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Darrell Castle: Will You Accept Their Mark?

Darrell Castle, the 2008 vice presidential nominee and 2016 presidential nominee of the Constitution Party, released his podcast The Castle Report today along with a transcript of the show excerpted below: 

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday, April 24, 2020, and on this Report I will be talking about the virus, of course. What news is there except the virus, but this report is more about going to sleep in one country and waking up in another. For the Castle family it is day 35 of house arrest, and for the family daughter, she is still stuck on a small island at the bottom of the world, but all are still healthy, and we are grateful for that.

My argument for you today is that the world surveillance state has been building for a long time, but the virus has given it the impetus to advance with breathtaking speed. It is now coming into existence before our eyes. The virus is the excuse for allowing the digital world powered by artificial intelligence and the real world to combine. Pretending these days have not arrived or simply choosing to ignore the facts will not save you from what is already here. The technology to track and monitor every human on earth is finally available to those who desire such control.

Click here to listen to the podcast or read the transcript in full.