Andy Craig for Congress: Gwen Moore demonstrates partisan hypocrisy on war and peace


Press Release from Andy Craig for Congress:

Craig for Congress: Gwen Moore demonstrates partisan hypocrisy on war and peace

From her election in 2005 until Bush left office in 2008, Gwen Moore was an outspoken supporter of ending America’s war in Iraq. She joined with other anti-war Democrats in the Out of Iraq Caucus to propose and vote for a variety of bills that would mandate the withdrawal of American forces. Now, her lack of opposition to deploying Wisconsin’s Guard forces to Iraq in January 2016, is causing her 2016 election opponent to accuse her of partisan hypocrisy.

“Your Representative’s position on war and peace shouldn’t depend on which party’s president is in the White House. I wanted to bring our troops home when Bush was President, and I want to bring them home now,” says Andy Craig, Libertarian candidate for Moore’s 4th Congressional District seat. “Obama said we could ‘take it to the bank’ that getting our troops out of Iraq would be one of the ‘first things he’d do.’ Yet here we are, with him starting his last year in office by sending Wisconsin Guard troops to fight the twenty-fifth year of American combat operations in Iraq.”

Craig also notes that Moore, who attempted to reassert congressional authority to end the Iraq War during the Bush years, then voted against a resolution that would have required Obama to seek congressional approval for his disastrous intervention in Libya. Obama campaigned in 2008 on the position that foreign wars lacking authorization from congress were illegal. As president, Obama has waged military interventions in Libya, Syria, and against ISIS without first seeking or obtaining congressional approval.

“Milwaukee voters deserve to have an anti-war option on their ballot in 2016, and they won’t find it next to the ‘Democratic’ label.” says Craig. “It’s time we had a Representative willing to stand on principle against both the left wing and the right wing of the war party.”

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