Chairman Joe Wendt Threatens to Dissolve Reform Party of Florida if De La Fuente is not Nominated for President

Chairman of the Reform Party of Florida Joe Wendt has threatened to dissolve the ballot qualified Reform Party of Florida if the national party fails to nominate businessman Rocky De La Fuente for president, according to an anonymous source.  This comes as Souraya Faas considers entering the race for the party’s presidential nomination, which is to be decided at the 2020 Reform Party National Convention on June 13.

Wendt, the former campaign representative for white supremacist Billy Roper, himself ran for the Reform Party’s presidential nomination but evidently dropped out of the race to support De La Fuente.  JR Myers of the Life and Liberty Party says in IPR comments that Wendt is an employee of De La Fuente.  IPR contacted De La Fuente to confirm the allegation but he has not yet responded.

“Some dumb ass gave him [Wendt] the Reform Party of Florida ballot line a few years back,” says the anonymous source. And now “he is threatening to dissolve the Florida Party if Rocky doesn’t get the nomination.”

De La Fuente was the party’s 2016 presidential nominee and is the current presidential nominee of the Alliance Party.  In its 25 year history the Reform Party has never nominated the same presidential candidate twice.

New Hampshire Representative Max Abramson is also seeking the nomination.

4 thoughts on “Chairman Joe Wendt Threatens to Dissolve Reform Party of Florida if De La Fuente is not Nominated for President

  1. Justin Apash

    I trust that although you cannot reveal the source, you vetted that person for credibility. If these allegations are true then JR Myers comments about the Reform Party is spot-on.

  2. Max Abramson

    The irony is that Souraya Faas lives in Florida and is well known and has gotten a lot of media coverage. Nick Hensley of the Reform Party appears to be fighting a war in his mind, running for Chair while doing everything he can to keep everyone but De La Fuente from being heard at the RP convention.

  3. Joe Wendt

    A credible source? Considering that there is no context of when this statement was made, I highly doubt the source is credible. Also, considering that Mr Saturn is allegedly recruiting individuals such as Ms Faas to seek the Reform Party nomination, this is a clear conflict of interest on his end, possibly to create controversy on purpose. Furthermore, I have not seen any allegations against certain Libertarian activists who were ALSO on Mr De La Fuente’s payroll (which can easily be confirmed by the FEC reports). Mr Saturn is on the verge of getting IPR sued for harassment and libel. The next time I have to comment about another dubious story by this propagator of fake news, I will be filing suit against IPR. Good day.

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