Twenty-four Presidential Candidates Received At Least 1,000 Votes in November 2016

Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Twenty-four individuals who were actually running for president in November 2016 received at least 1,000 recorded votes. This does not include individuals who were not running for president in November, such as Bernie Sanders, but who nevertheless received hundreds of thousands of write-in votes, most of which were not counted or reported.

The final totals for these twenty-four appear to be:

Hillary Clinton 65,844,954, Democrat, Working Families, Women’s Equality
Donald Trump 62,979,879, Republican, Conservative, American Independent
Gary Johnson 4,488,919, Libertarian, Independence of New York
Jill Stein, 1,457,045, Green
Evan McMullin, 732,001, independent, Better for America, Independence of S.C. & Mn.
Darrell Castle, 203,024, Constitution
Gloria La Riva, 74,397, Socialism & Liberation, Peace & Freedom, Liberty Union
Rocky De La Fuente, 33,136, independent, Reform, American Delta
Richard Duncan, 24,308, independent
Dan Vacek, 13,537, Legal Marijuana Now
Alyson Kennedy, 12,467, Socialist Workers
Michael Smith, 9,352, independent
Chris Keniston, 7,254, Veterans
Michael Maturen, 6,765, American Solidarity
Lynn Kahn, 5,730, independent, New Independent Party of Iowa
Jim Hedges, 5,617, Prohibition
Thomas Hoefling, 4,856, America’s Party
Monica Moorehead, 4,319, Workers World
Laurence Kotlikoff, 3,604, independent
Peter Skewes, 3,250, American Party of South Carolina
Rocky Giordani, 2,752, Independent American Party of Utah
Emidio “Mimi” Soltysik, 2,706, Socialist, Natural Law of Michigan
Scott Copeland, 2,356, Constitution Party of Idaho
Kyle Kopitke, 1,096, Independent American of Colorado

I appreciate the help from Wauna Keegan with this, although the totals above are mine, not his. His totals omitted the write-ins from Minnesota.

2 thoughts on “Twenty-four Presidential Candidates Received At Least 1,000 Votes in November 2016

  1. D. Frank Robinson

    Aside from the D and R candidates (?) are all these voters for other candidates the millions of illegal voters that Trump is braying about? How few voters does it take to make a candidacy illegal or illegitimate? Abolish all ballot access quotas!

  2. Avid Reader

    Anybody know how many votes did Zoltan Istvan receive? I know he was running a write-in campaign, but have those votes for him be tallied?

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