LNC to Meet In-Person 4x Per Year

LNC day 2

LNC votes to meet in-person seven more times (eight in-person meetings counting the one currently occurring in Minneapolis) between now and Reno convention, as follows:


December – Riverside California.  Initially proposed for 12 December 2020, exact date to be determined by staff (as will be the case with each of the proposed dates and locations below).  will be first LNC meeting in Region 4 since 2008.  Supervisor Jeff Hewitt to host.


March – Boston or New York.  First meeting in Region 8 since 1993.

June – Ohio,  Columbus or Cleveland, staff to find best dates/lowest costs.

September – Denver.  50th Anniversary of the founding of the Party party.  Possibly an Octoberfest like fundraiser and celebration.

December – Atlanta.


March/April – Austin and/or near our largest cluster of large donors.  Fundraising event.

May – Reno.   Just prior to the convening of the delegates to the 2022 Convention.

8 thoughts on “LNC to Meet In-Person 4x Per Year

  1. Thomas Knapp

    “LNC votes to keep serving on the LNC as expensive as possible so that the hoi polloi don’t bother running, and to keep remote viewing of its meetings less accessible to members than would be the case on e.g. Zoom.”

    Fixed, no charge.

  2. Kevin

    This policy discourages sensible people from serving on the LNC. FIrst there is the financial barrier to entry, now added to that is danger of infection from airplane travel. Airlines are an enclosed space with re-circulating air, with lots of people in close quarters.

    This makes no sense, and will tend to decrease the thinking ability of the already ridiculous LNC.
    I’m not able to post OPs critical of the LP, because my application to be a contributor is ignored by an LNC ally.

  3. wolfefan

    I’m glad that the LNC and the party at large have plenty of money for things like this as opposed to electoral campaigns or ballot access. The less-accessible the meetings are to folks at large the better, apparently. So much for transparency.

  4. George Phillies

    What is this ‘application to be a contributor’? You don’t apply for permission to donate, you send them money.

    The voters have chosen an LNC composed of people competent enough in managing their personal finances that they can afford to travel regularly. There. Fixed that.

  5. Ryan

    1. ““LNC votes to keep serving on the LNC as expensive as possible so that the hoi polloi don’t bother running…”

    Based on the candidates at the previous Convention, I don’t think there’s a shortage of people running that there would be if people are being discouraged. Also, the schedule highlighted doesn’t apply beyond the Convention in 2022, meaning that it has no bearing on post-2022 Convention LNC members when people can run again. If the LNC members elected at future conventions want to minimize meeting in-person, they can vote for that.

    Nuanced point made, also no charge because I’m being charitable.

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