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Cryptocoins News Article on Zoltan Istvan and the Transhumanist Party

Zoltan Istvan
Zoltan Istvan
Cryptocoins News recently ran this article on presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan and the newly-created Transhumanist Party. Given the site’s focus, CCN specifically asked Istvan about his and the party’s thoughts on bitcoin. Istvan responded:

Basically, I’d say most Transhumanists support cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin and new technologies that are coming that way. At the same time, I’d say most of the Transhumanist emphasis is actually on the human body. On how to make it better so that we might not in the future make such [political] errors. […] A lot of Transhumanists are very interested in virtual currencies. […]

I feel like encryption and ideas that resemble that with computers and technology, that’s never going to go away. The further we get into the technological world, the more we’re going to need to protect ourselves, so that you can’t falsify information [referring to the anti-counterfeit nature of Bitcoin], you can’t just have hackers come in and take away your existence. We live in a world that’s increasingly dominated by 1s and 0s and it requires a lot of security. So certainly I think that’s one of the elements that, I think, Bitcoiners share with Transhumanists and people of that nature that are very interested in protecting the things that matter to them.

Istvan also discussed his plan for a “Universal Basic Income.” Read the full article here.

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