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Jorgensen Campaign: Important Debate Tonight – Jo Needs Your Support to Win!

The Jo Jorgensen 2020 campaign for president sent out the following statement today concerning a Libertarian Party presidential debate scheduled to take place today: 

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky is sponsoring a three-round online debate that begins tonight. The debate starts at 7pm Eastern and will run for about two hours.

After tonight’s debate, online polling will be open for one hour. The top three candidates move on to the next debate.

We need to make sure Jo is one of the top three candidates, and we need your participation to make it happen.

The candidates debating tonight, in addition to Jo Jorgensen, are Jacob Hornberger, Adam Kokesh, Mark Whitney, and late entrant Jim Gray. The three candidates who receive the most votes in the post-debate poll will square off against Vermin Supreme and John Monds in Round Two.

Here’s how you can help Jo win this debate:

First, go to the event page and click the link labeled “going”. You can read the details there:

Then, tune in and watch the debate at 7:00 pm Eastern time tonight (Wed April 22). Here’s the Facebook link:

Or you can watch on YouTube at:

Then, vote for Jo in the post-debate poll. The link will be posted sometime after the debate starts and remain live for one hour after the debate ends.

We are less than a month away from the scheduled start of the Libertarian Party presidential nominating convention. Whether we meet in person as planned, or virtually, a presidential ticket will be chosen. Your demonstration of support for Jo will help her win the nomination.

We’re counting on you! Thank you!

Steve Dasbach
Campaign Manager
Jo Jorgensen for President

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