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Libertarian Party of Texas Tweets Support of Twitter Suspension of President Trump

Earlier today, Twitter suspended President Donald Trump’s account for 12 hours after he posted two tweets about the breach of the Capitol building that Twitter disapproved.

The Libertarian Party of Texas said the following:

Many commenters disagreed with the statement:


  1. Pete Blome Pete Blome January 7, 2021

    What utter nonsense from a libertarian organization. Just like everyone, it seems, the Texas Libertarian Party now thinks suppressing what the President says is a good thing. It’s for public “safety” dontcha know. They’ll argue it is the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theatre. Baloney. It is the act of people who live in fear and are willing to give up liberty to get safety. It is so disheartening to read how Texas thinks.

    Trumps voice shouldn’t be suppressed. His bad leadership should be exposed. If Trump believes in what he says, and since election fraud is a direct threat to individual liberty, he shoulda been on those capitol steps and been the first one to face the guards bullets. But he didn’t. As the saying goes, it is good for morale for a General to get shot in the line of duty every now and then…

  2. dL dL January 8, 2021

    Twitter does not receive billions in tax subsidies. And William I imagine you are now going to get your “reformed” section 230. Be careful for what you wish for…

  3. Jared Jared January 8, 2021


    Given that the hardest of hardcore Trump supporters continue to live by every word that proceedeth from the puckered lips of this Twitter-addicted megalomaniac, and it was the president’s insurrectionist rhetoric, steeped in delusion, that led to the events on Capitol Hill, the public safety concerns are justified. Did he incite violence in the legal sense? No. But did he incite violence? Yes.

    I don’t want to be “that libertarian” who rushes to defend any act of censorship by a private entity simply because it isn’t the government. Toleration and the free exchange of ideas are culturally healthy; the suppression of wrongthink by social media platforms (despite that they aren’t natural monopolies, and network externalities don’t mean we should start treating them as public utilities), whether to signal corporate virtue or exploit their influence to steer public opinion in an ideological direction, is antisocial and unhealthy. However, libertarians should not condemn self-regulatory behavior in the marketplace. Even if we were to reject–as Objectivist types do–that corporations bear any non-transactional moral responsibilities, or view social networking as one big addiction-fueled and unresponsive market failure, we should at least recognize these platforms’ self-regulation as strategically necessary to head off calls for coercive regulation, which is more harmful in any case. I’d go further and say these platforms do have a moral obligation to censor speech that one might reasonably conclude will result in unnecessary violence, and we should respect their freedom and flexibility to discern when and where that line is crossed. Does that render them publishers instead of platforms? I don’t know. Does concealing or removing adult content make them publishers? “Reasonableness” is open to interpretation, and there are no easy answers, but judgment calls need to be made and preferably by the platforms themselves. In this case Twitter and Facebook decided rightly to cut him off.

  4. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman January 8, 2021

    Twitter is a private enterprise that has the right to determine who has access to their facilities. Just as a baker has a free market right to refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding (or a straight wedding, for that matter) Twitter has the right to limit access to its platform, limited only by any contracts they have entered.

    When faced with a threat to the freedoms that we do have – a threat from radicals on the left, but also from Donald Trump and his followers, it is the responsibility of private companies and the other institutions of society to make the judgment calls needed to limit the power of those who want to limit our freedom.

    The alternative to private boycotts of the statists extemists of left and “right” is reliance on government to protect us, and that did not work very well in D.C. the last couple of days.

  5. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly January 8, 2021

    Hadn’t noticed that last Tweet in Saturn’s roundup. Yet another place where he’s willingly dived head-first in the deep end of an empty pool.

    Still waiting for Saturn to tell us if he’s the new site owner.

  6. José C José C January 13, 2021

    I would be careful for what you wish for . . . censoring President Trump. For two days during the summer Facebook froze the Jo Jorgenson for President group. Why? All Facebook said was something was posted that was against Facebook’s community standards. What did she or her campaign post that was so awful? We never could find out.

    There are some of us in an unofficial Libertarian Party Facebook group that have had enough and we are discussing leaving Facebook. We are also probably going to leave Twitter. There is no reason for us to stay. Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, . . . are all left wing in support of Joe Biden and the DNC. We do not have to stay. We can as was said in a certain reality television show (It was the number one rated show on television) say, “Facebook, Twitter, . . . you’re fired!”

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