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Libertarian Party of Kentucky Holds Part 3 of Presidential Debate

Last week the Libertarian Party of Kentucky held part one of its five part presidential debate.  On Saturday it held part two.  It held part three on Sunday.

Participants in the debate were former LNC vice chair Arvin Vohra, antiwar activist Adam Kokesh, Erik Gerhardt, Steve Richey, Phil Gray, Andy Hope Williams, writer Jedidiah Hill, parliamentarian James Ogle, welder Kenneth Blevins, and life coach Sorinne Ardeleanu.

The debate, which was livestreamed on Facebook, is embedded below:

Based on the poll results afterwards, Kokesh and Vohra advanced to face Sam Robb, Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman, and Brian Ellison in part four tomorrow.  The top finishers in the poll following that debate will go on to face a group of candidates at the fifth and final Kentucky debate on May 9 that will feature Libertarian Representative Justin Amash in his first debate.

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