Souraya Faas Considering Run for Reform Party Presidential Nomination

Former member of the Executive Committee of the Miami-Dade County (Florida) Republican Party Souraya Faas is currently thinking about running for the Reform Party’s 2020 presidential nomination.  As reported here, the party will nominate a presidential ticket June 13 at its National Convention online.  Faas was running for the Libertarian Party’s 2020 presidential nomination but fell short at the National Convention Saturday.

Faas, whose Armenian Christian father immigrated from Syria and whose mother comes from Venezuela, previously ran for president as an independent in 2016.  She was the first Arab American woman to seek the nation’s highest office.  Notably during the run she unsuccessfully sued to appear on the Texas ballot as a write-in.  Two years later she ran for US Congress on a platform of ending hostilities against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whom she praised for fighting terrorism.  She finished second in the Republican primary.

Last year Faas joined the Libertarian Party and eventually sought its presidential nomination.  During her Libertarian campaign, Faas was shut out from the list of candidates on until just before the convention.  She was left out of most of the party’s debates as well.  On Twitter yesterday she expressed disatisfaction with Libertarian Party leadership and called for the resignation of national chairman Nick Sarwark.

“The whole #Libertarian convention process is rigged!” Faas tweeted. “The amount of bias and conflict of interest being put in play from @LPNational  is ridiculous! They should’ve selected the new board before nominations, since we apparently have a dictator for chairman.”

Faas is continuing her 2020 presidential campaign and wants to bring forth a message of unity among third parties.

“I switched to independent to make history by uniting all third parties,” she explains. “We need a voice of unity in this country not division and discrimination.”

If Faas enters the Reform Party race she will join the two currently declared candidates for the nomination.  According to National Secretary Nicholas Hensley those candidates are 2016 presidential nominee and 2020 Alliance Party presidential nominee Rocky De La Fuente as well as New Hampshire Representative Max Abramson.  However, Hensley notes the leadership is currently upset with Abramson, apparently over his attempts to unify the party with the Veterans Party of America.

Hensley, who spoke with Faas earlier today, believes De La Fuente currently has enough pledged delegates to win the nomination but sees an opportunity for Faas to be competitive if it comes down to her against De La Fuente.

The Reform Party is currently on the ballot in Florida and Mississippi.  De La Fuente received 33,136 votes in 2016.  In its history, the Reform Party has not nominated the same presidential candidate twice nor has it nominated a female candidate for president.

10 thoughts on “Souraya Faas Considering Run for Reform Party Presidential Nomination

  1. John Richard Myers

    Good luck if she believes the Reform Party leadership is any better than the LP. The RP is more corrupt, because Florida Chairman Wendt is a hired hand of De La Fuente. No corruption there… They are simply a handful of mudpatch tyrants. The Reform Party is dead. The Constitution Party isn’t far behind.

  2. Bondurant

    I never heard of her until her name came up for nomination. Nothing was rigged. Have fun party hopping.

  3. paulie

    I think she’s only interested in ballot lines, but you can talk to her about the Life and Liberty party. I had lunch with her one time last year and my impression is you all would be right up her ally beliefwise. But since you’re already the nominee she’ll probably go for whoever she thinks can give her some ballot access instead.

  4. NewFederalist

    Sounds like someone just wants to be a footnote in a future history textbook!

  5. Nick Hensley

    I consider both Rocky and Darcy friends. As a Reform Party officer, I have to be neutral in this as I am a national party officer. Souraya Faas is a very kind person. She is incredibly intelligent and a good fit fit for the party. I enjoy talking to her, and I look forward to working with her in this process as I do with the other candidates, and hope that I can call her a friend after all of this pans out. I even asked her to work with us on another federal level race in 2022 no matter how this nomination process pans out.

    I only have nice things to say about Rocky and Darcy too. I supported Darcy during his governor’s race, and made numerous moves to help him. I talked him into running in 2016, when we had no other candidates. I caste my vote for him. When Rocky ran in the general election, I campaigned on his behalf even though my candidate lost.

    As far as the Buchanan sympathizer up top is concerned, Joe Wendt is not a national leader. He is a state party officer of Florida, but he will be one of dozens of delegates in the convention. The fact that he is on the De La Fuente payroll, under Reform Party rules, limits his abilities in the national party. He will be only one man in a pool of dozens.

    If you want to look for corruption, you can look at the speaker himself. He was a supporter of Pat Buchanan in 2000, a man that got our nomination and used the matching funds to pay his campaign committee’s debts from his previous two races.

  6. Andy Craig

    “They should’ve selected the new board before nominations”

    In other words she agrees with Nick on that point.

    Did she even get a single nomination token?

  7. Max Abramson

    Nicholas Hensley has shown open hostility to my seeking the nomination of the Reform Party. Not only were his comments to my effort to gain the Reform Party nomination clearly intended to prevent delegates from hearing about me at all, but the RP ExCom actually deleted my posts inviting them to discuss working together for ballot access under the current crisis and blocking me from posting on the RP discussion page.

    The centrist third party movement has to pull together and work as a team, or we will simply fall apart. That Hensley has been advocating for giving away their nomination to de le Fuente, who will only use it to build his own personal Alliance Party, should raise an eyebrow. The fact that he’s openly hostile to certain candidates brings the Reform Party into a bad light and will only discourage other serious candidates from getting involved. It’s too late in the process for infighting like this. We’ve got to all pull together, or we’ll be stuck with the Wall Street political machine forever.

  8. Joe Wendt

    JR Myers,

    It’s funny you said that, considering I originally encouraged you to seek the nomination. I’m sorry you have sour grapes because you lacked the diligence to actually pursue the nomination or be active. I still have the messages.

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