Adrian Wyllie, New LP Florida Chairman, Outlines Bold Mission Statement

adrianwyllieI’d like to thank the LPF delegates for electing me chairman, and I congratulate all of the newly-elected EC members. We had the largest delegation in my memory at least, and perhaps the largest delegation in LPF history.

It was an extremely successful meeting, with a renewed spirit of unity and commitment. Petty differences between members were put aside, and we came together to do the business that needed to be done. Now, we must harness that spirit, so that it motivates us through the 2016 election cycle.

Though the convention adjourned only a few hours ago, our work is already underway. For the next two years, I resolve to keep the party laser focused on two components of our core mission:

1. To elect candidates to office in 2016 who will implement the LPF platform, and,

2. To recruit registered LPF voters in Florida, en route to our long-term goal of achieving major party status.

In recent years, the LPF has made the transition from political obscurity to emerging power in Florida. We’ve made a small dent in the two-party machine’s armor. It’s clearly evident each time I walk the halls of the state capitol. We’ve got their attention, and they’re more than a little concerned.

We should take pride in what we’ve accomplished. But, we must also recognize that we have much more work to do. Now is the time to step up our game.

With a renewed commitment to the cause, 2016 could be the election cycle where we change Florida politics forever. I’m ready and willing to do what it takes to take the LPF to the big leagues. I believe that you are, too.

In the coming days, I will be making appointments to various committee positions in the LPF. We have many slots that need to be filled by hardworking and dedicated members, who are willing to do the heavy lifting.

I’m asking you to volunteer for a committee position. I’m asking you to do a challenging and sometimes thankless job, simply because it needs to be done.

I will be demanding of your time, talents, and money. I will ask you to commit your blood, sweat and tears to the party. I will ask you to give more than you’ve given in the past.

There will be no “placeholder” positions in the LPF. Each committee will have clear objectives and deadlines that they will be expected to meet. If you fail to meet them, I will ask you to step aside to make room for members who will.

In return, I expect you to demand the same performance from me. I have made a commitment to you, and I expect you to hold me fully accountable. If I fail to advance our objectives to the best of my ability, then you must demand my resignation.

If we all make this commitment to one another, and we each accept the responsibility that comes with it, then we can shatter the Libertarian glass ceiling. Together, we are the hammer.

Are you up for the challenge?


Adrian Wyllie


Libertarian Party of Florida

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