Harry Browne, Libertarian for President, National Convention 1996

It was stumbling upon this speech from Harry Browne while flipping through the TV channels during the 4th of July weekend in 1996 that inspired me to join the Libertarian Party. 

13 thoughts on “Harry Browne, Libertarian for President, National Convention 1996

  1. Paulie

    I haven’t seen Warren say he is banned from contributing articles although they do have to be approved by an editor before they go live, as was already the case before he was banned from comments. Since I saw nothing wrong with the article and his login to contribute articles for approval has not been taken away I approved it. As far as I am concerned if Andy wants to keep contributing articles he can unless and until Warren says otherwise. Most of the complaints we get have been about Andy’s comments, not his articles.

  2. William t. Forrest

    Even if the articles themselves are innocuous it brings the site into disrepute to have a kkk kleagle post articles. Remember hiv is a communicable disease so if you have sex with someone who caught from being molested by an aids infected priest you are likely to catch it too. This is a lot like that.

  3. William Saturn

    If anyone should be banned it is “William t. Forrest,” who has been trolling here ever since he started posting a few days ago. It’s quite a defamatory claim to assert, with complete disregard for truth, that someone is a member of the KKK.

  4. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    This is what that yutz was complaining about all this time? The right to post umpteen-year-old videos that anyone can find on YouTube?

  5. Paul

    William Saturn, why is it somehow worse for WTF to speak against an individual than it is for others to speak out against entire groups of people based on xenophobia, conspiracy theories, etc?

  6. Bondurant

    My dad voted for Harry Browne in ’96. We lived in MI and I don’t know if Browne was on the ballot or a write-in. He was the first third party and/or independent candidate I was aware of other than Ross Perot. Perhaps my dad saw this speech on C-SPAN. Actually, I should ask him how he became aware of Browne. My old mad is definitely not a libertarian but he’s voted LP at least twice. All I know about his voting history is that he voted third party/independent/write-in in ’80, ’84, ’88, ’92, ’96 & ’00. He voted for Kerry in ’04 because he hated W and for Trump in ’16 because he hated Hillary.

  7. William t. Forrest

    Browne was on the ballot in every state in 1996 and all but Arizona in 2000 where the state party was in dispute with national and put a different candidate on the ballot. He was also on in dc both times. Pretty unusual for a third party candidate who is not a billionaire or megacelebrity.

  8. Anthony Dlugos

    “This is what that yutz was complaining about all this time? The right to post umpteen-year-old videos that anyone can find on YouTube?”

    According to some, he’s the most interesting* poster on this site!

    *”interesting” in this case means hackneyed alt-right/paleoconservative flubdub.

  9. William t. Forrest

    I tried suggesting to those folks they might be happier joining Andy over at the American third position report but they took umbrage at that as well. It seems like some people would rather complain and tell others how to run a website or forum, as opposed to finding a solution or demonstrating they can do it better.

  10. paulie

    I tried suggesting to those folks they might be happier joining Andy over at the American third position report

    It’s actually http://www.american3rdpartyreport.com/ . It was co-founded by Chris Lesiak, who has at times been an American Third Position Party (later renamed American Freedom Party) supporter and Joshua Fauver, another former IPR writer. Lesiak and Fauver at times also claimed to be Libertarian Party and Constitution Party supporters, and Fauver later decided he is a socialist. Some time after its creation Lesiak cut Fauver out of site management and was later forced out himself. For a period of time several of us from IPR including myself, William Saturn and Jed Ziggler were editors there but after repeated site host and URL migrations the archive of past articles and comments was lost and none of us have remained active with the site. Saturn left over stylistic disagreements with the current owner (I believe), Cody Quirk, a former Third Party Watch and IPR writer. With Andy on board at ATPR I think they have potential and wish them good luck. Andy is a hard worker and quite persistent. I’m not going to tell Cody how to run his site but if he cares for my advice the first thing I would suggest is adding recent comments section to the sidebar.

    If ATPR doesn’t work for our alt right contingent, perhaps they might find a home at IPR-X (“better than IPR”), which is run by banned IPR troll Nathan Norman and his various sock puppet personnae, or at any of Saturn’s sites.

  11. Matt Schutter

    Oh. what happened to my beloved Libertarian Party? You will hear Johnson or Weld give a speech like this. This speech is true Libertarianism.

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