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Steve Kerbel ends campaign, endorses Gary Johnson

Press Release: 

March 16, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT — Libertarian candidate for President Steve Kerbel has announced that he is withdrawing from the race and endorsing Gov. Gary Johnson for the Libertarian nomination.

Applauding Kerbel’s campaign and his work on behalf of the Liberty movement, Johnson said, “The Libertarian Party’s nomination process should be — and is — a competitive and open one. Steve Kerbel has been a serious, dedicated candidate, and is a valuable advocate for the principles we share. I sincerely appreciate Steve’s support, and look forward to working with him to achieve our mutual goal: A Libertarian campaign for President that will take full advantage of the historic opportunity 2016 presents.”

In announcing his decision, Kerbel said, “I believe that our efforts have advanced the cause of Liberty, and that was my goal in entering this campaign 1 year ago. Kerbel also praised Gov. Gary Johnson as ”  the only candidate running for President who can unify the liberty movement.” He further stated that Johnson’s “leadership is what is needed at this important point for our party and for the country.”

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Andy Craig


  1. The Fact Finder The Fact Finder March 22, 2016


    Sorry but I did forgot one thing. As of this writing Kerbel still has an active Libertarian for President website with an active “Contribute” button. You may want to have the powers to be send a Cease and Desist to ex-candidate Kerbel so some unsuspecting victim isn’t tricked into giving their hard earned money.

    Again, good luck.

  2. The Fact Finder The Fact Finder March 22, 2016

    No problem Jill. My job is done here, of course unless Kerbel tries his shenanigans again. I mean no ill will towards the good people on this forum. My intentions were purely to expose and warn your members about Kerbel’s real history and destructive track record. Unfortunately it required a lot of detail to neutralize his lies. Hopefully I was able to achieve that.

    Good luck to all of you now and in the future.

  3. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt March 22, 2016

    Fact Finder, you’ve had your say, but since Kerbel has dropped his campaign for the Presidency. I hope you’re done. Your posts about this are looking a lot like spam. I ask you to stop, please.

  4. The Fact Finder The Fact Finder March 21, 2016

    So where does one begin with so much to work with? But fair warning that my long response is meant to call out Kerbel, deny him the last word and to prevent him from looking like some political martyr while kicking the can down the road. Why do I bother? Because I’m personally familiar with members of the Kerbel Victims Club where he has conned people out of money and has squirmed his way out of promised obligations for most of his adult life. He has hurt many people very badly over the years through manipulation and misrepresentations leaving a scorched earth and having no remorse about it. For some like business partners, it’s cheaper to wash their hands of him. For others like senior citizen investors, it is difficult for them to afford a fight. So sorry if this bursts anybody’s bubble but this wannabe emperor truly has no clothes and it’s time it gets exposed.

    What a shame Presidential hopeful Steve Kerbel is suddenly abandoning his bid for the highest office in the land without any solid explanation and leaving much speculation. It is also very nice to see how polite many of you are by giving ex-candidate Kerbel a fond farewell and the benefit of the doubt on his “charges”. But don’t be too hasty with your kindness. Truth is you’re lucky to have dodged this bullet. The sober observations made by Andy on this thread are the most accurate including Kerbel not being important enough to be “an influential figure”. Of course Master Kerbel wants you to think he is influential with all his boastful business talk and authoritative legal chatter. But it is nothing more than hot air meant to convince you he is in fact knowledgeable, influential and successful. In reality, Kerbel dodges the bullets fired at him by maintaining a low profile until his misdeeds can no longer be ignored by those who had blindly trusted him and now, the Colorado authorities. But Kerbel is resourceful because he has had to be resourceful. When his hand gets caught in the cookie jar, presto, he magically twists the facts and story to make himself the victim as demonstrated in this excerpt from his neatly packaged yet vague and shallow Letter to Libertarians,

    Kerbel: “If I was wrong, I pay what is fair. If I was right, I fight. Where this strategy gets sidetracked is in the fight against government. Once one is on their radar, one cannot win, so the pragmatic way to handle these issues is to fall on the sword and end them so you can move on with your life.”

    So can we assume his withdrawal from the Presidential race was another falling on the sword? How noble. But why pull the plug if you are who you say you are? Family and business commitments certainly seems like a sudden and simple excuse for a complex businessman who uses complex and wordy explanations on everything else. However, it’s worth taking a closer look at his carefully constructed prose.

    “Pragmatic”-Sounds good and we are to think Kerbel is full of good judgment and common sense. But who else say Kerbel is pragmatic? Anybody? His accusers or victims? Any of you? He may say it but where is the proof? The only thing that can be concluded from the evidence at hand is that Kerbel becomes pragmatic when ducking valid complaints against himself by using lofty language.

    “I pay what is fair”-Very honorable and forthright. But who determines what’s fair, Kerbel who agreed in 2014 to pay investors their $800K plus interest of which he did not attempt to pay a single penny? Or was that just Kerbel being “pragmatic” in order to buy time with no intentions of ever paying anything even to show good faith?

    “If I’m right, I fight”- Very righteous of Kerbel to know right from wrong. But he seems to be admitting here that he isn’t right with the investors, business partners or government agencies who are after him. After all, “If I’m right, I fight” implies he is confident in prevailing, unless of course he’s wrong. And why not fight the good fight on behalf of liberty from a system he conveniently blames? Could it be that he has no defense yet it sounds good to a Libertarian audience to blame his troubles on government?

    “Fall on the sword”- Now those heroic words of sacrifice are very impressive. But how about a few legitimate examples where he has fallen on any sword as a “pragmatic” response to other unjust situations in that long and successful career? And speaking of career, how about some hard, verifiable, undisputed proof that he was ever successful at anything other than just spitting out words that he was the boss of many companies. It’s a safe bet that a closer examination would reveal that he created corporations for a few hundred dollars each on Legal Zoom to help inflate the list on his resume. So instead of simply falling, “on the sword” how about Kerbel falling on some Balance Sheets and P&Ls that back up his puffed up business activities and sacrifices that have caused him to “fall on the sword”?

    “Where this strategy gets sidetracked is in the fight against government”- Oh Oh! Kerbel’s problems are really because of the big bad government who he wants you to think is just the opportunistic evil agent for his victims. If so, he has it conveniently backwards. That’s because Kerbel’s troubles aren’t about government interference. It’s about conning people out of money with no interference from government. Therefore what Kerbel is really saying is he wants liberty to do anything he pleases and uses the government interference accusation on a Libertarian forum as a sympathetic smoke screen.

    As you can see, Kerbel is well rehearsed and intentional with his words to make people TRUST him. Of course we shouldn’t overlook the following fabricated pearls of Kerbel’s creation:

    Kerbel: “I have read hundreds, if not thousands, of legal complaints and to be honest, it’s pretty hard to read one without chuckling at the allegations and dramatic verbiage used for the purpose of a cash grab.”

    “To be honest”! Now that would be novel and refreshing from Kerbel but highly unlikely. And who isn’t impressed with “a cash grab”? Of course nobody talks like that. But it does sound like some insider lingo that the average person wouldn’t normally encounter so GEE WHIZ it must be true! Also, to have read “…hundreds, if not thousands of legal complaints…” sounds like a real mover and shaker doesn’t it? But if it were true that would be a clear signal to RUN! That’s because most lawsuit aren’t frivolous as Kerbel wants you to believe. If it were true, Kerbel would have plenty of legal victories to brag about for malicious prosecution judgements in his favor. Like Kerbel, talk is cheap. But he has turned it into a valuable commodity for promoting himself that eventually leads to his hands in someone’s pocket.

    The other thing that throws people off is his appearance. That’s because Kerbel looks harmless with his, short, soft, sucked in gut, barrel physique. After all, aren’t con artist supposed to look like Steve Buscemi or Better Call Saul? Perhaps the best way to describe Kerbel is a mini Bernie Madoff who realized that the quickest and easiest way for him to get in on the “cash grab” is to build a house of cards that appears to be successful. But like Madoff, it all eventually comes crashing down.

    Kerbel’s only explanation on this thread for quitting the Presidential race was;

    Steve Kerbel March 16, 2016 at 18:42
    “For the record, there are no charges pending and never have been, only civil suits related to business that have no merit and will eventually be resolved. There is no innocent or guilty…just people fighting over money. Such is business and regulation…”

    Another calculated statement meant to neutralize the guilty part by putting the focus on the fight over money. But “for the record”, Colorado does refer to his misdeeds as “charges” in the first sentence in the link below:

    So then everything about Kerbel is really a contradiction. You can believe his excuses without question or take the word of everyone else who have experienced him first hand. If this is the best Kerbel has to offer in his own defense, I rest my case. If he has something better, I’m sure everyone is open to hearing it. But it comes at the risk of being called on the carpet like it is being done here.

    Good luck to you all and don’t turn your back on Kerbel while he heads up that local Libertarian chapter.

  5. George Phillies George Phillies March 17, 2016

    Stewart: And another candidate today, the McCormick fellow.

  6. Jim F Jim F March 17, 2016

    Uhm I was a Republican (or at least a conservative) who still does care about abortion, and I’ve been an active member of the Libertarian Party for 15 years including running an active campaign for U.S. Senate 2 years ago.

  7. Andy Andy March 17, 2016

    I doubt that it is a “conspiracy,” as you are asking, as a lot of people do not even know who Steve Kernel is, so it is not like he is an influential figure.

  8. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi March 17, 2016

    Andy, is this all a government conspiracy to destroy the LP?

    Put up an largely unknown “hardcore” L for nomination only to have him drop out and endorse a statist, former R, all to discredit the LP?

  9. whocaresitdoesntmatter whocaresitdoesntmatter March 17, 2016

    Republicans who care about abortion aren’t going to vote LP, and if they do they won’t stick around anyway. If you want a pro-life Republican anti-Trump you might as well nominate or fund an Ind. run for John Kasich. As a so-called moderate Republican he’s probably been the most successful anti-abortion politician in the country, reducing funding and access to abortion providers and significantly reducing the number of abortions performed in OH.

  10. Stewart Flood Stewart Flood March 16, 2016

    Yes, but while he was dropping out this week didn’t we get two or three new candidates? I’m loosing track.

  11. Steve Kerbel Steve Kerbel March 16, 2016

    For the record, there are no charges pending and never have been, only civil suits related to business that have no merit and will eventually be resolved. There is no innocent or guilty.. just people fighting over money. Such is business and regulation…

  12. NewFederalist NewFederalist March 16, 2016

    “I also hope Mr. Kerbel is able to beat the charges.” – Jill Pyeatt

    I agree if he’s innocent.

  13. George Whitfield George Whitfield March 16, 2016

    Steve Kerbel was my second choice so I am glad that when he withdrew he endorsed Gary Johnson, my first choice. Best wishes to Steve for his future endeavors!

  14. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt March 16, 2016

    I also hope Mr. Kerbel is able to beat the charges. Don’t forget, though, that he’s going to have to hire a lawyer at several hundred dollars an hour to represent him. Even if he’s found completely guiltless, the charges will take time, energy and money to resolve. That’s just the nature of the system.

    I suspect this is why he dropped out, also, but it really doesn’t matter. There are a few more candidates who might not make it to the Florida convention; on the other hand, there are some I would have expected to have given up by now, so, who knows? The next 3 1/2 months will be interesting.

  15. Andy Andy March 16, 2016

    So George, do you have scientific proof that a fetus is not a person? If so, can you post it?

    The 14th amendment does not override amendments 1-10, also known as the Bill of Rights.

  16. George Phillies George Phillies March 16, 2016

    ” he has also said that abortion is an issue which should be left for each state to decide, as per the 10th amendment. ”

    Fortunately, we have a fourteenth amendment, which overrides the tenth, and extends all of the Bill of Rights to all the people, white racists and Civil War historical reconstructionists…but I repeat myself…notwithstanding.

    “Your argument would only hold water if a fetus is not a person. ”
    It would also only hold water if the earth were not flat.

  17. langa langa March 16, 2016

    Well, this is not surprising, but it is a bit disappointing. Even though I have always preferred Perry on the issues, up until recently, Kerbel had been running a much more active and serious campaign than Perry, and for that reason, he had been my top choice. Even after Kerbel’s campaign began running out of steam, he still remained my second choice, behind only Perry.

    Now, I suppose McAfee moves up to my second choice, and I guess NOTA would be third. As a general rule, I’m not a fan of NOTA, but I simply can’t see myself supporting Feldman, Johnson, or Petersen at all.

    I’m also disappointed by Kerbel’s decision to endorse Johnson. Hopefully, most of his supporters will ignore his advice and support Perry instead.

  18. NewFederalist NewFederalist March 16, 2016

    Too bad about Kerbel but let’s see if the charges against him hold up. If he did what he is suspected of doing he would have made a bad choice for the LP. On the other hand, if MacAfee actually killed the guy in Belize that is a bit of a showstopper as well. Oh well, it’s not like the LP has a golden opportunity this year or anything! 🙂

  19. Andy Andy March 16, 2016

    “George Phillies
    March 16, 2016 at 14:27
    Gary Johnson on abortion. He takes a Republican position, and shows he opposes the Constitution, in particular the 14th Amendment, not to mention the orthodox libertarian position on young people’s rights.”

    The 5th amendment says that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.

    Your argument would only hold water if a fetus is not a person.

    Regardless of the merits or demerits of this, Gary Johnson signed a bill as Governor of New Mexico banning late term abortions, and he has also come out in favor of parents being notified if a minor wants to get an abortion.

    Gary Johnson has favored the pro-choice on abortion position for all but late term abortions, however, he has also said that abortion is an issue which should be left for each state to decide, as per the 10th amendment.

    Now I don’t really care that much what Gary Johnson’s position on abortion is, but I do think that people should get their facts straight, and I’ve found that a lot of people do not have the correct information when they talk about Gary Johnson’s position on abortion.

  20. George Phillies George Phillies March 16, 2016

    Gary Johnson on abortion. He takes a Republican position, and shows he opposes the Constitution, in particular the 14th Amendment, not to mention the orthodox libertarian position on young people’s rights.

    From Edited down to reduce repetition.

    Q: Should abortion be outlawed in the United States?
    A: Let each state decide.
    Q: Should the federal government fund stem cell research and legalize its development in the private sector?
    A: No, but allow the private sector to explore potential benefits.

    The only way to respect all citizens is to allow each to make personal decisions themselves.
    JOHNSON: I support a woman’s right to choose up until viability of the fetus, as governor of New Mexico, I would have signed a bill banning late term abortion, I’ve always favored parental notification, I’ve always favored counseling and I’ve always favored the notion that public funds should not be used for abortion.

    Q: Where do you stand on abortion rights?
    A: It should be left up to the woman.

    Q: But you have supported legislation that requires parental consent and signed a ban on partial birth abortions.
    Q: Do you disagree that parental consent is problematic for teenagers who can’t talk to their parents?

    A: I believe that parents ought to know. Where that can’t occur, there needs to be a process in place, which we have in New Mexico.

  21. Andy Andy March 16, 2016

    March 16, 2016 at 14:11
    Disappointing that Kerbel endorsed Johnson. The LP needs to nominate McAfee or Peterson, ”

    I do not think that the LP should nominate Petersen, and I’m not sold on McAfee either.

    “, to take advantage of the opportunity to get the votes of anti-Trump Republicans who may oppose Johnson due to his views on the abortion issue. ”

    I have observed that most people, even most Libertarians, do not even know what Gary Johnson’s views are on abortion.

    A lot of the Republicans who are not supporting Trump are not even remotely libertarian, so I doubt that they’ll vote for anyone that the Libertarian Party puts on the ballot. A lot of these people would be more likely to vote for Hillary Clinton, or not vote, or cast a write in vote, than they would be to vote for a Libertarian Party candidate.

    Sure, it is possible that the LP could pick up a small number of anti-Trump Republicans, but I don’t think that it will be enough to have any big impact on the election, or on the Libertarian Party’s vote total.

  22. Andy Andy March 16, 2016

    Andy said: “LOL! Stewart Flood predicted what Kerbel would do, and i thought his prediction was going to be correct.

    The real reason he is dropping out is almost certainlay because of the insurance scandals, or accusations of scandals.”

  23. Antirevolutionary Antirevolutionary March 16, 2016

    Disappointing that Kerbel endorsed Johnson. The LP needs to nominate McAfee or Peterson, who have little record on abortion, to take advantage of the opportunity to get the votes of anti-Trump Republicans who may oppose Johnson due to his views on the abortion issue. All that in addition to Johnson’s support of the fair tax, his poor speaking skills and campaign debt issues.

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