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Thread for LNC meeting, weekend LP state convention liveblogging, and/or February 2020 Open Thread

The LNC will be having a meeting this weekend. I don’t know yet if we will have anyone available to liveblog, but if we do, they are welcome to use this thread or start a new one for that purpose. I’ve asked on the IPR email list and on the January Open Thread and so far no one has volunteered. I believe it will be livestreamed so you do not have to be there in person if you want to help liveblog. There’s a chance I may be able to cover part of it on Sunday, but probably not, unless I stay in Jackson instead of catching my ride back to Alabama.

I plan to be at the Mississippi LP convention on Saturday in Jackson. If there’s an outlet I can plug into, I can use this thread to liveblog from there. In the past month, I was able to do so from Tennessee, but did not find an available outlet at the Georgia convention. As far as I know there are no other LP state conventions this weekend, but if there are and someone wants to liveblog from one or more of those, feel free to use this thread.

If none of that pans out, I’ll move this thread to next month and convert it into the February Open Thread.

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  1. Root's Teeth Are Awesome Root's Teeth Are Awesome February 21, 2020

    No coverage of the California LP convention this past weekend?

  2. paulie paulie February 8, 2020

    Or maybe it is. I really don’t care. If no one cares to put up a February thread and if people prefer this to the January thread, go for it, I guess.

  3. paulie paulie February 6, 2020

    Since this is also February open thread:

    It’s not. I said I could convert it into that if I couldn’t cover Mississippi and if no one covered LNC. But we did get at least some coverage of both, so I’d rather either have a new February thread or keep using January.

  4. paulie paulie February 6, 2020

    Coverage continued from JBH, linked above.

  5. paulie paulie February 6, 2020

    check your spam folder

    I cleared it before I saw that as I was offline for a few days and had way too much in there. But in any case it should go to Warren although you can copy me.

  6. Krzysztof Lesiak Krzysztof Lesiak February 6, 2020

    Since this is also February open thread:

    Here’s a good quality video of an LP Georgia presidential debate that was posted on February 1st. Lincoln Chafee, Jo Jorgenson, Adam Kokesh, Daniel Behrman, and Vermin Supreme participated in this debate (Arvin Vohra did unfortunately not attend; Jacob Hornberger missed this even too.

    I’m glad too see ATPR has started this month out strong. Free and Equal will be hosting a presidential debate on March 4th in Chicago. I really hope I can be there and cover it on the ground in some capacity. This debate will be held 13 miles away from where I live.

    I look forward to a rebirth of lively activity on IPR heading up to the CP and LP conventions (seems like Howie Hawkins is going to easily breeze through the the Green nomination, though I think Dario Hunter would be a significantly better candidate for the GP.

  7. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 5, 2020


    I sent the email to you. As I said, check your spam folder because it will be flagged as spam with 100% certainty given that I included the spammy words on IPR.

  8. paulie paulie February 5, 2020


    Thanks for the coverage.

    I do not have any new email from you. You may want to do a screen shot rather than copying the spam text, but in any case it should go to Warren. You can copy me if you wish.

  9. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 2, 2020

    They are back in session.

    Harlos moves to amend the policy manual to add numbers in parentheses after written out numbers. It passes by a vote of 10-5.

    Harlos moves to amend the policy manual by reformatting the list of required reports to enhance readability. It passes (I zonked out and didn’t note the total).

    Harlos informs the committee that a number of changes were also made deleting extra spaces.

    Van Horn points out that is sharing information to Facebook as shown on a tool on data sharing. Fishman says there is a 1×1 pixel transparent GIF image on the page. It allows the LP to send targetted ads to people who have visited the website. Van Horn asks Fishman to prepare an email explaining this that can be sent to anyone who inquires about it; Fishman will do so.

    They are now giving oral supplements to regional reports.

    After regional reports they are doing announcements. No announcements.

    Finally there were public comments. No public comments.

    They are adjourned.

  10. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 2, 2020

    Ford is talking about presidential debate participation. Apparently he made some sort of working group. I don’t really understand what the point is of this. Redpath asked what he’s talking about because he doesn’t understand either. A few people suggest forming a working committee on the LNC.

    Longstreth moves to post the LP Georgia presidential debate on because the media is of a professional quality and would help inform our membership about the presidential candidates. Not all candidates were included. Goldstein says it favors certain presidential candidates. Thrasher (from the gallary) says anyone who showed up was included in the debate. He says the video quality was great, but the audio quality was not as good. Harlos wants people to post debates on LPedia instead. Harlos raises a point of order that this would violate the policy manual provision disallowing favoritism of presidential candidates pre-convention. Sarwark rules that the motion is in order. Harlos appealed from the ruling of the chair. The ruling of the chair was upheld by a roll call vote. It passes by a roll call vote of 11-5-0.

    They are taking a 20 minute recess to check out. When they return I believe they will be discussing the leftover Harlos policy manual amendments and doing regional reports.

  11. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 2, 2020

    I can’t listen to the stream. It physically hurts my ears.

    I left the stream for 5 minutes. When I checked back they had fixed the sound.

    Mattson pointed out someone can send the LP $15 for an auxiliary membership for their pet, then $10 more as a donation, and they would be a member because they have donated more than $25 in a calendar year without receiving a “thing of value” (e.g., buying a t-shirt or a convention package), which makes them a member. This could be a loophole letting people game the system. She moved to extend time to extend indefinitely, which failed by a vote of 7-6. The main motion then passed by a roll call vote (I did not hear the total).

  12. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 2, 2020

    Hagan proposes a policy manual amendment offerring “junior memberships” for small children and pets, which then have none of the benefits of membership beyond a membership card. This came up because a lizard apparently got a membership and posted a photo of the membership card on Facebook. Some are concerned that fake memberships are affecting delegate allocation numbers. Others see pets as a fundraising opportunities. Goldstein moves to amend by replacing “junior” with “auxiliary”. The amendment passes 8-7. They are still debating the main motion, but I can’t make out what anyone is saying due to the terrible sound problems.

    The sound problem was solved for 10 minutes, then started again. Apparently Fishman is listening to his own stream on his computer, which creates an infinite loop echo making the stream impossible to listen to.

  13. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 2, 2020

    There is sound, but it is super-low. I have my computer and YouTube volume both at max and can barely hear.

  14. dL dL February 2, 2020

    Oh, IPR is randomly showing and hiding comments again I guess.

    I’ve never had an issue with disappearing/re-appearing comments(my issue is that it takes forever for the dashboard page to load). Others, however, have. It’s almost certainly a caching issue that began after the site move last year.

  15. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 1, 2020

    Oh, IPR is randomly showing and hiding comments again I guess.

  16. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 1, 2020

    Wow. All of my live blogging comments were deleted?!

  17. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 1, 2020

    Opportunity for public comment.

    Kraus recommends Grand Sierra Resort, which includes effectively an amusement park. There will be a superbowl party with food. 2752 presidential suite in the resort tower is the superbowl party.

    Boomer Shannon announces for LNC at-large.

    Sarwark says there is a new life member named Max Green. He used the chair’s discretionary fund to purchase copies of one his books for some LNC members.

    The LNC is adjourned for the day.

  18. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 1, 2020

    Hagan moves amendments to the policy manual dealing with electronic mail ballots, and the time period for the secretary sending out ballots to 3 days. Mattson points out the chair and the secretary are both authorized to send out ballots under the bylwas. Bishop-Henchman moves that 3 days be changed to 24 hours, because the convention changed the 10 day voting period to 7 days, and 3 days to post a ballot would bring that 7 days back up to 10 days. The amendment failed. The main motion passed by a vote of 12-1.

    Lark moves to amend the agenda to do regional reports now. Redpath points out not much is left on the agenda for tomorrow anyway. The motion failed.

  19. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 1, 2020

    There is now a request to hear a presentation on data sharing from the Jo Jorgensen presidential campaign. The request passes without objection. She is talking about the Harry Browne campaign. You have 3 options: go after increased vote totals, go for increased party membership, or go for education. Harry Browne went for increased party membership. The Jorgensen campaign and her campaign manager Joe Hauptman aim to increase membership this campaign as well. There is a button to join the LP on every page of the campaign website right next to the donate button. The Jorgensen campaign will share information from the LP to the Jorgensen list any time the LP wants. The campaign doesn’t need anything from the LP… it will work to increase membership no matter what the LP does. If Jorgensen gets the presidential nomination, post-nomination the campaign wants to share contacts from the LP to Jorgensen and from Jorgensen to the LP immediately. Good data sharing is important to increasing membership. Hauptman says the LP locks its list in a box and it needs to be re-invented from scratch every election, and it should not be that way. The sharing of data has been a problem since at least the Clark campaign. Hauptman wants to avoid the negotiation post nomination, and the presidential candidate holding the LP by the balls giving nothing and getting everything.

    This is great to hear from the Jorgensen campaign!! I hope other campaigns follow suit.

    The Jorgensen campaign won’t go after Republicans or Democrats. The campaign won’t fight in states that don’t want them. Instead the campaign will build state parties that want to grow. Online advertising will be used as much as possible. The campaign will go after secondary markets rather than big city markets to get cheaper media and more earned media.

    Starr asks the chair whether agreements are being drafted now to try to get the presidential candidates to sign them in advance of the nomination. Sarwark says no. He doesn’t like negotiating contracts in advance, but prefers that candidates advertise a framework to which they would agree.

  20. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 1, 2020

    1. all agreed on
    2. fixed assets, harassment policy, idemnification (Mattson/Lark leftover)
    3. gender neutral (Harlos)
    4. executive director to ED (Harlos)
    5. numbers in parentheses (Harlos)
    6. misc leftover from Harlos

    1st category was adopted without objection.

    Mattson moves the harassment and offenive behavior policy manual amendment, which would remove the JC chair as a notifier from the harassment policy. Harlos objects because the chair may be the one complained about. Hagan moves to amend by substituting the vice-chair for the JC chair. The amendment passed 15-1, then the main motion passed without objection.

    Mattson moves the fixed assets motion, which it turns out Harlos agreed on. It passed without objection.

    Harlos moves the indemnification proposal, which substitutes “organization” for “Libertarian National Committee” one place in the policy manual. It fails by a 7-6 vote (needed previous notice or 2/3 or majority of committee? or maybe I misheard the vote total?).

    Harlos moves gender neutrality language — substituting “their” for “his and her”. Lark prefers “he or she”. Phillips thinks the change is necessary to support the LGBT movement and calls the question. Ending debate fails by a 9-5 vote. There was a roll call vote. It passed by 14-2.

    Harlos moves the “executive director” to ED change. Mattson says usually abbreviations are for long phrases, but this is just 2 words. Several people point out that ED is known as erectile dysfunction. Fishman suggests XD instead of ED. It fails by a vote of 7-8. There was a motion to add “executive” before director one place, and it was adopted without objection.

    Harlos moves to postpone 3 remaining policy manual amendments to the first item on Sunday for 20 minutes. It fails by 4-8.

    Harlos moves to add a vice-chair’s report to required officer reports. Mattson opposes because even though this vice-chair has decided to submit a report, the vice-chair’s role doesn’t have fixed duties, so subsequent VCs may have nothing to report and should not be required to report it. It passes by a vote of 12-3.

    Harlos does not move to extend. She will do the rest by email ballot.

  21. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 1, 2020

    Redpath is giving the Ballot Access committee report. He wants to talk about the New York ballot access situtation. In Illinois there is a law that anyone who petitions for a candidate from any other party can’t petition. It is therefore very hard to find petitioners. California is currently paying around $21 per board (meaning if they have a board with 10 different petitions on it and the signer sings every one, the petitioner gets $21), which makes it hard to get out of state petitioners to go to Illinois. New York has incresed its petition requirement and its retention requirement without increasing its petitioning period. The LP had previously won a lawsuit against an out of state petition ban, but when Larry Sharpe got over 50,000 votes for statewide ballot access the case became moot, so now all NY petitioners must be NY residents again. The Alaska state chair is completely unresponsive. In Alaska if a candidate gets under 3% the party is kicked off the ballot, but if they get over 3% the party doesn’t necessarily stay on. It’s the only state with a law like that, and Winger thinks it can be overturned.

    The blockchain committee did not submit a report. Sarwark asks Merced to ask the committee whether that committee will still be necessary next LNC term.

    The youth engagement committee did not submit a report. Lark was appointed to the committee in November, but the committee has not met. The committee chair, Aeris Stewart, had some health problems.

    The convention voting process committee report being given by Bishop-Henchman. He has put together a summary document of the status quo and some possible solutions. The committee met in conjunction with the bylaws committee to hear from former secretary Mattson about problems which need to be addressed. Harlos is getting ideas from her teller team.

    Membership committee did not submit a report. Merced gave a brief oral report.

    They are now to new business with previous notice.

    Policy manual amendments from Harlos/Mattson are being discussed now.

  22. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 1, 2020

    EPCC report now.

    Lark is moving motions included in the appendix to the report on various policy manual amendments concerning employees vs. contractors and review of contracts. Bishop-Henchman alternative language was substituted, and then passed without objection. The rest of the amendments will be moved by email ballot.

    Harlos has no written report for the Historical Committee due to secretarial duties. She is giving an oral report. Category overhaul is complete. Things are still being scanned. She always needs more volunteers — especially for LPedia. Looking to fill 2 vacancies on the committee with people who will put in a lot of work on LPedia.

    IT Committee: no report submitted. Committee member Juanita Billings wants to rename the committee as the Information Services Committee. She has a long motion with a bunch of whereas clauses. Goldstein moved to substitute by the making a motion to just change the name without all the whereas clauses. His amendment passes without objection. They are discussing the main motion now, including whether policy manual updates will be needed. Mattson moves to amend the motion by adding that all appropriate places in the policy manual will be updated, and her amendment passes without objection. Harlos thinks the description in the policy manual shows an actual committee focused on IT. If the committee is doing something different, the description will need to be updated too. The name change passes 9-3-3.

  23. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 1, 2020

    Redpath asks if C-SPAN is coming. Yes, but details still being worked out. He asks if the convention committee has contemplated the ramifications of the presidential vote not being at a certain time for C-SPAN broadcasting. The convention committee hadn’t considered that. He asks if the Reno 2022 contract contemplates the possibility of doing away with midterm conventions in the bylaws. Goldstein says there is a 10% charge more than 2 years out, a 25% charge 2 years out, etc. for breaking the contract. Works out to about $20,000 (2,000 room nights x $100 x 10%).

    There have been questions about moving the presidential nomination to a different point in the schedule. Mattson suggests our current rules should be followed as far as agenda ordering.

    There seems to be a wind tunnel there. Hard to hear. The production quality of these streams was far better when Wes Benedict was in charge.

  24. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 1, 2020

    Redpath asks whether convention numbers are stated on a cash basis or an accural basis. He prefers the term cash receipts (cash basis) rather than revenues (accrual basis) to be clear because revenues are not recognized until the matching benefit occurs.

    Starr (from the gallary) asks if there is a plan to repay the hotel immediately after the convention is over. Hayes can’t answer that question. Kraus says LPHQ started setting aside money in a restricted fund since the last meeting, but not from the beginning of taking in convention cash receipts. Therefore, there is still an unfunded liability because some of the money was already used for operations.

    Hayes says the convention hotel is completely full unless people are willing to pay $400/night. Also he has been checking that our room block was used by only actual convention attendees and their family, not random people trying to take advantage of our lower rates. Hayes has been lining up room blocks at nearby hotels. Some hotels fell through because they demanded things like waiving a jury trial, which counsel advised against. Maybe closer some hotels will free up more rooms, maybe not.

    Hayes says there will not be a convention book printed, except for bylaws and platform amendments. The rest will be online or on an app. He suggests the bylwas and platform committees should only submit things with a reasonable chance of passing to save on printing costs.

    Electronic voting is not permitted by our bylaws except perhaps an optical scanning device.

  25. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 1, 2020

    The live feed is back on. It is the counsel’s report right now. Oliver Hall said there is a court in front of the U.S. Supreme Court right now (Carnegie vs. Adams, I think) regarding Delaware’s law that only parties with more than 5% of the voter registration can have members appointed as judges. The lower courts invalidated the law, so it’s a bad sign that the Supreme Court accepted cert. Many amicus briefs assert that there is a state interest in preventing minor parties from participating in that process.

    Redpath asks whether the Maine lawsuit will complete before presidential petitioning starts there.

    Lark says Hall should contact the Delaware state chair.

    Goldstein asks whether petitioners in Maryland would be classified as employees. Hall says it is the first time he was asked about the Maryland petitioner issue.

    Phillips asks about Connecticut case and whether Hall knows that affadavits have been sought from presidential candidates and notes that 2 presidential candidates are in the room with the LNC. (Which ones?)

    Fox gave an audit committee report by phone.

    Hayes is giving a convention oversight committee report. He’s reporting a lot of convention packages and welcome packages have been sold — ahead of past years at this point. I didn’t write down the exact numbers.

  26. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 1, 2020

    The live feed seems to be off right now.

    I see the link spam again. It’s inconceivable to me that anyone could want this. I’m sure Google is ranking this website much lower due to it. Honestly if that’s what Warren wants this site to be, I’m not sure why the site would be worth my time commenting.

    I emailed you, Paulie. For sure my email will be flagged as spam… because it contains exactly what I see on IPR right now.

  27. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 1, 2020

    I should be able to start LNC liveblogging a little after 4 pm EST. I had to deal with a flat tire, which held me up even more.

  28. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Shutting down and hitting the road.

  29. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    MS delegates: Danny Bedwell, Mario Lozano, Ron Morris, Bill Kalles, Freida Hallman, Regina Brim

  30. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Judge Gray speech and song, bylaws and raffle concluded. Convention adjourned. Vicky Rose raising money for polling/interest level for mayor of West Point.

  31. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    That must have passed while I was in the bathroom since I am now on an individual bylaw.

  32. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Reconsideration of taking bylaws off the agenda, I think. Had to take a bathroom break.

  33. paulie paulie February 1, 2020


  34. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Judge Gray speaking in Mississippi. Can anyone take over on reporting LNC yet? I can’t listen to that since I am listening to what is going on here.

  35. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    MS: Hornberger speech

  36. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Mississippi now nominating delegates to national convention. They get 6.

  37. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Joe Bishop-Henchman We had a lengthy Q&A with the Executive Director on CRM onboarding (getting states linked up to the program allowing them to manage donations). Due to CRM performance issues, we prioritized fixing those over onboarding new states. However, we have accepted several thousand dollars from 11 states to prioritize their onboarding. The Executive Director has committed to me to produce this month a timeline for onboarding all remaining states and/or report on resource issues that may be delaying things.

  38. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Weird. I don’t see the link spam anymore. When I loaded this page a couple minutes ago there were links to hundreds of different websites about things like viagra at the bottom of the page and also right below the advertisement at the top of the post.

    They come and go. It’s some crappy program Redlich is using. If he can get any donors to replace the revenue he’s open to getting rid of it. I think all the ads are like 100/month maybe. I am not sure about those in particular. Warren has all the details.

  39. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    David Cox Could you discuss transporting all of the historical documents sitting unscanned in Colorado back to DC so the paid staff could respond to research requests? Thanks.

    · Reply · 1h

    Joe Bishop-Henchman
    Joe Bishop-Henchman We have been called to order.

    · Reply · 1h

    Joe Bishop-Henchman
    Joe Bishop-Henchman All members present except Mr. O’Donnell (R8) who is at Liberty Forum, and has Mr. Ford sitting for him. Also here are Mr. Wendt (R1 alternate), Dr. Olsen (R4 alternate), Ms. Hogarth (R5 alternate), and Ms. Adams (R7 alternate).

    · Reply · 58m · Edited

    Joe Bishop-Henchman
    Joe Bishop-Henchman We’ve added the following as agenda items:
    – Discussion of quasi-membership for children and pets (Mr. Hagan)
    – Participation in national debates (Mr. Ford)

  40. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 1, 2020

    Weird. I don’t see the link spam anymore. When I loaded this page a couple minutes ago there were links to hundreds of different websites about things like viagra at the bottom of the page and also right below the advertisement at the top of the post.

  41. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Libertarian National Committee
    Chair’s Proposed Agenda
    February 1-2, 2020 – Reno, NV

    Opening Ceremony
    Call to Order 9:00 am
    Opportunity for Public Comment 10 minutes

    Credentials Report and Paperwork Check 2 minutes
    Adoption of Agenda 10 minutes
    Report of Potential Conflicts of Interest (Harlos) 3 minutes

    Officer Reports
    Chair’s Report (Sarwark) 15 minutes
    Vice Chair’s Report (Merced) 15 minutes
    Treasurer’s Report (Hagan) 15 minutes
    Secretary’s Report (Harlos) 15 minutes

    Recess 10 minutes

    Staff Reports 85 minutes

    Adjourn (Lunch) 12:00pm – 1:15 pm

    Special Counsel’s Report (portions may be in Executive Session) 30 minutes

    Reports of Standing Committees
    Audit Committee 10 minutes
    Affiliate Support Committee 15 minutes
    Convention Oversight Committee 30 minutes
    Candidate Support Committee 5 minutes

    Recess 10 minutes

    Reports of Standing Committees (cont.)
    Employment Policy & Compensation Committee 5 minutes
    Historical Preservation Committee 15 minutes
    IT Committee 15 minutes
    Ballot Access Committee 15 minutes

    Reports of Special Committees
    Blockchain Committee 5 minutes
    Youth Engagement Committee 5 minutes
    Convention Voting Process Committee 15 minutes
    Membership Support Committee 15 minutes

    New Business with Previous Notice
    Policy Manual Amendments (Mattson/Harlos) 30 minutes
    Data Sharing Request – Jo Jorgensen Campaign (Phillips) 20 minutes
    Policy Manual Amendment – Electronic Mail Ballots (Hagan) 10 minutes

    Evening Adjournment

    Sunday Morning Session 9:00 am

    Opportunity for Public Comment 10 minutes

    New Business without Previous Notice

    Regional Reports (supplements to printed reports)
    Region 1 5 minutes
    Region 2 5 minutes
    Region 3 5 minutes
    Region 4 5 minutes
    Region 5 5 minutes
    Region 6 5 minutes
    Region 7 5 minutes
    Region 8 5 minutes

    Announcements 10 minutes

    TOTAL: 490 minutes

  42. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton February 1, 2020


    I am looking at this page on my desktop and I see a lot of link spam on it. Has IPR been bot attacked or compromised by a virus of some sort?

    As for live blogging, I woke up later than I wanted. I should be able to blog starting in around 3 hours, but I have some errands to run first.

  43. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Jud com elected. Adjourned for lunch. LNC should be underway by now I think. Anyone covering that?

  44. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Regina – 13
    Freida – 12
    Ricky – 7?
    Leslie – 3

    Need 5 jud com who are not on ex com

  45. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Danny Bedwell speech. Wants to focus on elections, especially local and uncontested races. Will make literature for any local affiliate.

  46. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Motion that taxation is theft passed by acclaim or near acclaim.

  47. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    2 at large. Nominated: Freida Hallman, Ricky Goforth, Regina Brim, Leslie Smith

  48. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Vicky Rose by acclaim or 1st district
    Richard Lucas – 2nd district by acclaim
    Cliff – 3rd district by acclaim. Last name not mentioned.
    Mario Lozano – 4th district by acclaim.

  49. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Taylor White 12-5 Other 1. Jordan (Cain?) nominated for Secretary. No one else nominated, elected by acclaim. Treasurer: Bill (Kalas?) elected by acclaim. Freida Hallman declined.

  50. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Vicky declined for Vice chair. Jordan (Cain?), Taylor White nominated for Vice Chair

  51. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Danny Bedwell 15-4 over Vicky Rose

  52. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Danny Bedwell and Vicky Rose nominated for chair. Sheri Bedwell and Regina Brim declined, also one other person whose name I did not catch declined.

  53. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Doug Craig is his campaign manager.

  54. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Candidate speech – John Monds for President

  55. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Bylaws stricken from the agenda.

  56. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Called to order, 18 delegates at this time.

  57. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    Running on standard LP time.

    LNC meeting is on the west coast so probably not started yet, maybe in an hour I guess?

  58. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    According to their schedule they should be starting in about ten minutes here.

  59. paulie paulie February 1, 2020

    I’m in Mississippi. Found an outlet. Candidates seeking presidential nomination John Monds and Jacob Hornberger are here.

  60. paulie paulie January 30, 2020

    Thanks! In that case this won’t be the February thread or Mississippi thread, I’ll start separate threads for those.

  61. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton January 30, 2020

    Thanks for starting a thread for the LNc meeting, Paulie! I should be able to cover some (but not all) of it — assuming the video feed works.

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