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Dan Behrman: What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

2020 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman sent out the following statement today: 

They say I can’t win. I hear it all the time. But I believe I can.

Right now, depending on who you ask, I am the foremost presidential candidate bidding for the libterarian nomination. There are a few other great ones who do a tremendous amount of activism, but all factors considered, our team has the best shot at getting it.

In May 2020, a convention will be held to select the nominee. If I get it, there’s a good chance I will be on the ballot in all 50 states. There’s no doubt that the main stream media and government policies are stacked against me. But that doesn’t matter.

Every dollar we receive is going towards spreading information that changes the framing of the political discussions. The people we reach no longer believe the false dichotomies presented by the mainstream narrative. Real solutions are possible and people are waking up to that.

There is one very important difference between my campaign and other libertarians. Our advertising doesn’t focus on the word libertarian, and it doesn’t focus on me – even though there is a strong sense of branding with the logo. It does focus on practical libertarian solutions for today’s most relevant political issues, present in a way that both the left and the right are receptive.

So what’s the worst that can happen? The worst that can happen is that you donate to the campaign, and we don’t get elected. But because of your donation, we reached a thousand more people than we would have without you. Because of your donation, a thousand people recognized that there are people out there fighting for TRUE freedom. Because of your donation, a thousand people woke up to the idea of liberty, and decided to join a movement that will one day result in true liberation of the American people, and then the world.

You can make a difference. Your donation, no matter how small, and regardless of whether we take the whitehouse in 2020, will make a positive change on the world. That’s why it’s so important that you make your donation today. If everyone gave only $5, we could reach 200,000 people with print material, or 1 million people with video ads.

Please make your donation today:

In Liberty,

Dan “Taxation Is Theft” Behrman

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