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Ralph Nader: The Uplifting Magic of Mother’s Day in These Perilous Days

Author and consumer advocate Ralph Nader, a 1996 Independent presidential candidate, 2000 Green Party presidential nominee, 2004 Independent presidential candidate and Reform Party presidential nominee, and 2008 Independent presidential candidate and Peace and Freedom Party presidential nominee, published the following editorial today on his website 

As Mother’s Day approaches, the celebration of our Mothers is overshadowed by the mounting Covid-19 casualties. Donald Trump is incapable and unwilling to provide the leadership needed to deal with the deadly pandemic attacking our communities. While we cannot afford to slow efforts to challenge the President and our Members of Congress, it is important to take a bit of time and reflect on what our parents, and in particular our mothers, have done and continue to do for their families.

I describe this sentiment in the Ralph Nader and Family Cookbook about nutritious food and its relation to our upbringings.

My mother and father and their four children – two girls and two boys – all ate the same food. There was peace and time for family discussions at the dinner table. To my mother, meals provided a daily occasion for education, for finding out what was on our minds, for recounting the traditions of food, culture, and kinship in Lebanon, where she and my father were born. At the dinner table, my mother would ask us what we had learned from our teachers each day at school. Small talk and gossip were not high on her agenda, though she knew those had their place, too.

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