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Green Party Charges That Glasgow Conference Agreements Will Lead to ‘Climate Collapse’

The Green Party of the United States issued a statement today charging that the COP26 world climate summit in Glasgow “failed to produce the radical action scientists say is needed to avoid climate collapse, and that the only way for humanity to prevent catastrophe for life on Earth is a global Green New Deal.”

“The world’s political leaders in Glasgow paid lip service to the need for effective climate action while working behind closed doors to protect the profits of fossil fuel companies and their own campaign contributions. Led by President Biden, the industrial polluters most responsible for the climate crisis continued to refuse to accept their responsibility for climate reparations to the countries most damaged by burning fossil fuels. The U.S. worked with China and India to weaken the language related to moving away from coal plants and subsidies for fossil fuels,” said Green Party National Co-Chair Chris Stella.

With over 25 years of COP gatherings failing to produce real climate solutions, the Green Party said direct action by climate organizers is needed to halt fossil fuel use. “We have no reason to believe corporate-funded politicians — especially from the U.S. — will voluntarily act to provide future generations with a chance for decent lives,” said Green Party National Co-Chair Margaret Elisabeth.

Media coverage called Glasgow the “Last Chance COP”, referring to the scant years left to prevent global heating from exceeding 1.5 C (2.7 F). The most optimistic reading of the Glasgow pledges have the world on track for 2.4 C (4.3 F) of heating.

The Green statement stressed “the climate crisis is already happening and getting worse, as extreme weather events become more frequent with massive hurricanes, flooding, drought, wildfires, and heatwaves.”

The Green Party’s outline for meeting the challenge presented by the climate crisis includes:

  • short-term, mandatory actions with timelines and goals targeting the next five to ten years, not 2050 or later
  • include military greenhouse gas emissions, which account for 6% worldwide, in accounting and mandates for cuts
  • creating an energy system that embraces the concept of public ownership and democratic control
  • immediate declaration of a climate emergency by the president, following the type of leadership provided when President Roosevelt took control of the American economy after the attack on Pearl Harbor

The party additionally called for Congress to fund an astoundingly large $2.7 trillion annual investment in climate action instead of President Biden’s Build Back Better plan. The climate portion of the Biden plan has shrunk to $55 billion per year in climate investments after “corporate-funded members of Congress have killed many of the most important parts of the bill.”

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  1. Don Grundmann Don Grundmann November 16, 2021

    Still calling for a public debate by these cowardly lunatics, ” Greens ” or any other stupid fools, who promote the Religion ( not and never ” Science ” ) of ” The Sky Is Falling!!!”

    Prediction – Just as up till now, no one will dare to debate the Global Warming insanity as they would be instantly exposed as complete morons/nitwits.

    The insanity continues because the corporate media ( shills for its Banking Elite trillionaire Controllers ) nurtures and protects The Fairy Tale from being exposed as the colossal hoax/lie/scam/Weapon Against Humanity that it is.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman, Constitution Party of California – the ONLY Party exposing the mass poverty producing, Plantation Masters/Trillionaires created and controlled, and anti-humanity total lie of The Sky Is Falling!!!/so-called ” Global Warming “

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