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Green Party Names National Convention Speakers, Announces Time for Presidential Nomination

Earlier this week the Green Party announced via press release that the speakers for the party’s online July 9–12 national convention will include the party’s 2016 vice presidential nominee Ajamu Baraka, Minneapolis councilman Cam Gordon, Green Party national Black Caucus co-chair Robin Harris, New South Wales (Australia) legislative assembly member Jenny Leong, and US Senate candidate Lisa Savage of Maine.

In addition, the party announced the presidential nomination itself would take place July 11 beginning 12 PM EDT.  It will be broadcast for free on social media.

Through primaries and state meetings, union leader, party co-founder, and 2020 Socialist Party USA presidential nominee Howie Hawkins is close to securing the requisite number of delegates for the nomination.  According to Wikipedia, Hawkins has 158.5 delegates out of the necessary 189 delegates.

Hawkins’ running mate is 2016 Socialist Party USA vice presidential nominee Angela Walker.

The Green Party’s theme for the convention is “Climate Justice, Social Justice, Economic Democracy.”


  1. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly June 12, 2020

    Good choices, Gordon in particular to give a Green-related perspective from Minneapolis, and Savage, with Maine having RCV, to get her a good profile.

    Baraka and Harris should both bring good Black Lives Matter perspectives, including, I hope, on how ConservaDem mayors, state DAs like Klobuchar at one time, and neoliberal Dem SCOTUS justices, are part of the problem from the left hand of the duopoly.

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