List of Candidates on Libertarian, Green, Peace and Freedom, and American Independent Presidential Primary Ballots in California

Austin Petersen (L)

Austin Petersen (L)

Released by the CA Secretary of State on 2/8/16. H/T Ballot Access News:

Libertarian Party:

Marc Feldman
John Hale
Cecil Ince
Gary Johnson
Steve Kerbel
John McAfee
Darryl Perry
Austin Petersen
Derrick M. Reid
Jack Robinson Jr.
Rhett Smith
Joy Waymire

Green Party:

Darryl Cherney
William Kreml
Kent Mesplay
Sedinam Moyowasifsa-Curry
Jill Stein

Peace and Freedom Party:

Lynn Sandra Kahn
Gloria Estela La Riva
Monica Moorehead

American Independent Party:

Wiley Drake
Arthur Harris
James Hedges
Thomas Hoefling
J.R. Myers
Robert Ornelas
Alan Spears

Notes – Lynn Kahn is also seeking the Reform Party nomination. Gloria La Riva is the Party for Socialism and Liberation’s nominee. Monica Moorehead is the Workers World Party’s nominee. Jim Hedges is the Prohibition Party’s nominee. Tom Hoefling is also seeking the nominations of America’s Party and the Constitution Party. J.R. Myers is also seeking the Constitution Party nomination.

13 thoughts on “List of Candidates on Libertarian, Green, Peace and Freedom, and American Independent Presidential Primary Ballots in California

  1. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    If the past is any guide, Joy Waymire will win the CA LP primary, by a plurality if not a majority.

    Back in 2008, Christine Smith won the CA LP primary by a plurality, despite having no support among the delegates later on in Denver. Speculation was that Smith won because hers was the only female name on the ballot, so her name stood out.

    It’s important to have a name that stands out, because CA registered libertarians don’t follow LP politics and don’t know about any of the candidates.

    I actually didn’t pay attention to the 2012 primary, so I don’t know if something similar happened.

  2. Ted Brown

    The Libertarian presidential candidate will be selected about 10 days before the primary. In any event, the primary is just a beauty contest. For the first time we will let Independents vote in our presidential primary. It will be interesting to see how many take our ballot.

  3. Joe Wendt

    I hope James Hedges wins the AIP primary, he is probably the only candidate in that primary that has actually served as an elected official.

  4. J.R.Myers for President 2016

    I have served as an elected Republican Precinct Committeeman in Kalispell, Montana.

    I have served as an elected Reform Party Precinct Committeeman in Butte/Silverbow, MT.

    I have served on the Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska Central Emergency Services Board.

    I have served on the Haines Borough, Alaska Fire Services Board.

  5. natural born citizen

    I’m not sure why an independent would bother to cast a non-vote in an election that’s already over.

    Its pretty ridiculous that the LP rejected a chance to have a real Presidential primary and attract people to the party.

  6. NewFederalist

    Is the AIP primary binding? If Hedges actually won would he get ballot status in CA? That would be amazing!

  7. Bob Haran

    Don’t waste your vote on Hoefling for the American Independent Party nomination, J.R. Myers is going for the national Constitution Party nomination. Hoefling is a perennial candidate that can only deliver about 40,000 votes nationally, even with California. The Constitution Party is the conservative alternative to the Republican Party and obtained over 122,000 votes in 2012 without California. Hoefling is just dividing the conservatives and should either join with the Constitution Party in their effort to take back America or run for some other office not being contested by another patriotic – conservative third party.
    For God and country,
    Bob Haran,
    Constitution Party of Arizona.

  8. Floyd Whitley

    @ Richard Winger–

    A potential procedural issue exists with the Constitution Party vis-à-vis the California Primary.

    The Constitution Party holds its national presidential nomination convention 15 April 2016 in Salt Lake.
    Mr. Myers, one of CP’s declared presidential candidates, is also standing in the California Primary to be held June 6th, 2016–almost two months after the nomination in Salt Lake. Thus, the California primary ballots for Mr. Myers would be cast AFTER the actual national nomination by the CP.

    In one sense, Mr. Myers is something of a “third party” quasi-fusion candidate. I realize that Mr. Myers is listed under the AIP in California. And so, technically, that is a distinct preference primary nomination. And I am given to understand that the California primary ballot is “non-binding”.

    In any case, this is a somewhat unique circumstance. There are two general outcomes.

    One, Mr. Myers loses the national convention nomination, and then goes on to compete in California’s Primary. Presumably, in that case, Mr. Myers could not be considered as a Constitution Party candidate. And so his affiliation would be straight AIP. In this case, Myers would extend the life of his campaign, irrespective of the results out of Salt Lake.

    The second outcome, which would indeed have a significant impact on the AIP California Primary returns, is that Mr. Myers gains the national nomination of the CP, and then goes to California being the Constitution Party candidate. The AIP voters would then have to decide how closely aligned they are with the constitution Party.

    If Myers does become the national nominee out of Salt Lake, and if AIP voters in California do not vote for him with that kind of national backing, then that would dispel any pretense of “affinity” between the AIP in California and the national Constitution Party.

    But, an interesting procedural “oddity” is in the works, is it not?

  9. J.R.Myers for President 2016

    Patrick Ockander Drops out of CP POTUS race and endorses J.R. Myers:

    “After much consideration, I have decided to step out of the CP race, and to rather put my support and my hat for VP in the ring with Ted Cruz, and I do this because his birthright is a moot point, that his dualistic nature is minimal, especially when compared with the Trump and rubio. I would hate to draw votes from Ted when the race is so close.
    With that said, I’m offering my support within the CP to JR, who appears to hold my views most closely.
    IF Ted Cruz doesn’t secure the RP nomination, I would consider the VP slot for JR.
    GOD Bless America.

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