Libertarian Party Files Federal Lawsuit to be Recognized as a Party in Maine


From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:


On January 4, the Libertarian Party of Maine filed a lawsuit, arguing that it should be recognized as a political party in Maine. Here is the Complaint. The case is Libertarian Party of Maine v Dunlap.

20 thoughts on “Libertarian Party Files Federal Lawsuit to be Recognized as a Party in Maine

  1. Andy

    This lawsuit would be unnecessary if they had conducted the registration drive properly. Several actual Libertarians who are experienced at such a task were available to go to Maine to work on this registration drive, and two or three of them offered to go to Maine back in June. This offer was ignored, so the drive ended up being worked on by an all non-libertarian mercenary crew, who apparently were not very good. 5 Libertarians collecting a mere 25 registrations per day (which is not that hard to do) could have had this job finished, with plenty of padding, in 7 weeks. 3 or 4 of the Libertarians in question already had experience working in Maine prior to this.

    This would be the equivalent of a basketball or football team keeping their star players on the bench, and playing their 2nd or 3rd string players, and then wondering why they lost the game.

    Yeah, having the deadline for party status in Maine in December is too early, but on the flip side, they knew this before going into this, and they had plenty of time to complete the registration drive. Why did they turn in so many registrations at the last minute to where this became a problem?

    This is yet another example of the kind of mismanagement and dysfunction in the LP that is so prevalent that it makes the party less successful than it would be otherwise.

  2. NewFederalist

    You have got to admit it, Andy, your Monday morning quarterbacking is getting mighty tiresome. You accuse and blame and whine and you may actually be correct but since you don’t name the people who made these bad decisions so they can be held to account; your credibility is pretty much zilch.

  3. Andy

    NewFederalist, you may think that my “Monday morning quarterbacking” is getting old, but this does not mean that my points were not valid. The fact that the LP continues to make the same mistakes over and over again, to the detriment of the party and movement, tells me that my message here is quite relevant, and needs to be repeated more frequently, and to a wider audience, if anything.

  4. NewFederalist

    Thanks, Wang. Let’s see if he has the huevos to name people who continue to screw up.

  5. Andy

    The people are in LP management positions. Some of them have already been named here multiple times. I would include the entire LNC on the list, but for this drive in Maine, I’d put the blame on Scott Kohlhaas (LP member out of Alaska who worked as an independent contractor and who influenced how the drive was conducted), and the leadership of the LP of ME, who went along with what Kohlhaas said.

  6. Andy

    Funny how two people who hide behind fake names are questioning my huevos. You are both too chickenshit to even post under a real.

  7. Wang Tang-Fu

    That’s Mr. Wang, and I don’t know why you are assuming the name isn’t real. I also didn’t question your huevos; that was New Federalist. I simply asked for who the individuals in question were. Whatever motive you read into that is not necessarily correct.

  8. Andy

    Clarification, Kohlhaas made fundraising calls to Libertarians across the nation to donate to the LP drive in Maine, and he also directed them to sign an exclusive monopoly on the drive to a mercenary coordinator, even though I do not think he was ever physically present in Maine, and it was the LP of Maine that had possession of the funds.

    No attempt was made to get any Libertarians to work on the registration drive. Two or three Libertarians made inquiries about it but were either ignored or brushed off.

    There were 4-6 Libertarians, myself included, who could have been mobilized to go to Maine to knock this out. Heck, if I had gone to Maine back in May, I probably could have done the entire thing myself.

  9. Wang Tang-Fu

    “mercenary coordinator,”


    “Two or three Libertarians made inquiries about it but were either ignored or brushed off.”

    Who were they?

    “There were 4-6 Libertarians, myself included”

    Who were the others?

  10. Andy

    “Wang,” you sure seem to ask a lot of questions for a person who hides behind a fake name. I do not buy your bullshit about being some Chinese guy in China who uses a translator. Come out from hiding.

  11. Wang Tang-Fu


    Again, that’s Mr. Wang, and you have no evidence that my name is fake, nor any basis for your rude and presumptuous assumption. You’ve also misjudged the intention of the questions. And regardless of who is asking them, the questions are valid. If you choose not to answer them, you aren’t doing yourself or anyone else any favors.

  12. Andy

    A lot of the regular posters here have met me in person, so they know I am for real. Who are you?

  13. Wang Tang-Fu

    I’m Wang Tang-Fu, or Mr. Wang if you prefer.

    Why does it matter? Either you add the details that make your case complete or you don’t, it’s entirely up to you. I’m not the one levelling charges here, you are. Anyone can ask questions. Answering them would be to your benefit if you want to make your information more potentially useful and I’m just trying to help you out. If you want to leave your information incomplete, that’s up to you. Honestly, I’m mystified why you would even hesitate for a second to answer them, or for that matter why you wouldn’t have included that information in the first place and not have to be asked for it at all, much less repeatedly.

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