Johnny Rocket: Interview with Marc Montoni

Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket Episode #29: Losing my Religion! (w/ Marc Montoni)

Show Summary:  Johnny and Raylene get to know the chair of the Radical Caucus, the Libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party, in this interview with Marc Montoni!  He talks about what being radical means, and why it’s important for the movement.  Being personally responsible for initiating 1,200 party memberships, he shows that being boldly principled is no deterrent to the party, but instead, imperative to its survival, naysayers be damned!  His no-nonsense honest approach to liberty goes straight to the root and inspires others to live their beliefs, and we can’t wait for you to hear the show! It’s also how liberty made him lose his religion.

About The Guest: Marc Montoni  is one of the co-founders of the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus. Marc loves his philosophy his cars, and his family. (Bio was lost in a data dump on PC) Just check out the

10 thoughts on “Johnny Rocket: Interview with Marc Montoni

  1. Chuck Moulton

    Transcripts are preferred for those of us who can read faster and more conveniently than we can listen.

    My chances of reading a transcript: 99%.

    My chances of listening to an interview: 5%.

  2. paulie Post author

    Obviously, it’s nice to have a transcript if you are the consumer of the article. It’s a lot harder to do if you have to choose between just posting a video and making your own transcript. The time commitment is many orders of magnitude different. So if it’s me, the chance that I’ll do a full transcript is zero. I may do a very short written summary…sometimes.

    If someone paid me to do a transcript, maybe, but I think transcribers charge pretty good money iirc; and to me, being a very slow typist… it would have to pay extremely well. I highly doubt anyone here is willing to pay anything worth talking about, much less what I would want to do something like that. Actually I doubt anyone would pay anything at all. They just want it to be done. My suggestion has always been that those who most want transcripts should create them. I haven’t had very many takers when I made such suggestions.

  3. paulie Post author

    I think this is the same interview I listened to which was linked on FB. My comments there:

    Me: Listening now. The host gives me credit for co-founding the caucus with Marc and Susan and so far Marc did not correct him 🙂 Most iterations have had Morey rather than me as the third co-founder. None of those are *exactly* correct, you can see who came on board when by looking in the archives of the Yahoo group starting with Message 1 from 2006. The first attempt to solicit a leadership included me, Marc, Susan, Morey, Angela..can’t remember whether there was anyone else. Marc, Susan and Morey self-selected out of that as the more or less informal leadership for a period of time. I created the first FB group, which was the only one until maybe 2015, 2016 or so.

    Marc Montoni: Wait… Angela?

    Paulie: Keaton. When you and Susan first started the first separate leadership discussion I believe it was 5-6 of us including me, Morey, Angela, maybe one more person I can’t remember. Then at some point I saw that it was you, Susan and Morey but that’s about all I remember from that.

    This is from memory. Seems clear in my memory but I haven’t reviewed the yahoo group in years and am not motivated enough to look there now. But if anyone is, I believe all these discussions were in 2006-7. Maybe 2008 at the latest but I think no later than 2007.

    I know you’ll find her in the very first few messages if you go from one numerically/chronologically forward in the 2006 messages. I forget what that first “secret” group was or where it was housed but I think she was in it.

    Actually just found it I think, LPrads_strategy on google groups.

    About 40 minutes in, Overall great job Marc. One small correction regarding me specifically – I started voting LP and attending my first events, sending stuff to LP News etc in 1992 and overcame remaining objections by 1994. I *think* I first joined as a pledge signing/dues paying members but my info was taken over an answering machine and they got my last name as “Frankeo” rather than Frankel, so my current card is from March 1995. More at

    …and thanks for kind words Marc 🙂

    What actually got me from L-leaning to L was when I was an inquiry in ’92 the inquiry package included Bergland’s Libertarianism in One Lesson, which cleared a lot of things up for me, then read thru the books in the “further reading” appendix over the next couple of years which really crystalized it. Marc was putting those packets together at HQ back then 🙂

    Pam: Hi Marc, see you are a libertarian; I read the LP [radical] caucus was against what was removed in the 2006 plantform; what was removed?

    Marc: Well for one thing most of the specificity was removed.

    Check out the difference in length between 2004 and 2008:


    Paulie: If 2006 is in there it was way shorter, 2008 actually brought a number of things back (or forward). 2006-8 we had a very bare platform.

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