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Jo Jorgensen: Politicans and the Media Didn’t Create the Virus, But Boy Are They Exploiting It!

Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party’s 1996 Vice presidential nominee, is currently seeking the party’s 2020 presidential nomination. She released the following statement concerning the government and media reaction to the coronavirus pandemic

We’re witnessing one of the greatest threats we’ve faced in my lifetime — politicians are exploiting the virus to install authoritarian policies.

  • Government dictating whether you can remain open for business.

  • States imposing fines and imprisonment for violating “stay at home” orders.

  • Mayors threatening to shut off electricity and water to any business that dares to remain open.

  • Cities setting up “snitch lines” and encouraging people to “rat out” their neighbors. (Perhaps they should use 1-800-IMA-NAZI).

And the media clammers for politicians to do more:

  • Confine even more Americans in their homes,

  • Close even more businesses, and

  • Force every American to comply with all of the state’s edicts.

We Libertarians must oppose this, because only we have the principled courage to do so. 

I’ve been telling people how the FDA and other bureaucracies have blocked efforts to produce test kits, personal protective equipment, and ventilators.

I’m also speaking against mandatory business closures, stay at home orders, and travel restrictions. I describe how voluntary actions are meeting our real needs.

However, the media ignores our opposition to authoritarian policies, which challenges their narrative. Instead, they argue for even more state power. So you and I must overcome the media blockade to reach people directly. I have a strategy to do that!

Every person who has lost their job – every business owner that has been forced to close – every American who resists being told where they can go and what they can do – these are our potential supporters.

My strategy is simple. Bypass the media blockade and take our message directly to the people.

In the weeks ahead, my team and I will be sharing our complete strategy for accomplishing this. But it starts with you.

Videos are a great tool to bypass the media blockade.  You can forward them to family & friends and share them on social media. Plus, we can use paid advertising to extend their reach even further.

We’ve consistently received two comments in response to my previous videos:

  • People love my message, but

  • They want higher quality video and better sound.

You were right! We took your feedback to heart and have begun addressing your concerns. On my way back from the Illinois convention, I spent an afternoon with a professional producer and camera crew in Indianapolis, taping footage for a new set of videos.

The first of these new ads have been posted to my YouTube channel, website, and Facebook, and Twitter. More will be released over the coming weeks.

Will you help us bypass the media blockade and take our Libertarian message directly to the voters? Will you commit to doing that with me?

  • First, visit my websitewatch these new videos and share them far and wide. And encourage others to do the same.

  • Second, share this message with other Libertarians and encourage them to join my team. They can visit my website to sign up.

  • Finally, make a contribution so we can use paid advertising to reach beyond the existing Libertarian network, as well as continue to upgrade our ads.

Now is the ideal time to do this kind of outreach, while everyone is being forced to remain at home. Please help me seize this opportunity! Thank You!

Dr. Jo Jorgensen

Libertarian Candidate for President

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