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Kentucky Likely to Have Three Candidates on November 2015 Ballot for Governor

Drew Curtis
Drew Curtis
From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

This news story says Drew Curtis, an independent running for Governor of Kentucky in the November 3, 2015 election, already has 6,000 signatures. The deadline is August 11. He needs 5,000 and says he expects to have at least 8,500 by the deadline.

Another independent candidate, who changed his name to Gatewood Galbraith, only as 2,000 signatures so far.

The only ballot-qualified parties in Kentucky are the Democratic and Republican Parties. The only other ballot-qualified parties Kentucky has had in the last 90 years have been the American Party 1968-1972, the Anderson Coalition Party 1980-1984, and the Reform Party 1996-2000. Kentucky is the only state in which the only office that counts toward party status is President. The law requires 2%, which sounds easy but is not, because it is so rare for any party other than the Democratic and Republican Parties to poll 2% for President.

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  1. Andy Craig Andy Craig August 3, 2015

    For both a perennial and third-party/independent candidate (he also ran some in Dem primaries), I would say he has a rather impressive record. And while he did use humor and his personality as a central part of his campaigns, he also raised substantive issues reflected in his vote totals, absolutely. It is also a pretty decent base of support of 9-15%, people who voted consistently for a campaign and candidate positioned similar to Drew Curtis’s. Thus the benefit to him from not having a name-changing impostor on the ballot.

  2. Losty Losty August 3, 2015

    Gatewood (the Real One) was not a Gag candidate.

    He was not a successful candidate, But he was NOT a gag candidate.

    Would have been interesting if he would have won though.
    And one of his main focuses is at least partially law now in KY, and in other states, Industrial Hemp.

  3. Deran Deran August 2, 2015

    Oh, thank you for clarifying that for me. I’m sorry.

    After you said it and I did a little more looking and then I remembered the actual Galbraith did die unexpectedly. Sorry.

    Never mind! (yes, I’m that old)

  4. Andy Craig Andy Craig August 2, 2015

    To clarify:

    Gatewood Galbraith was a perennial candidate, including running 5 times for Governor of Kentucky. He got 9% for his last campaign in 2011, his best was 15% in 1999 as the Reform nominee. He died in 2012.

    GG2 is the man who changed his name to “Gatewood Galbraith” and is running in 2015, and is apparently having less success with the name than its previous owner. I guess the idea was supposed to be a Dread Pirate Roberts sort of thing to keep the gag going, that or just blatantly cashing in on voter confusion. Good news for Drew that he won’t make the ballot.

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