Jim Rex: The Alliance Party Accelerates into the 2020 Election

Alliance Party National Chairman Jim Rex included the following statement in the party’s June newsletter. 

As the Alliance Party enters into its inaugural election year, the activity level of this new approach to politics is ramping up dramatically. As with any national movement, there are many things happening simultaneously.

First and foremost, of course, there is a growing list of outstanding local, state, and federal candidates signing up and being nominated across the Country. Tim Cotton, TAP National Political Director, covers this and the quest for Presidential electors elsewhere in this newsletter.

The TAP organization itself continues to grow rapidly by adding new state affiliates and through mergers and ballot access alliances across the Nation. For example, in recent weeks affiliates in Mississippi, Delaware, Florida, Arkansas, and Colorado are joining our effort. In addition, we have petitioning campaigns for ballot access underway and scheduled in Maine, Tennessee, and New Jersey. And, we have entered into an agreement with the Natural Law Party of Michigan to form an “alliance” to utilize their ballot access for November’s election. Discussions are continuing with other state parties regarding additional mergers or ballot access “alliances” for November.

Also, on the ballot access front, we are litigating, and a party to litigation, in a number of states challenging the onerous requirements enacted by state legislatures to prevent third parties and their candidates from appearing on their ballots. Many of these requirements are now even more indefensible because of the legal and health barriers imposed by the pandemic.

And, finally, we are busy identifying and selecting Presidential electors in all of our states to ensure that our Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates have a pathway to obtaining the 270 electoral votes needed for victory. Tim Cotton says more about how one becomes an elector elsewhere in the newsletter.

These “moving parts” are all critically important when building a new, competitive national political party. However. as we have said many times, this is not just about creating another party to offer as an alternative to the “’tis” and “t’aint” choices we have lived with for too long in America. This is about creating a new approach to solving our unresolved problems and our new problems.It is about recruiting and electing public servants who are term limited and transparent problem solvers who answer to their constituents-not to a party whip or a narrow ideology.

2020 is not only the descriptor for this calendar year – it is also also the optometric description of “perfect” vision. Working together throughout the remainder of this extraordinary year, let’s create that “more perfect” vision for the Nation we love!

Jim Rex, National Chair, The Alliance Party

Rocky De La Fuente and Darcy Richardson are the presidential and vice presidential nominees of the Alliance Party.  Click here to visit the official website. 

7 thoughts on “Jim Rex: The Alliance Party Accelerates into the 2020 Election

  1. William Saturn Post author

    Biggest takeaway is the agreement to use the ballot access of the Michigan Natural Law Party. So this means De La Fuente-Richardson now has ballot access in South Carolina, Delaware, Michigan, and possibly Connecticut.

  2. SocraticGadfly

    Biggest takeaway is that Rocky finally found a political party small enough that he could take over and get himself nominated! Too bad. It would be more fun to see perpetual candidate Rocky seeking the Green and LIbertarian nominations simultaneously in 2024, followed by the Socialist Workers and Constitution Party nominations in 2028.

  3. Jared

    2016: President (Democrat)
    2016: President (Reform – nominated)
    2016: President (American Delta – nominated)
    2016: FL U.S. Senator (Democrat)
    2017: NYC Mayor (Republican)
    2018: CA U.S. Senator (Republican)
    2018: WA U.S. Senator (Republican)
    2018: FL U.S. Senator (Republican)
    2018: WY U.S. Senator (Republican)
    2018: HI U.S. Senator (Republican)
    2018: MN U.S. Senator (Republican)
    2018: VT U.S. Senator (Republican)
    2018: DE U.S. Senator (Republican)
    2018: RI U.S. Senator (Republican)
    *[2020: President (Democrat)]
    2020: President (Republican)
    2020: President (CA – American Independent)
    *[2020: President (Libertarian)]
    2020: President (Alliance – nominated)
    2020: CA U.S. Representative (Republican)

    *openly considered, but decided against.

    Did I miss any?

  4. Jared

    Apparently his son ran for the same seat, also this year, but as a Democrat. He inherited his father’s bizarro electoral strategy. I couldn’t find anything about Rocky running for KS attorney general, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

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