic lawsuits.

    Economically, we need to be mindful that small business is a huge potential employer, and we need to stop attacking it and allow it to grow. This alone could fix our problem with unemployment. Also, we need manufacturing to return to the USA, which will revitalize the large metropolitan areas and small towns as well.

    OK, so this was a lot of information, and I have so much more. I will continue to speak to what we need to do to improve our situation and what I intend to do about it, in blogs, in person, on my website and in the upcoming debates. Of course if you are looking for a specific answer, just ask!

    3) I think I answered that one in the previous answer.

    4) I like and respect Governor Johnson. I voted for him in 2012. But I can do better. My goal is to propel us into the national stage as an actual third party option that does not “waste a vote” or act as a spoiler. I believe that our goals are right for America. I also believe that most people still see us as a fringe party. While we are very good at speaking to our goals, we have not yet been effective at making America understand that not only do our views dovetail well with the views of most Americans, or how we arrive at these goals which require a huge adjustment for most people. Without this missing piece, we will have a real uphill battle capturing the hearts and minds of a majority of Americans.

    I do not have a political track record. This is a benefit to us. I have no problem speaking in clear terms, raising controversy, attracting the attention from the press, and generally speaking in strong terms regarding the ironies of the right and the left, and why we have the correct answers. I am persuasive, quick thinking, and I never give up. My commitment to the LP should I earn the nomination is to represent our positions aggressively, while communicating with the rest of America that our party represents the real key to a better life, and that we have a step by step plan to get there. I intend to make it to the final debates, and show America that we are here, we are focused, and we are correct.

  33. Amy Lunde-Provines

    While I’ve read IPR for a while now, I’ve never commented before, so hello! 🙂

    I have a question for Mr. Kerbel… Where in CO are you located, and are you planning on attending our convention at the end of the month? I don’t believe I’ve met you, and I had a former fellow LPCO boardmember ask me who you were the other day.

    Always good to see people get more active, but you’re making quite the jump! 😀

  34. paulie

    While I’ve read IPR for a while now, I’ve never commented before, so hello! 🙂


    Now that your first comment has been approved, you should be able to comment freely (if you use the same name and email combination and not more than one link per comment). Hope you stick around!

  35. paulie

    Anyone want to go thru the debate/discussion thread and repost the questions here? I would do it but I’m swamped…

  36. Judy

    I am on the Board of the Libertarian Party of El Paso County.
    I have never heard of you either. We have regular meetings every month. Our County Convention is this Saturday.
    I am sure that there are people that would like to meet you and find out more about you in your home county as well.

  37. Judy

    Mr. Kerbel,

    You can find information on the Convention on our webpage at:
    Or on the LPEPC Meetup at:
    Or on the LPCO Meetup at:
    Or on the LPEPC facebook at:

    This event requires prior registration to confirm your eligibility to vote at the meeting. If you do not intend to vote or you can bring proof of eligibility to vote to the meeting then registration is not required.

  38. Mark Herd

    Steve, Judy makes a good point. How come you haven’t earned some pts within the Libertarian party yet. Have you contributed any of your energies toward your county or state chapters? Now I’m sure some of the other candidates haven’t so it doesn’t take you off my list. I like your candor and true Libertarian spirit. Hope to meet you some day.

  39. stevekerbel

    Mark, To be completely truthful, my businesses and family have taken up all my time in recent years. I am getting to know everyone personally this month, so I have been more of a silent cheerleader all this time. My physical involvement really got started once I reached a boiling point and had to do my part to get the country going on the road to improvement. I have always gone big in my activities and goals, and I had seen enough. While it would have been nicer to be more active in the past, better late than never, right?

  40. Amy Lunde-Provines

    Well, Mr. Kerbel, I will likely meet you Saturday, then, as I will also be attending the El Paso County Convention (I don’t live in El Paso County, but I am LPCO’s Regions Director, so I try to attend major events held by our county groups). If you need info about our State Convention, including the link to register for the non-business-only events, that may be found at 🙂

  41. Rebecca L. Pfleiderer

    Now for the easy questions.
    1. Ever been elected to anything? Yes

    2. Explain to all how you would improve things domestically and abroad? I will facilitate our nations evolution by eliciting and enforcing the citizens vote on every issue.

    3. Foreign Spending, what steps would you take to reduce it? I will ask the citizens of America what they recommend.

    4. Why you over Gary Johnson, if he runs again? Let the citizens decide.

  42. Rebecca L. Pfleiderer

    I wasn’t sure where to post this. Decided to refer to my original comments.

    Politicians avoid the confederate flag issue because they don’t have oil companies or pharmaceuticals telling them what to say. If they had values or morals, they might just consult the law of the land. God asks us to obey the law as well as the commandments. Lets not make this more difficult than it has to be.

  43. paulie


    Open thread may be what you were looking for. But since you brought it up, what is your position on the issue?

  44. Rebecca L. Pfleiderer

    My position was stated. When and where the law permits the displaying of flags, the people are within their rights to display them. It’s important to check your local ordinances and state laws for guidance to avoid breaking the law. If you do break the law, you should be punished to the full extent of the law.

  45. Stewart Flood

    The battle flag was never a flag of any country or state, either before during or after the Civil War. It was using by the military, was a symbol of hatred and death in war, as well as after. The fact that evil people (the KKK) “co-opted” it is unimportant. They were simply placing themselves behind a banner that already represented oppression and genocide.

    Speaking as someone who lives in South Carolina, the shame of our state government flying this flag on the capital building dome for nearly 40 years and on the state grounds the past 15 will take years to be forgotten.

    It needs to be removed BEFORE the funeral on Friday. Right now I count only 6 votes against removing it in the Senate and around 10 in the House.

  46. Rebecca L. Pfleiderer

    I am not familiar with the laws there. I share in your sentiments but as Americans our Freedom of speech is very important. My personal take on this is that it should come down but the laws dictate here. I’d recommend a petition to make changes to the law. In the meantime, you could advocate for me for President. My passion is to give people a voice. If you’d like to discuss this with me further, please call me at 402-302-9238. I’m not a politician. I’m easy to talk to 🙂 Have a blessed day!

  47. Andy

    Should the American flag also be removed, given that slavery existed for a much longer period of time under the American flag than under the Confederate flag, and being that American Indians were oppressed and murdered under the American flag?

  48. Rebecca L. Pfleiderer

    I’d say get the issue on a ballot and let the people decide. I’m talking a constant online rotating ballot system where every issue is voted on. I wouldnt sign into law anything without a majority vote from anyone and everyone who can vote.

  49. Rebecca L. Pfleiderer

    I advocate for a redesigned flag once we reclaim democracy and the peoples’ voice dictates..I also think we should move the white house to the midwest. Well leave the structure, move the people. This way its equally accessible to the people. Ohio has done this in the past. It went well…

  50. paulie

    There’s no issue about whether individuals can display what flag, the issue is with state government and what they choose to make official symbols of government.

  51. NewFederalist

    Right you are, paulie. I suspect many of the same folks who do not wish to see the battle flag taken down would be opposed to a rainbow flag put up in its place!

  52. paulie

    I’m for truth in advertising. Every government should fly the skull and crossbones (although that would get confusing quickly 🙂 )

  53. langa

    I’m for truth in advertising. Every government should fly the skull and crossbones…

    LOL! I like it!

  54. Andy

    There is no reason that the Confederate flag cannot be flown at historic markers/sites and also by private individuals.

  55. Jill Pyeatt

    I read much of the 14 page complaint. I find it alarming, especially because it was so recent.

  56. The Fact Finder

    Anyone can say they’re “successful”, an author or whatever. Being one is another thing. Just don’t be too quick to click on his Donate button. How about having him release his personal finances like most legit candidates and provide a detailed resume backed up by credible references to validate who he says is and his lofty qualifications. Oh and how many copies of whatever it is he authored did he sell?

  57. The Fact Finder

    How about scrutiny. Potential donors who may consider giving their hard earned money to a campaign website with a Donate button deserve scrutiny. After all, he did get into trouble with regards to handling other people’s money.

  58. paulie

    I’m pro-scrutiny. Just wondering if you have a personal motivation as well. If you don’t want to say, fair enough.

  59. The Fact Finder

    Scrutiny and character should be enough motivation when someone is asking for your support and money.

  60. paulie

    Should and are are often two different things in this respect from my experience. However, I already said I am OK with it if you prefer not to say.

  61. Jill Pyeatt

    Oh, dear, Fact Finder. I read the article that you recently posted. I think it’s serious enough that Kerbel should stop running for President and face this. People go to prison for this kind of thing.

    Selling unsuitable investments to retirees is not good.

  62. NewFederalist

    Wow! That’s not good. I guess that pretty much takes him out of contention.

  63. Jill Pyeatt

    I agree, William, although I prefer not to be the one who does it, since the charges have to do with the industry I’m in.

    Somewhere on IPR are comments re: his settlement in 2014, and some charges from 2015 which were subsequently dropped because they were filed in the wrong state. I’ll see if I can find them. If so, I’ll post them here.

  64. Matt Cholko

    Because someone is being sued, they are presumed guilty? That is totally ridiculous. Litigation is common in many businesses.

    This does not mean he isn’t a dirty scumbag. But, it certainly isn’t convincing evidence that he is.

  65. The Fact Finder

    I posted this yesterday on the “Letter to Libertarians from Steve Kerbel” page but felt it fits better here in shedding light on his character. This guy has a history. I’m sure he will deny it, make excuses or play the victim like he seems to do with every other unsavory thing he’s involved in. But you be the judge.

    As part of your due diligence on Kerbel, ask him why Mountain States Insurance Company, who was majority owner in a Colorado agency named Rocky Mountain of which Kerbel was a minority owner, fired Kerbel and gave him $50,000 to get lost? If he says it was because he was fudging the numbers and openly flaunting an affair with an employee and that employee’s husband came to the business and chased Kerbel around the parking lot with a baseball bat, he’s telling you the truth. If not, he’s conning you. The excuses and stories of a con artist eventually unravel if they stay put for too long. While you’re at it, ask him what excuses he has for having a girlfriend on the side while married and with kids at home? My sources tell me her name was, appropriately enough, “Candy”. As for the $800,000 plus he scammed from his investor victims, I suspect this may be his last hurrah. But hey, if he is elected President, problem solved. After all, a little thing like scamming $800K shouldn’t get in the way of saving the country, right? After all, the fundamentals of playing the Ponzi game require that you have another sucker lined up to pay the previous suckers. It seems the well may soon run dry of suckers for candidate Kerbel to bilk. So while he uses the money he scammed to live on and to create an illusion that he’s a success, it apparently buys him time for to come up with his next scheme. And why not shoot big, a Presidential website with a Donate button.

    In closing, “Let the buyer beware” of this dude who only cares about himself, lives off the hard earned money of others, is delusional about being President and serious about his next free ride. Good luck.

  66. Andy

    “The Fact Finder,” you bring up some interesting accusations against Steve Kerbel, and if you are correct, then he should not be a candidate (of course I do not know for sure if you are correct or not). I have a question though, how come you make these accusations under a fake name? If the accusations are true, why don’t you just come out under your real name and say them?

    I’m not saying that you are right or wrong, I just want to know why you are hiding behind a fake name.

  67. langa

    I agree with Matt. There are two sides to every story, and I will wait until I hear Kerbel’s side before passing judgment on him.

  68. The Fact Finder

    Andy and Ianga, my contribution here is on behalf of Kerbel’s victims and to prevent others from becoming his victims, including you. So you can take it or leave it if you want. After talking to my sources and watching all of his videos, it is apparent that his biggest asset is his shameless, confident, hot air misrepresentations and smooth talk that has convinced his victims, from senior citizens to insurance business partners, that he is an experienced, professional and caring guy. I suspect his response will be that all these complaints come with the territory of being a business person like he has previously implied. But the extent of his harm and financial destruction to his victims added to the securities lawsuit brought by Colorado just the other day is a willful big deal and not the little mistakes that come from just being human which he has also previously implied.

    But don’t take my word for it. Here is an excerpt from a complaint filed not that long ago by an insurance company partner obtained from a simple Google search. You can read the full text on this link:


    CASE NO. 1:15-CV-00645

    TO THE HONORABLE JUDGE OF SAID COURT: National Unity Insurance Company (sometimes hereinafter referred to as National Unity or Plaintiff) states and alleges as follows:
    This action arises out of Defendant, Steve Kerbel’s, negligent mismanagement of an auto insurance
    program designed and administered for the Plaintiff, National Unity. National Unity is an insurance carrier in the automobile insurance business. Kerbel is the President of Rio National Insurance Services, Inc. (“Rio”) and at all times was acting in his capacity as President of Rio. Kerbel reached out to National Unity and proposed that Rio serve as Program Administrator for a non-standard car insurance program in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. …Kerbel is personally liable for all his own torts because he had direct, personal participation in the wrongdoing. He was the guiding spirit behind and the central figure in all that was done to National Unity.

    In soliciting National Unity’s business for Rio, Kerbel represented he was an experienced non-standard
    auto administrator. Kerbel did not advise National Unity that his insurance license had been revoked in Missouri or that a program he had designed and administered for Pride National Insurance Company led directly to the insolvency of Pride National Insurance Company.


    In soliciting National Unity’s business on behalf of Rio, Kerbel represented that he was an experienced non-standard auto insurance administrator. Kerbel did not disclose that his insurance license had been revoked in Missouri and that he had agreed never to apply for a Missouri insurance license again, or that his service as Program Administrator had been the primary cause of the insolvency of Pride
    National Insurance Company. Nor did Kerbel advise National Unity when, after Rio’s retention as
    Program Administrator for National Unity, that Kerbel was sanctioned by the Colorado securities regulators for and Ordered by them to make more than $800,000 in restitution. The relationship between National Unity and Rio was in the nature of a Managing General Agency relationship, definitionally giving rise to a confidential relationship and a fiduciary duty running to National Unity. The National Unity/Rio agreement was a typical one in the insurance industry and shows why the company/administrator relationship involves a high level of trust and confidence. These arrangements allow the Administrator to collect substantial upfront fees and commissions in consideration for running the program with reasonable care generally and, specifically, calculating and setting rates in a manner that sets a large enough premium to cover claims. Kerbel negligently designed the program with rates for customers far lower than those customers merited. Kerbel also acted negligently in his supervision of the manner in which Rio adjusted and resolved claims. As a result of Kerbel’s negligence, National Unity sustained damages when it was required to bear the costs of claims that far exceeded the low premiums charged. Further, Kerbel benefitted by earning money from the sale of the policies while National Unity lost money by paying claims that could not be supported based upon the low premiums charged. Kerbel’s negligence included, but was not limited to the following: (1) proposing low rates, (2) misapplication of the underwriting scoring system by setting rates lower than the customer’s driving record merited,the result of which led to poor drivers receiving low rates, (3) poor record keeping which did not allow National Unity to discover the other negligent acts, and (4) negligent claims handling. Examples of Kerbel’s negligence include: 1269 drivers under the age of 55 received a mature driver discount reserved only for drivers over 55. 51 of those insured who received over 55 discounts were actually under 20. Safe driver discounts were provided when not earned, genders were misstated and insureds with at-fault accidents were not surcharged. Further, Kerbel rejected National Unity’s suggestions for rate increases by arguing that historical loss development data should not be used. Kerbel’s record keeping prevented the periodic audits from revealing the systematic under charging of premium. Rio’s negligence was not discovered until Rio’s relationship was in liquidation mode and National Unity saw the full system back up and could diagnose why the program’s loss ratios were so high.
    And he wants to be President!
    Good luck

  69. Jill Pyeatt

    Fact Finder, these charges are specific and numerous. I understand them NOT to be something that any business person might receive.

    I will write to Mr. Kerbel and ask for him to comment. I’ll keep everyone posted.

  70. Stewart Flood

    My guess is that he will reply that while he wishes to comment, his current health issues require rest. In a week or two he will announce that his health prevents him from attending critical state conventions, and after consultation with his physicians he feels that the best action for him to take for his family and his health is to drop out of the race.

  71. The Fact Finder

    Stewart Flood, If he were smart he should seriously consider your graceful exit strategy to avoid further exposure that smooth talk won’t fix. But he wouldn’t be walking away with nothing. Since he will be seeking gainful employment elsewhere, you can be assured his new resume will show job titles for, “CEO”, Insurance”, “Executive” and “Presidential Candidate”.

  72. Jill Pyeatt

    I did a quick google search, and it appears at least some of what Fact Finder has talked about can be verified.

    It does seem that he might have a few things to explain if he chooses his run for our nomination.

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