Constitution Party of Idaho: ‘They are like Legion spittle foaming on the ground…’


Published on the Idaho Constitution Party’s website on July 28th, 2016 (via Cody Quirk at ATPR):

This is in response to Mr. Clinbeard’s twisted up message from this morning sent via our facebook account.  The following was addressed to the Idaho Secretary of State’s office, with minor edits…

First, I feel sorry for public servants who have to deal with…the public. I do nevertheless want to send a brief note regarding some of the pressure (and libel) that has been leveled at CP-Idaho by individuals in the national Constitution party who I think merit the term “thugs”. I realize that this is not your fight inside the Secretary of State’s office. But I do believe some sort of “defensive” clarification might be necessary.

Apparently, a Mr. Clinbeard (of South Carolina) has contacted you. He has, in turn, addressed a rather nasty note going off ranting about there is “no requirement” for our state affiliate to certify the winner of the Idaho Presidential Primary. That is one of those “Well, duh!” revelations.

CP-Idaho has never alleged that, in any place. Indeed, we outline in our standing rules which govern Idaho’s national delegates (even though it seems every other state in the national party has none) a number of procedures when the Idaho primary winner is eliminated. If Mr. Clinbeard has alleged that CP-Idaho claimed this, then he has spoken untruthfully.

CP-Idaho has stated that under our strict interpretation of the Idaho Code, when we became a “participating party” at the March primary, that participation necessitated that candidates for this participating party were required to declare their candidacies properly through the Idaho Secretary of State, pay the $1,000 fee and do so before December 9, 2015.

Mr. Castle neglected (indeed refused) to do so, believing that he did not have to stoop to a primary contest.

It is demonstrable that the national Constitution Party has an extremely corrupted nomination system, one in which there is no evidence in existence of other state affiliates ever asking their respective electorates for a preference. They are required to do so; but especially in Idaho. State code gives us an option, frankly only one option. Ballot qualified parties in Idaho shall nominate by a primary…or…by a caucus. The national Constitution Party has neither of these processes. This, we believe, has disfranchised our Idaho voters.

In any case, CP-Idaho shall stand upon the principle that in Idaho our registered voters shall be the ones to decide who they prefer for national candidate. Our party leadership does not believe it has the ethical authority to “decide” for 2,388 registered voters. For that reason, we participated at primary.

Mr. Castle and the national Constitution Party refuse to provide democratic procedures permitting a choice by the respective statewide voters at any place…other than here in Idaho. They will not do what they know is the right thing to do. And therefore, they violate not only principles but a number of statutory and parliamentary procedures as well.

CP-Idaho, regardless of the libel aimed at us, shall stand up for our registered voters. 485 of them cast ballots in March 2016, representing about 21.3% of our entire registered statewide base at that time. That is relatively significant enough to say that the primary reflects the will of our CP-Idaho voters. We say that voting rights are unalienable. Under the sway of Mr. Castle et al., they are saying otherwise.

Mr. Castle (in possession of ZERO votes in Idaho at this point) apparently believes that he is entitled to our state affiliate ballot line, even though he and the national party have routinely denied CP state constituencies elsewhere the ability to cast a true preference choice. Apparently, Mr. Castle believes he can thumb his nose at the requirement that, in Idaho, participating parties in primary are required to declare with the state. (Mr. Castle has yet to file a verifiable candidacy anywhere in Idaho.)

Evidently, he gets his own set of rules; and seems to believe he has the power to disfranchise 485 Idahoans who went to the primary polls this past March to cast ballots, believing that the process would be fair and equitable. Idahoans absolutely do have that right to fair and due process.

CP-Idaho’s leadership will defend that right for our Idaho voters against the libel and thuggish attacks that the national party seeks to justify.

I just wanted to make you aware. Again, I feel sorry for public servants who are caught in the middle of these things. But CP-Idaho never claimed what Mr. Clinbeard now apparently implies in his latest message sent this morning. He is trying to project the responsibility for Mr. Castle forfeiting the ballot line in Idaho upon me personally. Mr. Castle alone bears responsibility for that failure.

On Saturday, July 30, CP-Idaho will certify Mr Copeland and Mr. Myers as our party’s national candidates. We have repeatedly said that our state affiliate considers anyone who did not file (despite ample notice) a declaration of candidacy properly through the Idaho Secretary of State shall be considered as having forfeited the CP-Idaho ballot line. Had Mr. Castle et al. spent half as much energy doing what was right in the first place, they would not be in the position they are in now.

We hold Mr. Castle accountable for his deliberate actions. He thought he was above the system. Maybe elsewhere that might be true; but not in Idaho.

Esto perpetua.

Floyd Whitley
Constitution Party of Idaho

Cc: Dave Hartigan, Vice Chairman

2 thoughts on “Constitution Party of Idaho: ‘They are like Legion spittle foaming on the ground…’

  1. Bob Haran

    Just take your ball and go home, you are doing more harm then good to the Constitution Party.

  2. Sean Scallon

    Interesting isn’t it that four parties, two majors and two non-majors, have their Presidential candidates polled nationally and are gaining more than one percent in the polls yet one party in particular is not a part of this group even though they are considered of the major top non-major parties in the country.

    If you wondering why this is, well just reading this post we’ll tell you all you need to know. There are thousands of disaffected conservatives who could be recruited for this party yet they won’t join an entity which can’t get it state affiliates to agree to put their own nominated candidate on the ballot.

    A country becoming more diverse and more secular only speaks doom to those parties who are the exact opposite. The more radical and less religiously focused the GOP becomes, the less their is for the Constitution Party and other parties on the right to operate. Had they unified when they had the chance, they could have been a factor this fall. Instead, well, as you can see they have problem more acute than their fall election strategy.

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