Submit Your Questions for 2020 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen

IPR Readers,

We plan to conduct an interview with 2020 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen (campaign website) in the coming days.  We will use your questions in this interview.

Jorgensen, currently a psychology lecturer at Clemson University, was the Libertarian Party’s 1996 vice presidential nominee, running mate of the late Harry Browne.  In 1992, she ran for Congress in her native South Carolina.  See here for a compilation of information on IPR pertaining to Jorgensen.

Please submit your questions for Jorgensen in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “Submit Your Questions for 2020 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen

  1. Chris Powell

    Other than Harry Browne, which of the LP’s past presidential candidates do you admire and why, and are there any you’d care to name who really missed the mark?

    Also, your Twitter bio says “avid hockey player.” When do we get to see some pics of that?

  2. Richard Winger

    What do you think the Libertarian Party should do to nominate a presidential candidate, given the problems with the traditional type of convention set for next month?

  3. William Saturn Post author

    To what extent should the president and federal government intervene to secure individual rights in light of potentially unconstitutional state and local government actions?

  4. NewFederalist

    Would you consider being part of a ticket with another libertarian who has been a party member for many years? Specifically, would you consider Jacob Hornberger for a running mate?

  5. Jared

    What role, if any, does the federal government have in securing public health and combating the spread of communicable diseases?

  6. William Saturn Post author

    Do you agree with Jacob Hornberger’s assessment of Justin Amash as discussed in his five part series, “Justin Amash, LP interloper?”

  7. paulie

    Should the criminalization of sex work be discussed in the campaign in the context of other victimless crimes or is there some reason to exclude or minimize its part in that?

  8. William Saturn Post author

    I sent out all the questions above to the campaign. My contact said he forwarded them to Jorgensen. If there’s any more I’ll send them as well.

  9. Jared

    “How would you handle diplomatic relations with Liberland?”

    Be very careful how you answer, Jo. The much sought-after “Libertarian Wing of the Libertarian Party” endorsement hangs in the balance.

  10. Victor Aguilar

    The Libertarian Party platform section 1.2 states, “We support full freedom of expression and oppose government censorship, regulation, or control of communications media and technology.” The following tactic takes place entirely on private forums, so it is not in violation of section 1.2.

    In the name of diversity, every economics forum in America has at least one moderator that is a self-described Austrian. So, just install a moderator on every economics forum in America for the express purpose of scouring their forum for posts that criticize Austrian economics, deleting the post and slapping a lifetime ban on the discussant.

    Does Dr. Jorgensen believe that this is the best way to promote Austrian economics?

  11. Victor Aguilar

    Suppose Dr. Jorgensen becomes president. The day after her inauguration, the Mises Institute begins dragging Keynesian economists out of their offices and shooting them in the street. Paul Krugman is the first to die; his bloated body is left to rot in the sun on the roof of the economics department building.

    Would the Jorgensen administration intervene? Or is the libertarians’ hatred for Keynesian economics so great that they would just ignore that little human rights thingy?

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