LNC Meets in Minneapolis

LNC Minneapolis Sept 2020

The Libertarian National Committee is meeting today and tomorrow (12 and 13 September 2020) at the Hilton Airport hotel in Minneapolis, MN.

Officer reports from the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary have occurred (in that order).

Written officer reports are available (at the officer reports button) along with other information HERE

CRM report (pre-recorded) is occurring now.

Bill Redpath is presenting on Ballot Access now.

Last petition drive ended 8 days ago in Rhode Island.  He is also a candidate for US House in Illinois.  Connecticut and Montana certifications once received will mean 50 state ballot access plus DC for 5 times in the last 8 cycles.  Some petitioners yet to be paid, so far just shy of $90,000 spent on Ballot Access, with the presidential campaign, total Ballot Access expenses will be about $150,000.  Lawsuits were a mixed bag, some resulted in relief, others didn’t.  Where we lost, ballot access volunteers were hard to restart.

Sad to report that the volunteer efforts, perhaps due to COVID, regressed.  In very state where 1,000 or more signatures were required, paid petitioners were required.  Made it on the ballot in Maine with only 7 extra signatures.

Bill thanks Darrel Bonner, Chris Thrasher (Maine would not have happened without him), Jim Moore, Nick Dunbar . . . and others.

ALABAMA – Richard Winger wants to go for party status petition in Alabama in 2022.  Has offered $40,000 to fund the drive.  Slightly less than 52,000 valid signatures are required.  Can start collecting now.  Will require a mostly volunteer effort, especially on 3 November 2020.  Could cost a total of $200,000.  ($160,000 more to be raised).

The remainder of the live blog updates will be made in the comments.

7 thoughts on “LNC Meets in Minneapolis

  1. Joseph Buchman Post author

    Staff Reports occurring now. Written Staff Reports are available under the link in the main article above (click on Staff Reports rather than Officer reports).

  2. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    If the LNC is reading this, I think they should officially endorse the “Philadelphia Statement” against cancel culture:


    The Philadelphia Statement does not ask for state intervention. It merely defends Free Speech as a principle that large institutions should live by. It recognizes Free Speech as a value. The LP should have no trouble endorsing this.

  3. George Whitfield

    Richard Winger’s offer is so generous. Commendations are appropriate as well as our gratitude.

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