(L) J. Rob Latham Qualifies for US House Debate in UT 2nd

Attorney J. Robert Latham has received an invitation to debate his D and R opponents in the US House race for Utah’s second congressional district.  According to an article authored by Graham Dudley of KSL.com:

“Libertarian candidate Rob Latham . . . is the only third-party candidate to crack the lineup in the (Utah) Debate Commission schedule. Their three-way debate . . .  is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 19, at 6 p.m.”

In an email, Latham said he is “grateful for the opportunity to be the Libertarian Party’s first candidate invited to participate in this forum.”

“Voters in Utah’s Second Congressional District deserve the credit for — and will be the beneficiaries of — the Utah Debate Commission’s inclusion of a Libertarian perspective,” he said.

Libertarian candidates came close to making the stage in the governor’s race (Daniel Cottam) and attorney general’s (Rudy Bautista), but Latham was the only candidate who made the cutoff with 6.5% polling support.

The full article can be read HERE.

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