Robert Burke: 2014 libertarian candidate praises Hillary Clinton for discussing UFOs

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2014 libertarian candidate for governor praises Hillary Clinton for discussing UFO disclosure
Contact: Robert Burke
2014 Libertarian Candidate for Governor Praises Hillary Clinton for Discussing UFO Disclosure

Hudson, WI 7 AM – On December 30th, 2015, Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton spoke to the editorial board of the New Hampshire paper The Conway Daily Sun. After the event, the former Secretary of State was asked about the UFO issue by journalist for the paper, Daymond Steer. “Yes, I’m going to get to the bottom of it,” was the candidates response.

This was not the first time Steer had asked the question of the candidate while she was running for president. In 2007 she was asked about the issue and if she supported government disclosure and said at the time she supported the disclosure activist.

“It is a brave position for a politician to take,” said Robert Burke, 2014 Libertarian candidate for Governor. “and it is the right one. Like her campaign Chair and husband’s former Chief of Staff, John Podesta, I believe it’s time for the government to come clean on what they know. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s the law.”

Burke is referring to a 2002 and 2003 statement by Podesta who called for the release of the UFO files during a press conference at the National Press Club. Podesta recently completed a year of work for the Obama administration on climate change and tweeted upon leaving, “My greatest regret was not securing the release of the UFO files. #TheTruthisoutthere.”

Clinton made it very clear to the reporter in NH that a driving force behind her support was her Campaign Chair, “He has made me personally pledge that we are going to get the information out.” The Clinton’s have a a long history with Podesta on the issue going back to the mid 1990’s when billionaire Lawrence Rockefeller engaged the then Clinton White House to release the UFO files. The initiative became known as “The Rockefeller Initiative,” and thousands of documents confirming the effort have been released through the Freedom of Information Act.

Burke was clear about why this issue is so important to the 2016 election. “The public’s general understanding of the issue comes from 70 years of government propaganda and disinformation of the subject. Those who have not taken the time to explore the implications of disclosure do not understand why this is issue matters so much at a time when we are facing the challenge of climate change. Whether the climate change is man made or related to our sun is not settled science, but the changes are clear.”

This is not the first time the former candidate has spoken out on the issue. In late 2014 he issued a press release in support of Washington’s only Exopolitics lobbyist Steve Bassett and his delivery of a landmark Mock Congressional Hearing DVD set to every member of congress.

Robert Burke’s advocacy on the topic of a government cover-up of alien activity has been controversial before. This press release was not released or approved by the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, as it is mis-attributed by WisPolitics.

4 thoughts on “Robert Burke: 2014 libertarian candidate praises Hillary Clinton for discussing UFOs

  1. Rebel Alliance

    This is really sad to see. LPWI’s Secretary using his role in IPR to publicly attack LPWI’s own gubernatorial candidate. Sure sometimes Libertarians can be a little weird. But airing your dirty laundry in public? Grow up! Resolve your differences internally and learn to work together even if you disagree. Stop attacking each other. What a fall for Wisconsin’s LP, where Ed Thompson once worked hard to get 11% running for Governor. He must be rolling over in his grave at the child-minds running LPWI today. Just pathetic.

  2. Andy Craig Post author

    What attack? The press release is verbatim as he published it. I simply noted and linked to past IPR coverage of the same topic (that was posted by somebody else, not me), which is standard practice that we do all that time, and clarified that this wasn’t from LPWI (as it was misattributed by by wispolitics). I’ll grant, maybe my disapproval was obvious, but if that’s your’re objection I’m happy to reword it to make either point more objectively as you see fit. As a general rule, the article posts are for the original content and editorial commentary goes in the comments, though we aren’t always extremely strict about that.

    And typically, when one sends out a press release, having others republish it so it can be seen is sort of the idea. As for “airing dirty laundry”: should we also refuse to post Augustus Invictus, or Oregon dispute, or VT’s former Gov candidate leaving for the GOP, or other things those state parties might find embarrassing? IPR would be pretty boring if that was our policy. Both my “position” [sic] at IPR and being the note-keeper for the LPWI excom are incidental to being a Libertarian candidate and activist.

    While I appreciate your concern, LPWI as a whole is doing just fine, particular coming from the dysfunctional funk the party was in for most of the past decade. We have a good slate of 2016 candidates, and a growing number of active local affiliates, and we’re looking forward to a good 2016 convention. There are a lot more people actively volunteering than two years ago, that’s for sure.

    I do agree, it’s pretty sad that the position once held by someone like Ed Thompson is now being used to write the world’s weirdest love letters to Hillary Clinton. But I’ll just note that he is a former candidate, not the party’s current candidate for governor. Every state LP has nominated candidates in the past they probably shouldn’t have, and LPWI is no exception.

  3. langa

    I didn’t see anything that seemed biased.

    By the way, no disrespect to Ed Thompson, but I was under the impression that the main reason he got such a high vote total was because many people mistakenly thought they were voting for his brother, former Republican governor Tommy Thompson.

  4. Andy Craig Post author

    I don’t know how much confusion there was on that point, but him being Tommy’s brother and known as such certainly did help a lot.

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