John McAfee: The Truth About My time In Belize

Mr. McAfee is a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination. The choice will be made by delegates the weekend of May 27 thru 30 in Orlando Florida.

2 thoughts on “John McAfee: The Truth About My time In Belize

  1. Bea Liza

    They only included a partial of the video that was shot that that day. You were spared the gruesomeness of the inside of the apartment where 4 men were shot dead and left to die while it took these so-called police too long to respond.
    No ambulances were called in, just a pickup truck. They carried the bodies out mostly wrapped in bed sheets and tossed them in the bed of the truck.
    No forensics experts or investigators came. Those are live bullets they are shooting into the crowd..

    The day that John’s neighbor was shot, it took several hours for anyone to arrive. By then the scene had been so contaminated that they didn’t bother much with forensics. They took his body away in the back of a pickup truck too, wrapped only in a sheet. The post-mortum (what passes for an autopsy). was never able to be found published. They usually post them online. We do know that he was shot execution style with a 9mm, the most common gun in the world, once in the head. His phone and laptop were missing and never recovered.

    Before any of the other news agencies even knew Gregory Faull had been shot, one reporter, Jeff Wise, received a phone call that John was wanted for murder. He ran with the story without verification because he has a long standing negative obsession with John McAfee.

    It took several hours for the truth to finally come out, that John just was wanted for questioning, yet the “wanted for murder” charge took many days to be corrected by even the most reputable of news agencies.

    Faull;s parents have appealed to the government of Belize and even the American embassy to investigate the murder. Many foreigners are mysteriously murdered or go missing in Belize every year. The difference with this case was that a famous man was implicated and the press fed on every salacious detail. To this day, the Belize authorities still refuse to produce even an autopsy report to the Faull family.

    Paradise may be more expensive than you think.

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