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Pat Buchanan: Will COVID-19 Retire the World’s Policeman?

Patrick J. Buchanan was the Reform Party’s 2000 presidential nominee. He published the following editorial today on his official website

For declaring in March that the U.S. economy might be reopened by Easter, President Donald Trump was roundly mocked.

Yet, it appears his political instincts were correct. He was more in tune with his country than were his critics.

By early Easter week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the governors of six states in the New York-New Jersey region had formed a consortium to synchronize the opening of their economies. California’s Gavin Newsom and the governors of Washington and Oregon had done the same.

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  1. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly April 17, 2020

    A piece by Pat Buchanon was posted in “non-left/right parties”? Ohhhkkkaaaayyyyy…..

  2. William Saturn William Saturn Post author | April 17, 2020

    Yes. That is where articles about the Reform Party go. That’s the way it’s always been.

  3. paulie paulie April 17, 2020

    Not always. Sometimes they have been classified as right wing, especially in context of e.g. Buchanan. Then again the long standing rule here used to be to only post infrequently articles by/about people with a long ago and brief alt party connection who have since returned to establishment parties, and are much better known for their connection to those other parties than to their one time alt party ventures (Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan, for example). I’ve been letting that go since you are posting articles and I’m pretty much not, but that was the rule for many years.

  4. paulie paulie April 17, 2020

    Also, sometimes they have been classified as both.

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