Libertarian Party Executive Committee Meeting 3/7/16: Ballot Access Encumbrance for Illinois

Libertarian PartyOn March 7, 2016, there was a Libertarian Party Executive Committee meeting on the subject of ballot access encumbrance for Illinois.

Lex Green Chair of the Libertarian Party of Illinois and Krysta Walker Ballot Access Director of the Libertarian Party of Illinois were in attendance.

This petition drive would start three weeks from tomorrow (March 29, 2016) and would last for thirteen weeks (technically ninety days). Chair Green stated that they are using a professional fundraiser and hope to be able to relieve some of the financial burden through their own efforts. The rate of $2.50 was questioned due to the fact that competition for petitioners might bid the price up. Chair Green stated that this was in fact being seen but they have contact with some petitioners that are loyal to the Party and are sticking to their guns on the rate.

The votes were as follows (it appears that a total amount of $43,500 was encumbered)

Sarwark gave an update about the Maine lawsuit. Evidence is required on their Maine suit which would be the ballots sitting on the desks of the various clerks The Secretary of State apparently is stating that although they can order the non-spoliation of this evidence, they cannot produce them as these ballots are the property of the individual clerks. Thus, the Party will need to issue Subpoenas Duces Tecum on all twenty-six individual town clerks. These costs are estimated in the amount of $1,300. There are sufficient funds, but they would need to be moved to the legal line items costs. Sarwark clarified that the twenty-six towns are the largest towns in order to gain this evidence, it is not every town.

Correction: After draft minutes were released, the amount encumbered was noted to be $50,000

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