New Mexico Supreme Court eliminates straight party voting

The Green Party of New Mexico agrees with and appreciates the decision of the New Mexico Supreme Court to strike straight-party or straight-ticket voting from New Mexico ballots. Straight-party voting is a device that serves the dominant party.  Minor party, unaffiliated, and write-in candidates are further disadvantaged by a mechanism that encourages voter disinterest.

Down-ticket races tend to become part of a spiral of increasing single-party rule and uncontested incumbency.  The result is less democracy.

There is now a vacancy for GPNM Secretary.  Please respond if you are interested in serving as Secretary of the state Green Party.

The Green Party of Otero County is seeking a new Chairperson.

One thought on “New Mexico Supreme Court eliminates straight party voting

  1. Gina

    Good news all around, especially since Gary Johnson is running a not too implausible race for US Senate. Hopefully the last few remaining states will get rid of these relics soon. Shouldn’t this also be classified under third parties general and independents?

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