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Robert Milnes Writes Open Letter to Jo Jorgensen

2020 Green Party presidential candidate Robert Milnes wrote the following open letter today to 2020 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen.  Although today is April Fools’ Day, the letter, published at The PLAS Place seems to be a serious attempt to form a fusion ticket to win the 2020 presidential election:

Jo, do you remember me from a few years ago? I contacted you via email. We had several exchanges. I asked you to join my ticket. You explained that you could not. Something about political activity would violate your contract at Clemson University. Eventually I gave up. As I have with several libertarian women over the years.

I noted your entry into to 2020 race and your presence at debates. I’m sorry but I do not think you have any chance to win the LP nomination. I believe the nomination has been rigged for the past several times at least. Since the LP is paternalistic, as a woman you have little chance also. Actually as a woman you would have a good chance to win the maternalistic Green party nomination I believe! And of course little to zero chance to win the election.

However you have a remarkable alternative. Join PLAS! I believe you are an ideal candidate for the vp position on the ticket. Male (Northern) progressive p./female (southern) libertarian vp is the formulation for the ideal PLAS fusion ticket.

I believe that if you were to declare your PLAS candidacy, or better yet a joint communique, we would get A LOT of initial support. Then gradually at first, growing support. Until soon we could get to about 15% polling which could get us into the debates. I have available over 5k for my campaign. To file with the FEC if I get a Treasurer or I could donate it to a PLAS ticket. I cannot in good conscience donate it to your campaign unless perhaps you declare for PLAS.
Please contact me asap. This might be difficult as I believe my communications are being tampered with.

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