Dan Behrman: Look What People Are Saying

Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman, a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s 2020 presidential nomination, released the following statement today: 

I know some of the things I have to say may sound a little crazy. I know they may take a while to grow on some people. But we are delivering this message it and it works.

Just look at what people are saying!

Most politicians will try to sell you on why THEY are the right person for the job. You’ll notice on my campaign, I spend much less time talking about my self, and much more time talking about my principles. I do this because I know – nobody can get elected with a set of principles that the voters do not agree with. This is why so many politicians have to lie to get into office, and it’s why i’m focusing on teaching my principles to others, rather than pandering to get the votes.

It’s working, and this is the transofrmation this country needs. If we can’t change how the people of this country think, the voters are destined to elect whoever will give them the most free stuff to make them happy, the country will go bankrupt, they’ll try to fix it with higher taxes, the economy might collapse, and it may result in civil war. I want to prevent that from happening, and with your help, I can.

Forget about the election for a minute – every dollar you send helps us reach more people. It helps us to show more people what it means to be free, and to be responsible for their own lives. It helps shape the political conversation and drive people to resist the tyranny of coerced central planning.

Please don’t let this message go to waste. Make a donation today on our website: https://behrman2020.com/donate

In Liberty,

Dan “Taxation Is Theft” Behrman

6 thoughts on “Dan Behrman: Look What People Are Saying

  1. paulie

    Behrman probably should grammar and spell check his statements before releasing them.

    What exactly? I missed it. The librarian thing in case anyone was confused was a screenshot from someone else. Did he repeat it himself or what did he do?

  2. William Saturn Post author

    Grammar and spelling errors:

    “But we are delivering this message it and it works.”

    “It’s working, and this is the transofrmation this country needs”

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