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American Nazi Party Chairman Weighs In On Donald Trump

3f7c5983-6fba-4b9f-b183-8115a8a6f42cFrom Rocky J. Suhayda at the American Nazi Party website:

Racial Comrades: Today I was contacted once again by the “Buzzfeed” so-called “news-site”, you know, the one that gave us international press about a month ago, over a hit piece on Donald Trump.

Well, the “reporter” wrote to me, per this controversy over Trump dis-avowing old Dave Duke, per Duke’s “support”, so I thought – what the hell, I’ll throw my two cents in…

Here’s what I sent him, of course it wasn’t wholly published, but at least I set the record straight.

You know, isn’t it odd that the media never seems to contact Jeffy Poop for a statement about anything, I suppose that they have figured out that he’s only good for a rambling couple of words promoting – “uh, stupid niggers, spics, kikes, uh white power! “. LOL

In any case, here’s my “interview”…

On Wednesday, December 9, 2015 8:52 PM, Andrew Kaczynski wrote:

Mr. Suhayda,

I’m a journalist and was wondering if i might have a moment of your time to talk Donald Trump.


On Dec 10, 2015, at 11:23 AM, rocky suhayda wrote:

Check out my August 20th ANPReport on our website American Nazi Party . I haven’t changed my views… Sincerely, ROCK

On Thursday, December 10, 2015 11:30 AM, Andrew Kaczynski wrote:

Quick question, do you have any opinion on the Muslim immigration ban plan. will this be in next ANP report?

On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 2:58 PM, rocky suhayda wrote:

Look, this phrase “muslims” is simply a PC code word to cover the reality of all these THIRD WORLD peoples invading OUR country. Don’t you realize that in about 2025, if these trends continue, White people will become a continuing MINORITY in our own land(s)? If they sprinkled “holy water” on themselves and suddenly began praying to another Middle Eastern supernatural entity, would that suddenly make them all “ok”? The systemites are determined to make ALL White homelands obsolete. Soon there will be no more White/European culture and peoples. Oh, there will be ALL non-White lands and peoples, be the brown, black or yellow – but, good bye White folks – except in the revised history books, where Whites will be denigrated as everything evil, by the new rulers… Unless Trump plans on ruling by Presidential Decree, I don’t see how he would implement ANY of his “plans”, the rest of the sold out “mainstream” political whores would block his every move. ROCK

On Thursday, December 10, 2015 6:36 PM, Andrew Kaczynski wrote:

Oh I see, interesting. Thanks for responding. I was under the impression from old reports and the website you avoided the MSM.

Following up here, what did you think about Mr. Trump’s comments on the KKK and Dr. Duke on CNN today?

On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 7:43 PM, rocky suhayda wrote:

We usually do. I was simply getting tired of seeing in the MSM, that Trump is the Holy Grail of the entire White Nationalist Movement. To be honest, I’ve avoided the flood of inquiries from you guys, hoping to get some choice sound bites that would tar the guy with guilt by association, with those evil racists, per his being the “New American Fuhrer” et al. The truth is, Trump is savvy enough to say what he realizes millions of Americans want to hear, while the “mainstream” political whores would rather eat their mothers enema, than utter a unPC thought. Their “careers” at the public trough would be over, over night! LOL Trump is wealthy enough that no one will harm him, and his ego plus his billions will get him elected to president IF he really wants it. He hasn’t even started spending his monies on a propaganda campaign, wait till he does. He will have so much dirt dug up about his opponent(s) , and they ALL have huge “secrets” to hide, that the only thing that will stop him, is some paid Hit Man… I seriously doubt if he even believes all what he says, but its nice to have someone like him saying it. Gee, the only Holy Cow that he’s not gone after is the “joooz”, but he’s so far up their ass, he ought to wear a beenie. Of course, they MIGHT just piss him off too – can you imagine a billionaire, with an ego like God, going on full tilt about the chosen? Shades of Henry Ford! He did have that copy of Mein Kampf for reading beside his bedside table, I’m told…LMAO! ROCK

Looking for another “sound bite” to tar Trump with, eh? LOL I would disavow David Duke myself, after all, what is he? Duke has not worked a real job his entire life that I’m aware of. He has managed to live a cushy life, without the need of an alarm clock, instead living off the donations of well meaning people who were unaware that their hard earned cash was being spent on high-living, gambling, and world trips. Hell, Duke plead guilty to defrauding his supporters a few years ago, over that very fact didn’t he?

I knew Duke way back in the 1970’s when he was actively involved in the Nazi Party, although he denies it. He’s gone from “Nazi”, to “Klansman”, to “Con-servative”, to now he writes and peddles anti-jew books. He is the total CON-MAN in the room…

As for the “kkk” – WHAT kkk? The Klan has been virtually dead for decades now. Sure there are a couple of these supposed “klan” groups out there, but they are-by and large-“Look at Me!” clown entities, with some actually being Fed-sponsored operations like the current “boogyman” caricature that the controlled media loves to shower publicity upon – the supposed “Loyal White Knights” – do a Google search on them and their leader, some guy named “Barker”, he’s an outed Fed asset, yet he is a supposed “klansman”!

I would like to see Shrillary Clinton asked to disavow “Black Lives Matter” and the Black Panthers – both totally RACIST operations – but, the controlled media would never do it, would they? Why the double standard? If putting ones “race” FIRST, is evil “racism” – isn’t it racism for ALL races who do it?

My biggest disappointment over Trump so far, is how his jewish “advisers” are allowing him to get involved in these pissing contests with these losers like Rubio and Cruz – splashing water around, bringing up the size of ears etc – it lowers him to something like kids out in the playground yelling insults at each other. Trump ought to be above such conduct, he OUGHT to act more STATESMAN-LIKE, and when these losers try and taunt him, he ought to turn and rebuke them like a stern father fed up with their silliness, and proceed with his agenda.

He doesn’t need to get down in the gutter with these two, THEY are acting this way, because the RNC and the establishment want Trump attacked and torn down before he clinches the nomination, so they tell these nobodies to make Trump appear foolish, and Trumps “advisers” allow him to fall into the trap!

Sure, Trumps got one hell of an ego, but his advisers are there to re-direct him when he’s falling off track – they aren’t, why?

Now the establishment is pulling out all the stops, even getting corrupt Mexican public officials to smear Trump as a “HITLER”! And swearing at him using the “F” word, trying to jerk his chain. Even the “Pope” chimes in, saying anyone who wants to build a wall to secure our nation’s borders, ISN’T a “CHRISTIAN”! LMAO This from a guy who lives a life of a potentate, sitting on a golden throne, no less! I wonder when the Roman Catholic Church will SELL OFF all their assets and give the resultant wealth to the “poor”?

Well, Trump’s been hit with the “White Supremacy” bomb, the “Hitler” bomb, what’s NEXT? Will it be discovered that he’s a secret PEDOPHILE from an “un-named source”?

It’s kind of like that has been Romney stating that “there MIGHT be a bombshell in Trump’s tax returns”. Yeah, and there MIGHT be a “bombshell” in HIS own private life, if someone were to dig deep enough, eh? Boy, the establishment sure hates it when someone outside their total control, wins the support of the Great Unwashed, as some potentate once called them.

Trump ought to be damn careful, lest the wire-pullers hire some “crazed madman” to do a number on him, and get him out of the way. Otherwise he’ll be the next president. Out of the shadows, hiding from the PC Thought Police, are coming masses of Mighty Whitey who haven’t participated in the election process for decades, simply because NO CANDIDATE treated THEM as Shrillary strokes the blacks and ignores the needs and concerns of Whites. And THAT is a HUGE chunk of votes.

It’s honestly too bad that that old jew Berni Sanders, is such a racial Marxist, if you combined his ECONOMIC message, with Trump’s Nationalist one, now THERE would really be a ticket, eh? A BILLIONAIRE as President, and a SOCIALIST as VP – as they say – only in America!

Comrades, like him or not, Donald Trump sure has gotten under the systemite establishment’s skin. From the controlled jews-media, to the “mainstream” Republirat establishment itself, they ALL seem to HATE him with a passion!

The so-called “LIBERALS” truly HATE him. The Con-servatives obviously HATE him. The ONLY folks that seem to agree and LOVE him are all those White faces who show up in their TENS of THOUSANDS at his campaign rallies! And this is SUPPOSED to BE a “democracy”, well isn’t it? I thought that the MAJORITY was supposed to rule? I guess that that’s only when they agree with those “mainstream” creeps in power! Otherwise, to hell with the so-called Voice of the People, eh?

I’ve even heard of Republirat big-wigs coming out and stating that even IF the PEOPLE choose Donald Trump as their Presidential Candidate – these lap-dog lick-spittles of the REAL hooked nosed powers that be – will REF– USE to support the Trump campaign, in spite of the MAJORITY of the peoples’ wishes! Talk about “DEMOCRACY” and the PEOPLE’S CHOICE.

For once, we have here a candidate who apparently DOESN’T have a HOOK in his ASS, and a RUBBER STAMP on his forehead like 99.9% of them do. By NOT supporting the candidacy of their Party – PEOPLE’S CHOICE – they would obviously PREFER a Shrillary Clinton in the White House, than a Donald Trump. Now doesn’t THAT clear the air for all of you out there who have any faith in the “CON-SERVATIVE” option?

By their own standards, Donald Trump is NOT a “Con-servative” – and I AGREE with them – who in hell would WANT to be a CON-SERVATIVE? WHAT is there WORTH – CONSERVING in this toilet bowel of a society? The power of the wealthy 1%ers, and their go along to get along lick-spittles?

And all this nonsense about “Supreme Court” appointees – hell, you COULD fill the whole bench with new appointees – all one would need do, is “give them an offer they can’t refuse” to resign, and those that don’t – well, shit happens to everyone, everyday. Then you could appoint a WHOLE room full of these robed wonders.

We ALL have to start thinking in REVOLUTIONARY terms – and QUIT all this REACTIONARY, right-wing polluting of the brain.

Those 14WORDS need to be ACHIEVED – BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE – otherwise, the extermination of OUR Folk is at hand.


Do they matter ENOUGH that YOU will get off your bottom and GET INVOLVED?

So, Donald Trump ISN’T “one of us” – did you REALLY expect a MULTI-BILLIONAIRE to embrace National Socialist values? But, he apparently HAS earned the HATE of OUR enemies, so let’s — USE HIM to further OUR agenda.

He has “opened doors” to our people, that I haven’t seen since that phony George Wallace decades ago – we CAN and SHOULD utilize the opportunity provided to RECRUIT, EDUCATE and ORGANIZE all of these White men and women who have crawled out of the woodwork, and embraced THEIR heritage once more!

Look, all of these THOUSANDS of Trump supporters would never attend some silly “movement” event, much less join these costumed, “Hollywood Hate” style operations – but, LOOK there they ARE, out in PUBLIC, embracing a huge chunk of our agenda, HAPPY and PROUD to be counted right on the TV screen.

Today, one of Trump’s rallies was invaded by a contingent of “Black lives Matter” racists, how do you think the PALE-FACED masses felt about that? If it continues, these brazen bastards MIGHT just get a small TASTE of that WHITE POWER they’re always complaining about. Wouldn’t THAT be something?

Last weekend, a tiny contingent of the “klan knights” that are led by a Fed asset named “Barker” – Google it up, he’s a pal of race-mixer Jeffy Poop of the mis-named “nsm”, about the ONLY group of morons who still associate with him, gee I wonder why” – held a demonstration out in Anaheim Cal. Their either stupid leader, or otherwise, led seven poor souls into a fight with a couple hundred antis. Four of the kkker’s ran away, leaving the other three to be stabbed, trampled and arrested . All in a city that is only 25% White population.

Just WHO were they going to recruit by their antics? The local leader had brought along the Cal. SPLC big-wig to the show, who by the way happens to be a jew, – I guess this “friendlier/kinder” version of the “klan” is some kind of a illegitimate offspring of the ORIGINAL Invisible Empire. That, or the Feds are creating a NEW type of “klan” operation for dummies.

Well, they WANTED jews media “publicity” and I guess they GOT it! Not really my cup of tea.

Btw, this is the same costumed cluster-f**k that is joining in April with Jeffy ( “I married an arab woman with a negro child” – Google up Jeff Schoep/NSM/Race-mixing for the FACTS ) Poop and his Village People road show down south, which I’m sure the jews media will give great exposure. Perhaps they’ll try and tie-in these idiots with Trump’s campaign – after all, THAT’S “what” they EXIST for – to SMEAR sincere NS/WN as “typical” White racialists in the eyes of the masses, well isn’t it? What OTHER purpose do these dysfunctionals serve…

On March 9th, George Lincoln Rockwell was born in 1918. For those of you who CARE – I would suggest a special day of ACTIVISM to HONOR the founder of the American Nazi Party, and National Socialism here in America. If you need ideas or suggestions, I point you to the “Outreach” website in the Links section of our Main Party website American Nazi Party for PROVEN things to do, presented by proven Activists over decades of involvement. And NO, it DOESN’T involve you getting into some homemade costume and parading around like some escapee from the loony-bin.

I might want to mention that I’ve received reports of ANP Activists attending some of these Donald Trump campaign rallies, and carefully and intelligently distributing “soft-core” literature to the Whites attending. It’s an idea, while the Party is NOT “endorsing” Trump for President, nor do we have ANYTHING to do with his campaign organization – still, the White people attending are a fertile ground for reaching those folks who share many of our viewpoints. A few suggestions – #1 dress appropriately, DON’T wear “racialist” attire, #2 distribute literature with the address, and make ZERO reference to the Party or outright National Socialism – lets get them to find their way to our website, and explore for themselves. I’m sure you all know the “TOPICS” to target your literature towards.

Let’s utilize the old AND successful “Red” tactic of BURROWING IN these Trump support groups, and PLANT our SEEDS. If you need more “pointers”, on how to do this successfully, simply contact our Advisory Board, and we’ll fill you in…

Well Comrades, the OPPORTUNITY is right there in front of YOU – I personally can’t be there to hold your hand – whether we achieve those 14Words and Social Justice for the White Working Class IS-in the end-up to YOU!

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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