Gov. Gary Johnson responds to Iowa Caucus results

GaryJohnson 2012Press Release from Gary Johnson 2016:

Gov. Gary Johnson responds to Iowa Caucus results

February 1, 2016, Santa Fe, NM – Gov. Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for President, responds to the results of the Iowa Caucus:

“To no one’s surprise, the Republican who emerged from the Iowa Caucuses did so under a banner of social intolerance and carpet bombing.

“Just as predictably, the Democrats endorsed a candidate who has never seen a federal program, regulation or expenditure she doesn’t like.

“The pundits have become fond of talking about ‘lanes’ to electoral success.

“Where is the lane for the millions of Americans who are fundamentally conservative when it comes to the size and cost of government, but just as fundamentally tolerant when it comes to individual and civil liberties?

“Monday night’s caucuses proved once again that the two major parties are not going to nominate a candidate who represents the real majority in America – independents who are fed up with the partisan dance that has given us a $20 trillion debt, endless war and a government intent on eroding the very liberties it is supposed to be preserving.”

10 thoughts on “Gov. Gary Johnson responds to Iowa Caucus results

  1. Joe Wendt

    Once again, no sales pitch to get disgruntled voters into the LP. Why is this guy running again? Anybody But Johnson 2016!!

  2. George Whitfield

    I think Gary Johnson made an excellent appeal to voters tired of the same Democrat and Republican agendas. I am glad he is running again. If he is nominated I think we will be more effective in 2016 than 2012.

  3. langa

    Oh, the irony — Gary “Ban the Burqa” Johnson attempting to position himself as the “tolerant” candidate!

  4. Sean Scallon

    If was Gary I would challenge Rand Paul and challenge other like-minded members of Congress on their Republicanism. Challenge the Republican Liberty Caucus. Do you really support this platform? Do really support the ideas coming from messers. Trump, Rubio and Cruz? Those of a libertarian persuasion in the GOP cannot be allowed to feign indifference to what the party stands for or a good chunk of the party’s base stands for, which statism from a different perspective and many ways dishonest. I could do the same with some Democrats too. If you believe in civil liberties, civil rights and peace you cannot honestly be for Hilary Clinton and what she represents.

  5. Cody Quirk

    Rand Paul just suspended his presidential campaign a few hours ago, so it looks like the RLC doesn’t have a (l)Libertarian candidate to rally around now… Except for a Libertarian one that will make them further realize that either they need to vote against the twin evils, or throw principle out the window and keep voting for evil.

  6. Cody Quirk

    Gary Johnson keeps winning at those various state LP conventions and in the online polls, so a fringe puritian has got to hate.

  7. Andy

    “Cody Quirk
    February 3, 2016 at 11:23

    Gary Johnson keeps winning at those various state LP conventions and in the online polls, so a fringe puritian has got to hate.”

    It is also a very weak field of candidates competing for the nomination right now. Gary Johnson may end up winning by default.

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