Paul Stanton Announces Campaign for Florida U.S. Senate Seat

Paul Stanton

Paul Stanton

Another Libertarian has announced plans to run for U.S. Senate in Florida. Paul Stanton announced that he will place his name on the Libertarian primary ballot, joining fellow candidate Augustus Sol Invictus. According to fellow IPR contributor Tom Knapp, Stanton says he has the resources to qualify for the ballot.

Bio from Mr. Stanton’s Facebook page:

Paul Stanton is honored to run as a candidate to represent the State of Florida in the U.S. Senate. A world-traveled individual, Paul has been living in Florida after serving in the U.S. Army and roaming the continental U.S. as an information technology specialist. After six years of service and a tour of duty in Iraq, Paul received his honorable discharge from the U.S. Army and immediately adopted a philosophy of responsible service to community. He was the founding member of the Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne Students Against War organization and led protests against violence and interventionism in Iraq and Afghanistan. At one point he even sued the airport for the right to protest the use of overly-invasive body scanners in airports. As your Senator, he will fight for the rights of everyday citizens to preserve the freedoms that are quickly being eroded by corrupt partisan politics.

Paul is committed to an agenda based on the principles of individual freedom and a common sense-approach to taxes. As Senator, he promises to advance a platform of non-aggression, seeking to end the United States involvements in the Middle East and mitigating the harm we have already caused. Additionally, he advocates for an end to the “War on Drugs” and incarceration of users, and instead advocates for treatment and education for those who are addicted. Paul will also demand an overhaul of the federal tax system, where even those who are poor are still overburdened with taxes on the fruits of their labors through a “War on the Poor.” A resident of Deland, Florida, Paul lives surrounded by family, friends, and neighbors who are proud to call him one of their own.

47 thoughts on “Paul Stanton Announces Campaign for Florida U.S. Senate Seat

  1. Jay Wildwood

    “Paul Stanton will place his name on the Libertarian primary ballot, joining fellow candidate Augustus Sol Invictus.”

    We don’t yet know whether either or both candidates will raise the $10,400 filing fee. But I wish Paul Stanton good luck, as Mr. Invictus is beyond embarrassing.

  2. George Whitfield

    I am so glad that we Libertarians have a better candidate now in Florida. Thank you for running Mr. Stanton!

  3. Darcy G Richardson

    Best of luck to Mr. Stanton. It’s nice to see that somebody, at long last, has stepped up to head off what would clearly be a monumentally embarrassing and damaging candidacy to the LP brand nationally, particularly in what is shaping up to be one of the most hotly-contested and closely watched U.S. Senate races in the country this fall.

    If it materializes, a Libertarian U.S. Senate primary here in the Sunshine State will potentially have much more drama and intrigue and will be far more fascinating to watch than the likely coronation of a shameless political deadbeat — a candidate favored by the unimaginative and comfortably content Libertarian establishment — in the crowded race for the party’s presidential nomination later this month.

  4. Thane Eichenauer

    Darcy G Richardson,
    I find candidate Invictus to have an admirable commitment to libertarian positions and a persuasive manner in advocating for them.

    Is his unique personal history and the media coverage that has covered it more important than his consistent and passionate advocacy of libertarian positions?

  5. AMcCarrick

    Jay it’s 6% if you go through the Election assessments and Party assessments… but those are optional.

  6. Dan Smith

    “He still has to beat Invictus.”

    Invictus still has to come up with the filing fee. So does Stanton. We’ll see if one, both, or neither of them does.

    “I find candidate Invictus to have an admirable commitment to libertarian positions”

    Where to start? Um, no.

    “6% if you go through the Election assessments and Party assessments… but those are optional.”

    First I’ve heard of that. Is it up to the candidate only, or also their party?

  7. Andy

    Funny how all of these new people keep popping up on IPR over the last few days. Now we have Dan Smith.

  8. Dan Smith

    My bad, Andy. I didn’t know you disliked having new people show up. I’ll be leaving now then. Again, sorry, I really didn’t know and assumed incorrectly as it turns out that you would have wanted new people to show up. My mistake. I should have asked first if it would be OK. d

  9. Andy

    “Dan Smith
    May 13, 2016 at 07:25
    My bad, Andy. I didn’t know you disliked having new people show up. I’ll be leaving now then.”

    I don’t dislike having new people show up, but this is if they are really new people, and not old posters posting under new fake names, which we seem to have a lot of here.

    Which category of poster are you? You seem to know a lot about the Libertarian Party. Which state LP affiliate are you a member of?

  10. Stewart Flood

    Andy…there you go again! Scaring off the new person before the rest of us get a chance to try!

  11. Dan Smith

    Well I said I’d leave but since you asked…

    “You seem to know a lot about the Libertarian Party.”

    No, I don’t. Only what I read. Most of it in the last couple of weeks. Where did you get the idea that I know a lot about your party?

    ” Which state LP affiliate are you a member of?”

    None of them. Nor will be I be joining. And thanks to Andy, I won’t be voting that way either, or returning to this website. So, no followup questions please, and if you do ask them I will not be reading them. I do thank Andy for setting me straight as I was considering getting involved with or at least voting for Libertarians but have now decided 100% against it. Since participating here was part of making that decision… so long and thanks but no thanks.

  12. Andy

    “Stewart Flood
    May 13, 2016 at 08:39
    Andy…there you go again! Scaring off the new person before the rest of us get a chance to try!”

    A person who gets scared off that easily probably is not IPR material.

  13. Jay Wildwood

    Probably not, since you have lodged yourself like a tick to make the place unwelcoming as possible. Your party has the same problem, in no small part due to people like you, Andy.

  14. Jay Wildwood

    Hey by all means, have assholes like Andy and wackos like Invictus be the public face of your party. Stay tiny. Knock yourselves out. If you ever wonder why you aren’t bigger look in the mirror.

  15. Jay Wildwood

    Now back to the subject. Can someone tell me more about Stanton? Does he have a website? How would someone contribute to his campaign if they wanted to do so? What’s his campaign plan? All I see is a facebook bio. Granted he does have that “not Invictus” selling point but some people may want more than that.

  16. Stewart Flood

    What was it that was said that was so serious? I must have missed it.

    But as far as online political sites go, IPR is pretty tame. Yes, we get “trolls” from time to time, but overall it is a pretty good site.

    One of the basic beliefs of the Libertarian Party is self-ownership and self-responsibility. Obviously that is a rather broad brush stroke, but if you aren’t harming anyone then we don’t believe there’s a problem. I don’t know if anyone was threatened with harm, but barring that I don’t see what could have been said that would have scared someone off so quickly.

    I would consider contacting your state party and finding out where Libertarians meet in your area. You may find discussing our political ideology with people in person to be worth the time spent.

  17. Stewart Flood

    But you’re right…to the subject…

    How do we donate to this guy to keep that whack job invictus from winning by default?

  18. Greg Jones

    I actually followed up. He is announcing on Saturday and working on his website. For now it redirects to facebook.

  19. Stewart Flood

    And if he shows up in Orlando, he’ll probably have people stuffing cash in his hands to fight off invictus. Very few libertarians like how he has presented the party to the public.

  20. Darcy G Richardson

    “Is his unique personal history and the media coverage that has covered it more important than his consistent and passionate advocacy of libertarian positions?” – Thane Eichenauer

    Well, I don’t know if those things are “more important,” but they’re certainly serious considerations in judging a candidate, particularly in a high-profile race like the U.S. Senate where that individual will be viewed as the public face of the party.

  21. Greg Jones

    Thane Eichenauer

    Consistent advocacy of libertarian positions? Like what, closed borders, eugenics, fascism and racism? Starting a war with the government? Getting high, torturing goats and raping teenagers? I didn’t know those were libertarian positions. If they are you can have them. Apparently some people such as yourself, Lew Rockwell, Invictus, Christopher Cantwell, Stefan Molyneux, Hans Hoppe, and Walter Block have mixed up libertarianism with racism and white supremacism. Shameful and self-defeating, unless your actual goal is to marginalize libertarianism and keep it from becoming considered by masses of people.

  22. Thane Eichenauer

    Greg Jones,
    Augustus Invictus advocates for and end to the drug war, an end to the war on terror (non-interventionist foreign policy) and addressing the financial crisis that the US faces. He mentions them often in his presentations.

    His response to the Stanton announcement mentions his non-support of state sponsored eugenics programs.

    As for the names mentioned above, they are all unique people with unique outlooks on the world. I disagree with each of them on some issue or another. Libertarianism as a philosophy states that one should be allowed to do what one wishes (even believe in certain racial theories) so long as one does not do harm to another.

    As for Augustus Invictus and and border policy is does appear that he does not support open borders.

    When it comes to other issues alleged in your comment many of them have been addressed by Augustus Invictus or the news.

  23. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m curious, Thane, since you always seem to stick up for Invictus: What is it you like about him? What positives does he have that can make up for his liabilities to the party?

    What do you think he could contribute to the Libertarian Party, and to the state of Florida?

  24. Andy

    Invictus does sound good on some things, but the problems I see are that he is bad on a few things, and he comes off as a wacko oddball.

    Even the name itself (which was not his given name) sounds goofy.

    I think that it would be a mistake to nominate this guy to be a Libertarian Party candidate.

    Does the party really want to have a candidate who talks about sacrificing goats and other weird stuff like that as a candidate?

  25. Thane Eichenauer

    When it comes to the Invictus for US Senate campaign I note the negatives and the positives. What possible past news coverage that people characterize as negative I see as a needful baseline that Invictus (or any Libertarian Party candidate) must have to overcome institutional and ideological inertia to skip or ignore Libertarian candidates.
    Augustus Invictus has addressed issues of note to my satisfaction. Other people either ignore or disbelieve his responses which they are welcome to do. By and large I see some people focus on his past instead of the present and future.
    I am pleased with his consistent advocacy of Libertarian issues. His big three issues that he has mentioned consistently above are points in his favor. Those Libertarians interested in promoting a libertarian message that are not otherwise focusing on past issues previously addressed should be pleased with his campaign. His campaign has been ongoing and energetic which is impressive.
    I would love to hear news about any other Libertarian candidate for US Senate from any other state that is campaigning nearly as much as Augustus Invictus. Do you know of any?
    I hope my comment addresses your question.

  26. Jay Wildwood

    Let’s forget about the psychotic little white supremacist who tortures goats to death, and learn more about Paul Stanton. Will he stop by here and let us know more about himself? Or will anyone on his behalf?

  27. Thane Eichenauer

    Augustus Sol Invictus has chosen a name for himself. He seems exceedingly unlikely to change it because others find it odd. Some might be impressed with his power and intent in renaming himself. Many religious traditions involve personal renaming.
    For another person to be nominated would involve that candidate qualifying for the ballot and possibly defeating Invictus in the primary. It will take more than a dozen or a hundred people being disinclined to support his campaign for another to be put on the ballot.

  28. Jay Wildwood

    Well to be fair…neither of them has qualified for the ballot yet…so it’s completely possible that Paul Stanton will be the ONLY candidate in the LIbertarian Primary.

  29. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m glad to hear Invictus is an anti-interventionist.

    It would be nice not to focus on his past, but it’s out there, and that’s difficult to forget.

    It’s similar, but not nearly as bad, for Austin Petersen. He has cleaned up his act on social media quite a bit, but he behaved so badly for so long to so many people that many of us just wrote him off as a possible candidate. It may not be fair, but that’s just the way it is for most of us.

  30. Thane Eichenauer

    Pyeatt> It would be nice not to focus on his past, but it’s out there, and that’s difficult to forget.

    I’m all for not forgetting his past so long as consideration of Augustus Sol Invictus isn’t exclusively past coverage with no consideration of his current position and his current effort.

    He favors and end to the drug war, and end to empire abroad and addressing the financial problems of the US. I haven’t heard much complaint with those.

  31. Jeremy Siple Post author

    I have nothing against weird, in fact I love how many beautiful weirdos exist within our party. However, Invictus would be poison to the LP. Not because he’s weird, but because he still lists eliminating our eugenics program as a failing of the United States government.

  32. Thane Eichenauer

    Jeremy Siple,
    You have a certain if, in my opinion, partial point. He has mentioned this in the past, he has explained it. He hasn’t memory holed his past as some people might.

    Here it is:

    If you had listened to more than one of his fireside chats you would have heard his acknowledgement of them and their place in his history. Have you taken any time to examine his present efforts? Do they count for less than his past? There are plenty of people who think that claiming past support of eugenics or it is on his web site as the be all end all of their #NeverInvictus position.
    even if Stanton is very above average in his actions and commitments in his campaign I will continue to stick up for a candidate that seems worthy of my support.

    Take a minute and read a bit about his comments on state sponsored eugenics programs dated 31 May 2015.

  33. Jay Wildwood

    I find it odd that the commenters here continue to focus on a strange, goat torture-murdering white supremacist fascist who may not even qualify for the ballot. Tell me more about this Paul Stanton. Why should a #NeverTrump Republican support him over the GOP candidate?

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  35. Greg Jones

    It’s mentioned in the article we are commenting on. What else does he have?

  36. Thane Eichenauer

    Thank you for the reference Greg Jones. I often read comments more closely than the post itself. It is valuable to be reminded that the articles are good sources of information as well.

  37. Reality Check

    Everyone here who is ragging on Augustus Invictus is an uninformed moron whose comments deserve zero consideration or contemplation whatsoever. Try getting your information from the person himself instead of sucking down the detritus fed to you by the mainstream media and by detractors and naysayers. The only embarrassment to the LP are people like you who refuse to become informed by facts once your stupid little egos have been knocked out of joint and your little feathers have been rustled and OH HEAVEN FORBID you might have to come to terms with someone a little different from your tiresome, bologna-sandwich-on-white-bread selves.

    GROW. UP.

    And don’t bother to reply — I’m not going to waste time getting into a slanging match with you pathetic peons over this. You all need to get a clue and get a life and you know it. And if you don’t? You’d better learn. Fast. Your time is over. The world has seen enough tedious little medocrities. Get real or get lost.

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