6 thoughts on “Video: Gary Johnson on 2016 vs. 2012 Libertarian Party campaigns

  1. wredlich

    Most now my concerns about Johnson.

    I don’t think he comes off that bad here, especially since it’s such an informal talk. But what I see is a complete lack of vision.

    The debate lawsuit is a huge cost and offers little gain. I know it’s very popular in LP circles to get excited about debates, but I got in a big one in 2010 and did very well. That didn’t get many votes.

    He does make a lot of sense about being careful where you put your time. I’m surprised he didn’t know that already.

  2. Andy Craig Post author


    Just no pleasing some people. He talks about things he wants to do different than 2012, that’s “sad” and “depressing.” He repeats some of what did work well from 2012, we get whining about how it’s a repeat and he didn’t do well enough in 2012 (as if the LP has any room to talk).

    I remain perfectly willing to be convinced by a better candidate. I have disagreements with Gary Johnson, things I wish he wouldn’t say and things about his strategy and messaging I wish he’d improve. But I’ve yet to see anybody make an even remotely compelling case that they would do better, or have done better. What’s depressing and sad, is that some of these other campaigns are what passes for an actual challenge in the LP. Some of them might get my vote if they were the nominee, and some wouldn’t, but either way they probably wouldn’t be getting anything more than that, because anything more than that would be wasted effort.

  3. Green W/O/A

    Has anyone else watched “Occupied” on Netflix? I can’t get over how the fictional Norweigan PM resembles Gary Johnson. Is Johnson a Norweigan actor on the side?

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