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Constitution Party Releases Statement on Don Blankenship Nomination

Earlier this week on the campaign website of businessman Don Blankenship, the Constitution Party released the following statement concerning its nomination last week of Blankenship for President and Michigan Taxpayers Party chairman William Mohr for Vice President.

The Constitution Party held its Presidential Nominating Convention telephonically on May 1 and 2, 2020.  Don Blankenship from West Virginia received the nomination for president from among 5 candidates. William Mohr from Michigan was chosen as the Vice-Presidential candidate.

Don Blankenship just published his book, Obama’s Deadliest Cover-Up, about the 2010 Upper Big Branch (UBB) Mine disaster to disclose the dark truth. In this daring exposé, Don Blankenship reveals how far the government will go to keep its dirty secrets. Blankenship went to prison for a year on a misdemeanor. Since then a Federal Judge recommended that Blankenship’s conviction be voided for prosecutorial misconduct.

“It is an honor to have been chosen to be the Constitution Party candidate for President of the United States,” stated Don Blankenship. “Americans now have an opportunity to truly make America Great Again.”

“As President, the American people and I will also Make Detroit Great Again, Make New York Great Again, Make Philadelphia Great Again, and Make All American Cities Great Again. We will no longer spend American taxpayer money to police the world.  Instead that money will be used to police our cities and end the opiate drug epidemic”, he continued.

“We will no longer allow corporations to use illegal immigrant labor to depress the minimum wage nor to take jobs away from American workers.  We will end sanctuary cities, stop providing healthcare for non-Americans, and use that money to provide better healthcare for America’s poor and elderly,” Blankenship stated.

“We will no longer export our American jobs to China nor import their viruses into our homes. We will live by the motto that ‘charity begins at home’.   We will end foreign aid until there are no homeless Americans. We will make our medicines, our cars, our beer, our cell phones, our steel, and our future here in America.”

“We will do all of this for the sake of our children and our country, while protecting and defending our Constitutional rights.”

“The simple reason you should elect me to be your President is that I will be exactly that—your President.  Every action I take will be in the best interest of America and Americanism,” concluded Don Blankenship Presidential Candidate of the Constitution Party.

William (Bill) Mohr was chosen as the Vice-Presidential candidate. He is the State Chairman of the Michigan U.S. Taxpayers Party, the state affiliate of the Constitution Party. He has built a vibrant party in Michigan under his leadership.

‘“If you want the results you used to get, you have to do the things you used to do.” The foundations cannot be repaired using new ideas. It cannot be repaired by implementing “change”. It must be repaired by adhering to the principles upon which it was established. Anything short of that will result in continued failure, continued loss of liberties, continued loss of freedom, and progressive misery upon the American people,’ stated Bill Mohr, Vice-Presidential Candidate of the Constitution Party.

The  Constitution Party National Committee also elected officers for the next four years including: National Chairman, James Clymer from Pennsylvania, Vice-Chairman Doug Aden from Colorado, Secretary, Paula Hospelhorn from Arizona, Treasurer Gerald Kilpatrick from Colorado. Regional Chairmen (listed first) and Co-Chairmen who serve on the Executive Committee included: Eastern Region, David P. Kopacz from Massachusetts, Nicholas Sumbles from Maryland, Southern Region, Thom Holmes from Oklahoma, Kevin Hayes from North Carolina, Mid-West Region, John Blazek from Missouri, Matthew Shepard from Michigan, Western Region, Janine Hansen from Nevada, Kirk Pearson from Utah.


  1. Justice Apash Justice Apash May 14, 2020

    Wow, thanks J.R. Myers. Looks like the national CP is continuing to fall apart. I got into a little discussion with someone about the CP of Virginia choosing to support Justin Amash. He seemed to believe that since the CP of Virginia had no ballot access that the impact would be minimal. However as I pointed out to him, it is not just ballot access but also active party members. I also pointed out that the overall disunity could spread to states that had ballot access and now with New Mexico this seems to have happened. Anyways with regards to your campaign. Are you going to continue your campaign or support someone else like Sam Tittle? Who are the potential candidates for the Life and Liberty Party? Any updates on talks with the Constitution Party of Oregon, Alaska, and Montanta as well as the national Independent American Party?

  2. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk May 14, 2020

    Even though Fluckiger is now gone and Clymer is back- too little too late for the CP.

  3. paulie paulie May 14, 2020

    Is Fluckiger gone from the CP, or just the chairmanship?

  4. Justice Apash Justice Apash May 14, 2020

    I feel for Jim Clymer. He lets the CP use his office and a huge portion of the National CP budget comes from his donations. From what I heard about him (never met him in person), there would not be the same issues that CP is dealing with now if he had continued as chairman. I agree with Cody, it might be too late.

  5. NewFederalist NewFederalist May 14, 2020

    I used to live in PA and I met Clymer once when he was running for US Senator. He seemed like a genuinely nice person and I think I voted for him. I wonder why he became chairman again since Darrell Castle was also interested. Anyone know if there is tension between them?

  6. JamesT JamesT May 15, 2020

    I voted for Castle in 2016 cause I was furious about Bill Weld and Castle just sounded like an even less charismatic Ron Paul. The CP just kinda seems like a dumpster fire? I guess it was really just the Howard Phillips cult and once he died it couldn’t keep it together. I doubt they’ll be around much longer.

  7. wolfefan wolfefan May 15, 2020

    The article editorialized too much IMO.

  8. paulie paulie May 15, 2020

    It’s a statement from the party, and says so at the top of the article.

  9. NewFederalist NewFederalist May 15, 2020

    JamesT- I did the same thing and for the same reason. Weld was just a terrible mistake.

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