Reform Party Convention to be held in Bohemia, New York, July 29-31

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From the Reform Party National Committee:

Officers of the Executive Committee, Delegates of the National Committee, Chairs of the Many States, and Members of State Reform Party Affiliates,

In 2015, the Reform Party showed that it is not just a relic of the past, and our efforts show that the Reform Party has a future. For years the Reform Party has slowly consolidated its position, and carefully rebuilt its political machine.

Under State Chairman William Drummond, the Reform Party of Florida has once again met the qualifications for ballot access in 2016. A Florida ballot line is a key draw for a credible Presidential Candidate, and the Reform Party of Florida’s continued presence as a ballot line is a tribute to the members of that state party’s dedication and tenacity.

In addition, our newest and most dramatic success story is that under State Chairman Bill Merrell, the Reform Party of New York has gained ballot access and made a huge impact on New York politics. In the most recent election, the Reform Party of New York, through electoral fusion, fielded over 2,000 candidates for local offices, and supplied the margin of victory for over 300 candidates. At the same time, the Reform Party of New York won six races solely on its own ballot line, and tripled the number of Reform Party officeholders in the nation. Their electoral victories give the Reform Party of the United States significant momentum going into the 2016 elections.

State Chairman Beverly Kennedy of the Reform Party of Texas has filed paperwork to seek ballot access in 2016, and has identified two state and federal level candidates that are seeking office, in addition to a potential Reform Party Presidential Candidate.

Reform Party of North Carolina is nearing full operation under the leadership of State Chairman Nick Hensley. After electing a full slate of officers, the Reform Party of North Carolina is in the process of fundraising, recruiting, grassroots building and creating infrastructure.

State Officer Mark Kravis is leading the Reform Party of California in a voter registration drive to boost its membership numbers this election cycle as well, in order to qualify for ballot access in 2016.

Late last year, the Reform Party of Alabama was refounded by long-time Reformer Anthony De Ribas. Even though the Reform Party of Alabama is in the infant stages of rebuilding, several new faces have volunteered to help Mr. De Ribas re-establish the Alabama affiliate . With the help of new guard, we have high hopes for its future.

For the first time in over a decade, the Reform Party is making a push to petition for ballot access in the state of Hawaii. With an early start in petitioning, the Reform Party leadership is optimistic about re-establishing the Hawaii ballot line.

In early 2016, the Reform Party is focusing on continuing to rebuilding the National Reform Party affiliates in Mississippi, Louisiana and Colorado. These states have the easiest ballot access requirements in the nation, and if successful the Reform Party could march into the 2016 general election with at least five ballot lines for the first time since 2004.

In every presidential election year, the Reform Party holds its convention. It is my pleasure to announce that the Reform Party National Convention this year will be held in Bohemia, New York, with events spanning from the evening Friday July 29th through the morning of Sunday July 31st.  Further information regarding detailed agenda, meeting facilities, and hotel accommodations will be published in the near future.


David Collison


Reform Party National Committee

2 thoughts on “Reform Party Convention to be held in Bohemia, New York, July 29-31

  1. Mark Axinn

    I think we established in an earlier IPR article that Bill Merrell is both NYS Chair and also on the National Reform Party executive committee.

    While its earlier iteration (Stop Common Core) was just a front for the Republicans, it appears that the current version truly is an independent party and is running candidates of its own.

  2. Nicholas Hensley

    The second district Federal Court of New York ruled that the Collison Faction had a common law trademark on the name “Reform Party” in Mackay vs Crews. No one in New York would take a shot at the Reform Party name in New York without consulting us first. The Anti-Common Core Party basically handed the line to us if we agreed to help stop common core. We were against it anyway.

    The Democrats have been attacking the NYS Reform Party as an extention of the Republicans. Thats not the case. It is an affiliate of the Reform Party. It fusions with the best candidates, and runs its own candidates when it can.

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