Libertarian Party Will Attempt Tennessee Party Petition for the First Time

Ballot Access News:

On August 20, the Libertarian Party national committee voted to help the Tennessee Libertarian Party get on the ballot for the 2018 election. This will be the first time the Libertarian Party has made a serious attempt to qualify as a party in Tennessee. The procedure, a petition signed by a number of voters equal to 2.5% of the last gubernatorial vote, is so difficult, no group has successfully used that procedure since 1968. In 1968 the American Party completed the petition, to place George Wallace on the ballot. Back in 1968 Tennessee didn’t permit independent presidential candidates, so Wallace was forced to do the party petition, which was then 5%.

Bills are pending in the Tennessee legislature to ease the procedure. Thanks to Independent Political Report for this news.

Since Mr. Winger posted the story before we did, we presume he means IPR’s liveblogging of this weekend’s LNC meeting in the comments on this post.

8 thoughts on “Libertarian Party Will Attempt Tennessee Party Petition for the First Time

  1. Andy

    Americans Elect gathered enough signatures in 2011-2012 to gain party status in Tennessee, but they folded prior to the 2012 election, and therefore did not have any candidates on the ballot.

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  3. Richard Winger

    No, Americans Elect did not succeed. It thought it had succeeded, but it turned in its signatures and the state said it didn’t have enough valid. They were free to go get more, but by then they were quitting anyway so they never were a qualified party in Tennessee.

    Tennessee is the only state in which Americans Elect turned in a petition and was told it lacked enough. This all brought up in the trial in the Green/Constitution Party lawsuit.

  4. steve m

    So the 2014 election had 1,353,728 voters a 2.5% requirement is about 34,000 signatures.

    What do you need to collect 10% more so 37,500 signatures?

    The LNC has a budget of 68,000 dollars ….

    looks like this one is going to need more help..

  5. Andy

    stevem, the Libertarian Party of Tennessee is supposed to come up with the rest of the money.

    FYI, the LP of TN has already gathered over 6,000 volunteer signatures, which is one of the best LP volunteers efforts on petitions in quite awhile.

  6. steve m

    I grew up (hah) in Oak Ridge TN and still have a fair number of friends (many of the leftists but still likely to sign the petition) soooo if anyone knows who is doing the Knoxville area drive and when and where I can flag the people I know to to come down and sign.

  7. Ad Hoc

    If you use facebook try the Tennessee LP facebook group, they are very active in posting there and will direct you to the correct person. Tag Chris Silver as he is running the statewide drive. Or email him at

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